Universal Orlando News — Week of February 23, 2019

first_imgShare This!Buckle up for a new adventure in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this summer. Find the details and more inside this week’s news from Universal Orlando.Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike AdventureUniversal officially announced the newest Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Opening June 13, 2019 at Islands of Adventure, this highly themed roller coaster features high-speed launches, swooping coaster elements, a backwards segment like Expedition Everest, and a dramatic indoor free-fall.Guests will ride aboard Hagrid’s iconic motorbike and sidecar as they help the affable gamekeeper around the Hogwarts grounds. Guests will see iconic beasts and creatures up close and in person for the first time. Universal promises this attraction is the most themed coaster they have ever created.Weekly Crowd LevelsDetailed crowd level information can be found here.Weather Report Winter weather patterns routinely come as far south as Orlando, so pack for the weather. Volcano Bay could have a delayed opening or closure when highs are in the 60s and lows in the 40s. Refer to Universal Orlando’s Twitter account for the latest operating information.Operating Hours & Early Park AdmissionCityWalk is open until 2:00 a.m. daily, with free self parking starting after 6:00 p.m.AdmissionTwo-day, two-park tickets are $274.99 per adult and $264.99 per child (plus tax).Volcano Bay tickets are at Anytime pricing at $80 per adult and $75 per child (plus tax).Showtimes and RefurbishmentsUniversal’s Cinematic Celebration ShowtimesFebruary 23: No ShowFebruary 24 – March 1: 8:00 p.m.Universal’s Superstar ParadeFebruary 23 – March 1: 2:00 p.m.The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts CastleFebruary 23 – March 1: Ongoing from dusk till park closeComplete showtimes are available on Universal Orlando’s website.RefurbishmentsPopeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges and Me Ship The Olive: February 25 – March 15EventsFeet don’t fail me now! Celebrate Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida February 9 – April 4. Enjoy authentic Cajun cuisine, music straight from Louisiana, and a daily family-friendly Mardi Gras parade. On select nights major musical acts rock the Music Plaza Stage after sundown. All entertainment is included with your admission to Universal Studios Florida.See you next week, and make sure to leave a question below for the Mail Bag!last_img read more

Get Your Soda Fix at Disney Springs

first_imgShare This!News about the temporary closure of Club Cool later this year got you down? If you’re looking for that international soda experience, don’t forget about the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar.Photo courtesy The Coca-Cola CompanyLocated in the Disney Springs Town Center area, the Coca-Cola store offers a variety of Coca-Cola-themed merchandise, but up on the top floor, there’s a soda-lovers hideaway. Although the drinks up here aren’t free, you can find a larger assortment of soda flavors than you can in Club Cool.Photo courtesy The Coca-Cola CompanyFor fountain beverages, you can get unusual flavors like Fanta Blue Raspberry, Barq’s Red Creme, VegitaBeta, Bibo Kiwi Mango, and Guarana Kuat. Looking for the Club Cool experience (minus the sticky floor)? Try the International Tray, a sample of 16 “sparkling and still beverages from around the world”. Not enough soda? Go with the $16 Combo Tray that also adds 8 “domestic flavors of Coca-Cola products” and vanilla ice cream. There’s also cocktails, cocktails, Coca-Cola cake and more. Check out the full menu here.The Coca-Cola Store samplers are great conversation starters.And the good news is that if soda tastes better to you when it is free, Disney has announced that Club Cool will be part of the overall renovation of Future World in Epcot.Would missing Club Cool bring you over to the rooftop lounge at Disney Springs for a shot of Beverly? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

Meet the “Real” 4G

first_imgRelated Posts It is no secret that what the U.S. cellular carriers call “4G” is really not 4G at all. It is really more like “pre-4G” or “3G+.” Real “4G”, as defined by the International Telecommunications Union, does not exist. Yesterday though, we got one step closer. The ITU, a branch of the United Nations, announced yesterday the official standards for the next generation of wireless technology. Dubbed IMT-Advanced, the standard lays the rules of the road for what technologies like LTE and WiMax will eventually in to. What will the real 4G look like?To understand IMT-Advanced, you need to know how we got to this point. If IMT-Advanced is truly the fourth generation of wireless technology, there obviously are three generations that preceded it. Let’s take a quick look at the history.1G (Pre-1990): Analog Mobile Phone System and Frequency Division Multiple Access (AMPS & FDMA). The forefather of all cellular technology. Think of satellite or car phones or those really big things that used to require a brief case to lug around. I am always reminded of Martin Cooper and the original one-pound cellphone and how people used to gawk at him while he walked down the street in New York City chatting away. 2G (1991-2000): Time Division Multiple Access and Code Division Multiple Access (TDMA & CDMA). This is where the great rift between AT&T and Verizon originated. Ma Bell used the TDMA standard while Big Red has been built off of CDMA and its evolutions. This is the era when cellphone became more commonplace but by no means ubiquitous. Cellular adoption ramped up through the 1990s as phones evolved, going from the relative blocks of Kyocera and Nokia to the concept of flip phones that would dominate well into the first half of the 2000s. 2.5G (2000-Present): General Packet Radio System (GRPS) and CDMA 1x. The rise of the data packet, BlackBerry and the first versions of the mobile Web through Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). Speeds at 2.5G were about 156 kilobits down per second. 2.75G (2003-Present): Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution (EDGE). The iPhone was originally an EDGE phone. This is a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard employed by AT&T and T-Mobile.3G (2000-Present): Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and CDMA 2000. This is where we really started getting speeds that could handle full Internet data packets, up to 8 megabits per second down. This is also where the precursor to what the ITU calls “4G.” Before announcing the standards for IMT-Advanced, the last standards that the ITU approved were for IMT-2000, what is generally considered to be 3G. GSM and CDMA continue to be separate and incompatible. This is also the beginning of the rise of in your face marketing from the carriers in the United States all claiming to have the fastest 3G networks. 3.5G (2006-Present): High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and Evolution-Data Optimized Revolution (EV-DO). The approved 3G standard starts to evolve and speeds get faster and data is carried over cellular connections more reliably. This is the foundation that the current app economy is based on.3.9G (2008-Present): Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access(WiMax), Long Term Evolution (LTE) and HSPA+. When the carriers shout, “my 4G is blazing fast!” this is what they are talking about. Though this is not technically 4G, the ITU begin allowing carriers to market these technologies as 4G in December 2010 stating that any technology is that a significant advancement to the 3G standard can be called 4G. Speeds here have the potential to be up to 45 to 80 megabits per second down under ideal circumstances, which basically never exist. Currently, the best these standards can operate under real world conditions is about 14.4 megabits per second down. Sometimes higher, mostly lower. Which brings us to today. IMT-Advanced is the significant jump of where these technologies can deliver reliable speeds of 1 gigabit per second down while stationary or 100 megabits per second while in motion (in a car, for instance). The technologies will be based on WiMax-Advanced and LTE-Advanced. This is also the end of the road for HSPA, which cannot evolve past its current form (though, with tweaks, can deliver speeds in excess of 100 megabits per second in ideal conditions). IMT-Advanced is also completely IP-based and will be compatible with IPv6. IP will the prime pipeline of voice, text and data for all cellular technologies. “IMT-Advanced would be like putting a fibre optic broadband connection on your mobile phone, making your phone at least 100 times faster than today’s 3G smart phones,” said François Rancy, director of ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau. “But it’s not only about speed; it’s about efficiency. IMT-Advanced will use radio-frequency spectrum much more efficiently making higher data transfers possible on lesser bandwidth. This will enable mobile networks to face the dramatic increase in data traffic that is expected in the coming years”Do not expect IMT-Advanced “4G” to come around any time soon though. It has taken AT&T more than a year to start delivering LTE capabilities and it is still only in a handful of cities in the U.S. Verizon has a more advanced LTE infrastructure but the need to move more quickly was evident for Verizon as the CDMA infrastructure started to decay and hit a dead end that could not be evolved. Sprint uses WiMax through its partnership with Clearwire, but WiMax probably does not have a future in the U.S. (as far as cellphones are concerned). Sprint has also started deploying LTE. T-Mobile will continue to build out its HSPA+ capabilities though right now it is missing the boat on LTE and will have problems conjuring up the bandwidth and financial capital to develop its own LTE network (this was the prime driver of its attempt to be acquired by AT&T).Also, do not expect the carriers to abide by the notion of “4G” as defined by the ITU. The marketing departments will not stand for it. IMT-Advanced will likely lead us into the new and exciting realm of “5G.” It is the nature of how the environment operates. Tags:#mobile#news#Trends Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces dan rowinskicenter_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Found: All Your Local & Cloud Documents in One Place

first_imgAs soon as you start typing, files begin to appear under the tabs for each of the places you’ve added to Found. A number on the tab shows at a glance how many results are on your Mac, and in your Gmail, Dropbox and Google Docs.You can scroll up and down in the list, which shows an icon for the file type, the file’s name and location, and how recently it was updated. Highlighting a file instantly pops up a big, useful preview of what it is, even for media files. You can drag and drop the documents right from the Found menu to wherever you’re working. jon mitchell Related Posts What Found Will Find NextFound’s runway is a $1 million seed round from NEA and Rembrandt Venture Partners. Its co-founders, CEO Stephen Brady and Chief Product Officer Vijay Sundaram, see a big gap in the way our computing platforms work. Found is a pragmatic tool that accepts the reality that the big tech companies will never work seamlessly together. But it also offers an exciting vision of digital work where we can always find and execute the file we’re looking for, no matter where it’s saved.Found will come to more systems than the Mac, and it will add more services to search. But it’s already quite useful, and the five-person Found team has big plans for it. Mac users who want to try it out can sign up at foundapp.com and follow @found on Twitter. The public release of Found is scheduled for May.Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock Files are not going away anytime soon. Apple, Google and Microsoft can try as hard as they want to push users and our stuff into their clouds, but we still need files for a reason those companies won’t face: We’re not just Apple users or Google users or Microsoft users. We use them all.Consequently, files of all types live sprawled across our local devices, our email inboxes and several clouds. We need a new layer to the file system that spans across all of these places. The folks at Found are building one, and Mac users can sign up now to try it. Found lets you find, preview, drag and drop files from your computer, your Dropbox and your Google accounts instantly, as though they’re all in one place.What’s Wrong With Spotlight?Many Mac people use Spotlight as a quick way of finding files and applications, rather than browsing through a Finder window. Typing ⌘-Space brings up Spotlight’s search box, and then you just start typing. You can find local files pretty quickly this way, but there are a few problems with it.Spotlight is not great at showing you what a file is or where it is. You just have to go by the file name. But more importantly, it only searches your local disk. Gmail attachments and Google Docs won’t appear. Dropbox files will appear if you have the program installed locally, but they still won’t display nicely.Found solves both problems. Apple may eventually fix the previews, but it will probably never go out of its way to help users of Google’s cloud. But this is the way we work now. We have files of different kinds spread out in different places, but we need the same access to them all.How Found Works Tags:#Product Reviews#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Found lets you log into one Dropbox account and as many Gmail and Google Docs accounts as you want, including Google Apps accounts for work. Locally, it searches the folders within your home directory: /Applications, /Desktop, /Documents, /Downloads, /Movies, /Music and /Pictures. It doesn’t yet index your entire computer, but it looks in all the places files usually go.The key to Found is speed. The app indexes your files across all the places they live, so no matter whether they’re on your disk or in the cloud, files pop up instantly. Found’s magenta arrow icon sits in your menu bar when it’s running. To launch or hide Found, double-tap Control-Control. It slides open from the left side of the screen with the cursor in a search box that says, “What are you looking for?” Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Maybe Apple’s Next Watch Should Do Less, Not More

first_imgThe Key to Mass Adoption of Wearables Tags:#Android Wear#Apple#Apple Watch#Google#smartwatches How Wearables Will Take Health Monitoring to th… Apple supposedly wants to put a FaceTime camera in its next smartwatch, along with more wireless support, 9to5Mac sources say. Although its original Apple Watch has only been on the market for a couple of months, the company may have plenty of reason to focus on the next generation device already. Estimates figure sales levels are only approaching 3 million units. (Perhaps tellingly, Apple hasn’t announced official numbers.) See also: 11 Things About The Apple Watch That May Surprise YouApple also supposedly wants to fill the gap between the $1,000 stainless steel model and the $10,000 gold edition. The report claims another premium price tier will fall somewhere above the $1,000 level. There’s a lot of wiggle room between those two points for the company to experiment with different materials. If the story pans out, then it would appear that Apple’s push for more features and options could be its way of drumming up more enthusiasm for its watch. However, if that’s the goal, then stuffing potentially battery-draining features into a gadget that already suffers from mediocre battery life may not be the way to go. Feature Creep When does a watch need to stand alone? (Pictured: Sony Smartwatch 3)The site’s marquee writer, Mark Gurman, has a track record for delivering solid leaks, so his reports could warrant more attention than most rumors. (Most recently, he leaked several iOS 9 features ahead of their announcement at the last Worldwide Developers Conference.) If his sources are correct this time too, then the second-generation Apple Watch will get a camera on its front bezel, as well as more wireless features that could allow for more independence. See also: What Developers Have Learned Building Apps For The Apple WatchAlthough the watch can do some limited things on its own—like Apple Pay and activity tracking—it requires an iPhone for most functions. Now, the 9to5Mac story explains that “Apple intends to integrate a new and more dynamic wireless chipset into the wearable,” for even more functionality apart from an iPhone. Think checking emails, iMessages, weather forecasts and so on over Wi-Fi. Less need for an iPhone may also set the stage for Android support someday, whether officially or through jailbreaking. Smartwatch independence matters most when you don’t want to take your phone with you, while running, cycling and exploring the great outdoors. You could make a case that GPS tracking (recently added to Android Wear) would be much more useful in those scenarios than beefing up Wi-Fi support. In any case, increased Wi-Fi usage shouldn’t necessarily hammer the Apple Watch’s power cell too badly—unless it’s often hunting for a network. The signal search can bring even larger devices to their knees. The possibility of a FaceTime camera is even more surprising. Samsung already tried putting a camera on a smartwatch with its early Galaxy Gear, and it didn’t go down too well. But the hardware may be less interesting than the premise that Apple would want us video calling from our wrists. The first Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung had a goofy, and underwhelming, band-situated camera. Consider this: On a color touchscreen device, what really slams the battery is the display. (It’s the reason Pebble chose e-paper screens for its smartwatches.) Holding up your arm long enough for a video chat may be uncomfortable and annoying, but it’s nothing compared to FaceTime drilling holes in your watch’s already meager power bucket. (According to Gurman’s report, watches can end the day with roughly 30% to 40% battery, though with moderate use.)   Gurman’s source says the new device won’t improve on the first watch’s battery life, despite the changes. But it’s hard to see how that will be possible, given the practical and physical realities of a small device. One thing seems clear: If the second Apple Watch can’t improve longevity, then at the very least, it can’t make it worse. Otherwise, version 2 runs a serious risk of flopping when it comes out. By The NumbersNo doubt, some people might take advantage of FaceTime on the watch. But in general, the space for that camera component would surely be better used for a larger battery. Had the original watch offered longer life, perhaps we wouldn’t see so many unwanted units popping up on Craigslist—though gripes seem to cover more than just battery. Even more could be on the way soon, now that Apple finally carries the wearable on its own store shelves. See also: The Apple Watch Looks Great—But It’s Going To Disappoint Lots Of UsersApple hasn’t released official sales figures, but consumer market analyst Slice Intelligence puts the total at 2.79 million as of mid-June. That seems low, particularly for a company accustomed to high volume launch sales. (Its iPhone 6 phones pulled in 10 million over their first weekend.) Of course, no one, including Apple, expects the watch to come anywhere near iPhone 6 sales. Superficially, the estimate puts the smartwatch roughly on par with the first iPad’s sales back in 2010. That may not be a sign of great things to come. iPad sales have been slumping lately, and for Apple’s long game, a lot more may be riding on the watch. As the company’s “most personal” device amid initiatives that seem all-too-personal—from our phones, computers, homes, cars, TVs, health and fitness—Apple needs its watch to become a huge success, as a crucial access point for the whole system. Apple may know what its watch is good for, but that doesn’t mean customers do. One of the overarching themes from the past year—for both the Apple Watch and Android wearables—has been that we’re still not sure exactly what to do with this new breed of device. Against that backdrop, it’s no surprise to see Apple and others pile on the features. But getting the basics right first would be a better approach in the long run. Lead photo and “flower” photo by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite; Apple Watch display photo by Shinya Suzuki; Sony Smartwatch 3 photo courtesy of Sony; Galaxy Gear image courtesy of Samsung david nieldcenter_img You Think Your Employees WANT to Wear That Devi… Related Posts 4 Ways Big Data & VR Are Changing Professi…last_img read more

‘New Di Maria’ ready for Juve

first_imgJuventus are ready to sign Matias Soulé in January, as FIFA considers the application to sign the Argentinian 16-year-old from Velez Sarsfield. La Gazzetta dello Sport report that Juventus got their man after sending an request to FIFA last week, and now they expect Soulé to be arriving from Cordoba this winter. The youngster has been compared to Angel di Maria by the coaching staff at Albiceleste and his developments were monitored by the biggest clubs in Europe already. The Italian newspaper continue to claim that Soulé’s mother has already acted on the move to Turin by obtaining an Italian passport. Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: https://subscribe.premiersports.tv/last_img read more

Formula One: Lewis Hamilton snaps Sebastian Vettel’s pole run

first_imgRed Bull’s perfect run of pole positions in Formula One this season ended on Saturday when McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton edged out Sebastian Vettel in qualifying for the Korean Grand Prix.Hamilton’s time of 1 minute, 35.820 seconds was 0.222 seconds faster than Red Bull’s Vettel, who clinched his second straight F1 drivers’ championship at last weekend’s Japanese GP. Hamilton’s teammate Jenson Button was third ahead of Red Bull’s Mark Webber.Red Bull had taken pole in all 15 races this season – 12 for Vettel and three for teammate Mark Webber – but couldn’t keep the streak going at the Yeongam track.”I’m happy to be here and very proud of what the team has been able to achieve over the course of the last few races,” Hamilton said. For Jenson to win the last race and for us to be on the front again and the only ones competing with Red Bull, I’m very happy.”Red Bull employed a novel strategy of using the same set of super-soft tyres for both the first two periods of qualifying, meaning they have an extra set of the harder tyres for Sunday’s race, giving them more flexibility in race strategy.(From left) McLaren drivers Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and world champion Sebastian.”McLaren looked competitive yesterday and though the conditions were completely different today, they were a fair chunk ahead of everyone including us,” said Vettel, who has three more GPs to surpass Nigel Mansell’s record 14 poles in one season. “In the dry this morning, they were extremely quick, but once again we pushed them very hard in qualifying, perhaps more than they expected and we did good job in qualification.”Button, who won the Japanese GP last weekend, said a mistake at the last corner prevented a McLaren onetwo. “I lost way too much time on the last corner,” Button said. But I feel good in the car, P3 isn’t what I wanted but I’m looking forward to the race.”advertisementRed Bull team boss Christian Horner said the tyre strategy will make for an interesting race. “We elected to take a different approach to others with our tyre usage,” Horner said. “This saved us three sets of the soft tyre for tomorrow’s race, should that come into play, it’s going to be a fascinating race with strategy and pit work and hopefully, we can take the fight to the McLarens.”Button, however, said he wasn’t convinced the strategy will pay off. “It’s not a decision you can take, I don’t think, before the race starts, because we really don’t know which direction it will go throughout the race and you have to think on your toes in the race.”McLaren had topped the timesheets in all three practice sessions, at what is the team’s 700th Grand Prix.Hamilton took his 19th pole and his first grid-topping performance since Canada last year.Webber was fourth after aborting his final lap of qualifying. Ferrari teammates Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso were fifth and sixth respectively.Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg was seventh ahead of Renault’s Vitaly Petrov. The Force India duo of Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil rounded out the top 10.As happy as he was with pole, Hamilton was focusing on Sunday’s race. The 2008 world champion finished second in this race last year to Alonso and is hoping to change his luck after a disappointing series of results including two fifth-place finishes in the last two races in Singapore and Japan.”To be back on pole is a great feeling but tomorrow is the most important day,” Hamilton said. “We’ve had some difficult races in the past but we hope we can redeem ourselves tomorrow.”McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh was pleased to see Red Bull’s run of consecutive poles end at 16, which is third-best all-time.”I have to confess we do listen to the other drivers and I have a driver button and when they (Red Bull) go on pole, I have to turn it off immediately so I don’t have to hear Sebastian whooping it up in the car,” Whitmarsh said. “Today, I wasn’t feverishly looking for that button to turn it off.”last_img read more

Celtics edge Nets for 6th straight win

first_imgSEA Games: PH still winless in netball after loss to Thais Carroll shot 3 for 12 and scored 10 points and had to be helped from the floor by teammates after the final flurry near the basket. He came into the game batting rib soreness. Coach Kenny Atkinson said Carroll wanted to keep playing, but he’s going to be hurting while he does. “I think it’s very painful,” Atkinson said. “I think if you’ve ever had a rib, I think those are painful but I do think it’s something that can’t get worse, so it’s what pain level can you tolerate.”UP NEXTCeltics: Play Philadelphia on Thursday in London.Nets: Host Toronto on Monday night.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next “He is not scared of the moment,” coach Brad Stevens said about the No. 3 pick. “Never has been.”The Nets cut it two on Joe Harris’ tip and had a bunch of chances to tie in the final seconds, but missed a series of shots near the basket, with DeMarre Carroll appearing to be injured during the sequence.Irving finished with 21 points, and Tatum added 14.Both teams shot under 40 percent, with the Celtics perhaps worn out after a draining week in which they beat Cleveland on Wednesday and Minnesota on Friday in nationally televised games at home. But they played their usual rock-solid defense, limiting the Nets to 33 percent shooting from the field and 19 percent from 3-point range.“For us as a young, developing group to really will ourselves to that win, of course there are some games where we’re not necessarily going to score over 90 points,” Irving said. “But on the flip side, we can hold teams to under 90 points so we’ll always give ourselves a great chance to win if we’re playing at a high level on the defensive end.”ADVERTISEMENT Spencer Dinwiddie had 20 points for the Nets, who were bidding for their first three-game winning streak of the season.They’re also trying to earn respect, and Dinwiddie feels they aren’t getting it yet from referees.“When you approach somebody and they shush you or they wave you off like you’re not a man, you know what I’m saying, or something of that nature,” Dinwiddie said, “that’s also frustrating to already be in a position of feeling like you’re not getting the same respect.”Harris had 10 points and 12 rebounds in his first career double-double.TIP-INSCeltics: The Celtics missed their first five free throws before Irving made the second of his two attempts in the second quarter. Jaylen Brown was 0 for 4 in the first half. Boston finished 8 for 15. … The Celtics have won the last eight meetings, including three close games this season.Nets: Jahlil Okafor had 12 points in 13 minutes, going 5 for 12 from the field in his second straight appearance. … With backup guard Caris LeVert out for a second straight game with a left groin strain and Isaiah Whitehead unavailable, Milton Doyle made his third appearance of the season and second at home. The rookie guard is on a two-way contract and has spent much of his time with the Nets’ G League affiliate.HORFORD HURTINGHorford said his knee began hurting in the second quarter of the Celtics’ victory over Minnesota on Friday night, though he didn’t recall any specific moment. He said the knee felt better after treatment overnight and Saturday and was optimistic he could play, but said the knee just didn’t feel right after his pregame workout on the court. He said he hoped to play Thursday.CARROLL CONCERN Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims BeautyMNL open its first mall pop-up packed with freebies, discounts, and other exclusives Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ PH military to look into China’s possible security threat to power grid Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Tatum did most of the pushing at the end.He had a driving dunk and a 3-pointer on consecutive possessions, pulling the Celtics out of a late hole and leading them to an 87-85 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingPlaying without Al Horford because of a sore left knee, Boston won its sixth straight heading into its trip to London to face Philadelphia on Thursday.The Celtics were trailing by one when Tatum got the ball and drove for a powerful slam that gave them an 84-83 lead. Kyrie Irving missed on Boston’s next possession but wrestled the ball away from DeMarre Carroll and got it to Tatum in the corner near the Boston bench, and his 3 made it 87-83 with 45 seconds to play. Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim MOST READ Jordan delivers on promise: 2 Cobra choppers now in PH LeBron James has near triple-double, Cavs hold off Magic Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier, center, moves the ball around Brooklyn Nets guard Allen Crabbe (33) during the second half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)NEW YORK — With a couple big wins behind them and a long plane ride ahead, the Boston Celtics knew they were in for a rough game.“I think everybody had to push through,” rookie Jayson Tatum said.ADVERTISEMENT ‘We cannot afford to fail’ as SEA Games host – Duterte View commentslast_img read more

Florida Signee Jachai Polite Is “Way Better” Than Auburn’s Byron Cowart, Per High School Teammate

first_imgAn interior view of the Florida Gators football stadium.GAINESVILLE, FL – SEPTEMBER 15: A view from the end-zone as the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 15, 2007 in Gainesville, Florida. Florida defeated Tennessee 59-20. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)Byron Cowart was a five-star recruit and the No. 1 defensive end in the country last year. His first year at Auburn was a disappointment, but he was an elite high school player. According to a teammate of 2016 Florida signee Jachai Polite, the Gators are getting an even better player. Marcus Tatum, an offensive tackle heading to Tennessee, went up against Cowart at a UCF camp, and doesn’t thinks Polite is better across the board. From SEC Country:“Jachai is way better than Byron Cowart, by a lot. I went against Byron when I was a sophomore at the UCF camp and I was kicking his butt on a sprained MCL. I played right tackle and he was this big-name guy.“When I go against Jachai, it’s a different story. He’s got better moves than Byron, better pad level, better speed, everything. In that same camp, things just clicked for (Jachai) and he was dominating. That’s really when he started becoming a beast.”Pretty strong words there. Polite was not nearly as highly rated as Cowart, rated three stars by 247Sports. Of course, that only means so much. It Tatum is right, Florida may be getting a very nice player.[SEC Country]last_img read more