Wintery Mix, Ice Could Affect Southern Indiana

first_imgThere is a potential for a wintry mix in the southern half of Indiana tonight, including sleet and freezing rain transitioning into snow on Sunday. State agencies are advising Hoosiers to prepare now for potentially deteriorating conditions.Travel Develop a PlanWinter weather, especially ice, can cause power outages. Hoosiers should be prepared to take action should the power go out. Citizens should look up their electric utility’s outage reporting phone number and add it to their cell phone contact list.Other ways to get ready include:– Charge cell phones, laptops and any other battery-operated accessories to ensure maximum battery life when without power.– Know where to go should the power go out. Identify a friend or family member’s house, or a nearby shelter or warming station that can be used. If none of these are available, identify the most insulated and interior room available and gather extra clothing, warm blankets and sleeping bags to help stay warm.– Prepare an emergency kit, including food and water for three days (includes three gallons of water per person, per day), a battery operated or hand crank all hazards radio, a flashlight and extra batteries and any other special items (baby formula, insulin, medications).Take the time to check with neighbors and see if there’s anything they can do before, during or after the storm.For more winter weather preparedness information, visit Hoosiers should carefully consider if travel is necessary, especially if roads become hazardous. If travel is necessary, the Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security are encouraging motorists to use a variety of resources to make an informed decision.One source is the Indiana County Travel Advisory Map. It’s updated with travel information determined by county emergency management agencies and describes the conditions for a travel warning, watch, advisory and caution.The map is available online at  or on a mobile device by downloading the Indiana Travel Advisory app for iPhone ( in the App Store, and Android ( in the Google Play Store.Keep an eye on road conditions and closures across the state using the Indiana Department of Transportation’s TrafficWise service at addition to these tools, stay aware of changing travel conditions by monitoring the local news, travel, weather and trusted social media sites and apps.Citizens that must travel should let someone know the planned route, expected time of arrival and contact information. Charge cell phones before leaving. Pack essential items such as high protein snacks, water, first aid kit, flashlight, warm blankets, extra prescription medications and important documents or information that might be needed during an emergency.last_img read more

#SHRM14: If The Dude Were an HR Professional…

first_imgWell first of all, he’d be employed, which is very un-dude like. If The Dude were to harness his passion for bowling (and lay off the white Russians), he could potentially be a very compassionate and innovative leader in HR…maybe.This Aggression Will Not StandIf The Dude could offer his candidates anything, it would be a great experience. He’s not big on stats, because let’s face it, everyone has an agenda, but a Qualigence infographic revealed that 52% of candidates complained that they didn’t feel like they were being treated as individuals in the hiring process. Unless you’re a nihilist, that’s a statistic that should mean something to recruiters.With all we know now about how the candidate experience can affect the overall brand, and transversely the success of the organization, this is an area in which all recruiters could focus on improving.Donny, You’re Out of Your ElementHe’d know his strengths and he’d know his weaknesses. A bowler he is, a social media or marketing expert he ain’t. With changing trends, best practices and technologies, recruiters need to realize when their out of their element and seek help. That help can come from teaming up with the marketing department, hiring a social media expert, or getting the recruiting technology that works for their unique needs. One of The Dudes favorite ERE contributors, Jaque Vilet said:“By placing Recruiting under Marketing, it would strengthen its ability to become truly strategic. There is also an opportunity for synergy between the two in a way that would not occur if Recruiting continued to report to HR.”Smokey My Friend, You’re Entering a World of PainAfter Smokey tried to mark it an eight, he also announced that he didn’t have a mobile recruiting strategy. Huge mistake. As Josh Bersin said, “Mobile is the platform, not a platform”. He also said, “…HR buyers want software their employees will use. Mobile is becoming a critical buying criteria, so vendors with weak mobile strategies are going to fall behind.” It’s best to just mark it an eight and get a mobile strategy before Sobchack has a pull a gun during league play.The Rug Really Tied the Room TogetherThe Dude knows when a rug ties the room together and he knows when a candidate can do the same for a team. We’re talking about cultural fit here. The Dude always seems to be a bit low on fundage, so he knows that the cost of a bad hire can really make an impact on the organization. 43% of companies end up making a bad hire because they needed to fill the job quickly.You can’t really rush The Dude, it just doesn’t happen. He knows that taking the time to find the right fit, will almost always result in a better investment, long term, even when you factor in the costs associated with an empty desk.I know it’s a bit of a stretch –HR and The Big Lebowski, but somebody had to do it! Besides that, who knows what he would have been capable if his briefcase hadn’t been stolen. In closing, I hope I see you all at SHRM National 2014. I know I’ll be there with a beverage man. If you see me, come say hi and we’ll share a white Russian.- The Dude AbidesGoing to SHRM National in Orlando?Help a great cause by attending the Big Lebowski “Bowl for a Cause” fundraiser Sunday Night.Not going to be there? Contribute here!To read the original blog post, please click here.last_img read more

OpenID Status Check: A Guide to Getting and Using Your OpenID

first_imgTags:#Product Reviews#web /MyID is an open source PHP script that lets you host your own provider.OpenID’s page “OpenID for Developers” gives you some more optionsWiki on how you can act as your own providerOpenID Resources sarah perez You’ve heard a lot about OpenID, the decentralized framework for authenticating users across the web. OpenID is convenient for end users, allowing them to login to numerous web sites using one set of credentials – their OpenID. But how is OpenID doing today? Where can you get one? And more importantly, where can you use it? We took the pulse of OpenID to see how it’s currently faring.Where To Get Your OpenIDMainstream Sites:Many people still don’t realize that they don’t even have to go get an OpenID – they already have one. Several mainstream web sites function as OpenID providers. If you have an account at one of the following, then congratulations – you already have an OpenID!AOL – – Bloglines – – – – Orange (France Telecom) – – Technorati – – Yahoo – – Ziki.comWell-Known Providers:You can also pick up an OpenID from these providers.ClaimID – free OpenID providersClickpass – OpenID provider that makes OpenID easier for developers to install and users to understand – free OpenID provider with support for groups and Korean languagemyOpenID – free OpenID provider myVidoop – free OpenID Provider that eliminates passwords with security features, customization, and browser integration.VeriSign’s Personal Identity Provider – free OpenID provder with support for multi-factor authenticationOther – OpenID provider, plus user-centric contact management system with address book plug-ins wrapped around OpenIDBeemba– Supports Information Cards as well as traditional forms-based – Browser-certificate-based OpenID service; free; no passwords, no – OpenID provider using PGP/GPG public key – Id7r turns every email address into an OpenID identifier. No registration is necessary Identitude – An OpenID Provider backed by Facebook Accounts and profile First OpenID provider for mobile phones. Free, light, – lets you use your Yahoo! account as an OpenIDMy vAuth ID OpenID IdP supporting speaker verification for strong authentication offered by VxV is a FREE,Secure SSL-enabled OpenId Service provider, combined with some social network features that let users connect with each – Free proxy that translates your existing e-mail address into an OpenID URL and authentication Free OpenID server and authentication service with multiple credentials such as single password, Google Account etc. OpenProfile Extends OpenID to maintain and serve profile information via hcard and vCard Own-ID – free service that lets you use your own domain name as your – Certificate based OpenID; Strong authentication without passwordsProtectNetwork OpenID, Shibboleth and SAML standards compliant identity server by 9Star Research, – OpenID Provider with support for Information CardsSmartComStartSSL– Uses only client-side SSL certificates for authentication and SSL/TLS encryption for transport. sxipper – Firefox plugin for OpenIDTypekey – and here’s how to make TypeKey your own OpenID – provides short URL as “alias” of long OpenID URLTrustBearer OpenID– Uses smart cards, security tokens or biometric readers to authenticate usersProviders Outside the U.S/Foreign Language Support:Anonymous OpenID – Free, Anonymous OpenID Provider. No signup required. Also the First (free) Indian OpenID server Daum OpenID– Korean OpenID provider by – a chinese OpenID provider. – OpenID provider for Korean (by in; English planned) isOpenID– Russian OpenID is an identity provider that includes OpenID server Free OpenID server and authentication service in Chinese Free OpenID server (Czech) – First Spanish OpenID server; Lets you use your DAUM account as an OpenID.(korean) – The first greek openID – Ultra-secure OpenID provider using smart cards – requires no registration nor passwords and uses Estonian eID card and GSM SIM cards for strong authenticationOpenID Espa, Spanish free OpenID providerOpenID France – First French OpenID server; freeOpenID in EstoniaOpenID Italia, OpenID Italia, free OpenID provider OpenID.LT – Lithuanian OpenID provider. First United Kingdom OpenID provider with strong authentication. (2008/02/05 – not yet currently live) – First Japanese OpenID server; Free Indian OpenID – First Belgian OpenID provider; Free, uses Strong authentication (SSL); Vraag je gratis OpenID account vandaag – OpenID Philippines (English and Tagalog) is the first Filipino OpenID server (free)OpenID.PL – first Polish OpenID server; free OpenID Portugal, First Free portugal OpenID provideropenidprovider – A new Open ID Provider Based in the netherlands. – The South African XMPP Federation OpenID Server (uses XEP-0070 to authenticate any jabber/xmpp account)MeinGuter.Name Secure German OpenID provider with focus on reputation building mi OpenID – Spanish free OpenID provider with strong authentication and hostname as OpenID (– First OpenID provider with activity stream from several web services. First Dutch OpenID server. Is controlled by the OpenID Europe Foundation. Each OpenID user own a part of the – Free OpenID service with profile in the largest professional social network in, First Slovenian secure OpenID provider. – First Korean OpenID server; get – Polish OpenID server; free. The shortest URL. Free OpenID server and authentication service in Chinese , also support internet account management and open icon functions Free german OpenID provider, T&C according german laws, multiple Identity, multiple Personas, SSL only. provides a free OpenID server in German, now has IPv6– The first free OpenID provider for Thai people Wong Cyber Wong Cyber – Indonesian first OpenID server, Hong Kong OpenID , Hong Kong free OpenID provider, targeting on providing extra localized service. – Free OpenID provider for, OpenID Hong Kong, free OpenID, Finnish OpenID provider. (Also homepage forwarding from your OpenID-url) Feeling Geeky? You can make your own OpenID BotBouncer – CAPTCHA service for OpenID—OpenID official siteOpenID Community WikiOpenID Europe – Non-profit organization to help promote and deploy the OpenID framework in Europe OpenID Asia – organization to promote OpenID in Asia OpenID Russia – OpenID provider in Russia OpenID Source (OIDS) = OpenID Source Initiative is a Community in the OID community to grow OpenID OpenID Enabled – resource for OpenID users and developers Directory of OpenID enabled Websites (Consumers)Spread OpenID – helping to spread OpenID to not so tech-savvy users Where You Can Use OpenID (Major Web Sites Only) Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market 37signalsCNN Political MarketCreative Commons WikiDrupalFeed Each OtherFeedHubFicletsLiveJournal.comMa.gnolia – they now require an OpenID to create an account (our coverage)MixxMovable Type WeblogsmyOpenID Site DirectorypbwikiPlaxoPropellerSkitch.comSimpySnipperoospringnoteThe OpenID DirectoryTechnoratitwitterfeedWetpaintwikiHowWikispacesZooomrOther websites:You can find a more complete list of sites supporting OpenID logins at the OpenID Site Directory.ConclusionIt seems that there are currently many more places you can get an OpenID today than there are places to use one. We covered some of our concerns about the adoption rates previously in this post: “The Troubles with OpenID 2.0.” Right now, everyone is still counting on Digg to be the next big player supporting openID, thanks to this January, 2008 blog post, mentioning their plans to support more open standards.Despite its benefits, OpenID still remains too hard to add to your site and logging in is not always a smooth process. That’s where a company like Clickpass has a real edge. Clickpass, which is powered by OpenID, wants to make OpenID easy to use in order to bring the benefits of single-sign-on to everyone. Currently, only a few places support Clickpass – Disqus, Ma.gnolia., Plaxo, TrustedPlaces, and WordPress (via a plugin) – but they promise there are more to come. I certainly hope so because using Clickpass was just as easy as they promised, so I really hope it takes off.last_img read more

Humble Bundle Launches Its Third Pay-What-You-Want Video Game Offer

first_imgA package deal on 5 great indie games is always good news for gamers, but it’s the way that deal works that continues to make Humble Bundle both interesting and unique. The Humble Bundle lets buyers choose what they want to pay for the games. Not only do you get to set the price you’d like to pay for all 5 games, you can also determine how that money gets allocated: dividing it between the game developers, the Humble Bundle team, and charitable organizations. As with past bundles, the two charities involved are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.Since the launch of the first Humble Bundle last year, the effort has raised over $1 million for charity. The generosity of gamers is noteworthy, as is exactly what that generosity looks like in terms of the different platforms for which the games are downloaded. In the past, Linux and Mac users have proven to be far more generous than Windows users, with Linux users contributing twice as much as Windows users.The Humble Bundle offer only lasts two weeks, but as the games are available DRM-free, once you purchase them, they’re yours to re-download and re-install as you deem fit. 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… The Humble Bundle is set to launch its latest package deal today, continuing its successful “pay-what-you-want” business model with the release of a new bundle containing 5 indie games.This bundle includes: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and And Yet It Moves. As with the previous Humble Bundles, these games are all available cross platform (several of which are making their Mac and Linux debuts with this offer) and are DRM-free. Related Posts 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Tags:#gaming#web 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… audrey watterslast_img read more