Announced topics and program of the Croatian Tourism Day

first_imgDays of Croatian Tourism, a traditional gathering of tourism workers this year, will be held on October 26 and 27 in Bluesun Hotels in Bol on the island of Brac, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Tourist Board. The two-day gathering will analyze the tourist season of 2016 and announce the main activities for the preparation of the tourist year 2017.On this occasion, the Minister underlined that the topics that will be discussed on the second day of DHT are currently burning issues in the tourism sector: “A word about us, an extremely important event that will take place in our tourist pearl Bol on Brač. Within the round tables, we decided to address the topics that we detected with the profession as very important for the future development of tourism. Our message is that the challenge is progressing and that we want to solve problems”, Said Minister Kliman.The first round table, to be held on October 27, will discuss staff as a driving force for tourism. The round table will be preceded by a presentation of the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Poreč on the topic “Social distance and polychronicity index of young employees in the hotel industry” which was selected for funding in a competitive competition of the Adris Foundation. The aim of the project is to investigate the level of skills of young hotel workers, determine their level of engagement, attitudes towards careers in the hotel industry, problems of first work experience and determine the extent of differences in the level of service of young people who grew up and studied in Croatia. . The 45-minute round table will be moderated by Ms. Iva Bahunek (Croatian Hotel Entrepreneurs Association), and the participants of the round table will be Mr. Nenad Šepak (HOK Caterers Guild), Ms. Gordana Deranja (HUP), while the CES and Ministry of Labor participants will be confirmed. still waiting.The second round table is held under the name “Cro card – encouraging domestic tourist spending”, and the introductory presentation and the role of moderator will be taken over by the director of Horwath consulting Siniša Topalović. He will be joined at the round table by Jako Andabak (Bluesun Hotels), Boris Žgomba (UHPA and UPA at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce), Ms. Martina Jus (HBOR) and Josip Zaher (Croatian Chamber of Commerce). The third (central) round table is entitled “How to achieve a competitive and sustainable model of Croatian tourism management”, which will discuss a controversial topic – how important is the Ministry of Tourism, should it be abolished or its powers strengthened? Neven Ivandić (Institute for Tourism), Miroslav Dragičević (Horwath consulting), Kristian Šustar (HUP Zagreb), Sean Lisjak (HGK Marina Association) and Marcel Medak (HGK Health Tourism Association) will represent the round table. In the evening, the annual award ceremony of the annual Croatian tourist awards will take placeThe President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Luka Burilović, announced the 16th Croatian Tourist Forum, with the opening of which the DHT will begin. “The extension of the tourist season is crucial for the further growth of this sector, but also of the entire Croatian economy, and for that we need permanent airlines with emitting markets.”Said Burilović, presenting the central theme of this traditional Forum of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce” Air transport in tourism – across borders to year-round business. ” He also announced the awards of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Tourist flower – quality for Croatia” which is being held for the 20th anniversary with a record number of registered entities, as many as 265, in 8 different categories. Burilović also referred to the growing problem of the real sector – a major disturbance in the labor market caused by the departure of part of the working population and the long-term mismatch of the education system with the needs of the economy. “Tourism is experiencing strong growth, but it is difficult to estimate how much it would have been in the end if most of the tourism sector had not struggled to find, especially seasonal, workers. It is necessary to find a solution urgently”, Says Burilović.The Forum will be followed by a presentation of measuring the effectiveness of national tourism branding, with the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Ratomir Ivičić will also refer to the guidelines for 2017. “In the Croatian National Tourist Board, we conducted several important market research on the basis of which we adopted strategic documents, but also made key steps in promotional activities. One of the most significant challenges of Croatian tourism is certainly the affirmation of the national tourist brand of the country, and this challenge is much easier to deal with now that we have clearly defined tactics and strategies within the new umbrella communication concept under the slogan “Croatia full of life”. This is one of the main reasons why the perception of Croatia in foreign markets is changing from a destination of sun and sea to a destination full of different experiences.”, Said director Ivicic.Source: Mintlast_img read more