Expert Advises Medical Directors to Prepare for Nuclear Incidents

first_imgCiting recent concerns about North Korea and other groups ramping up their involvement in making and using radioactive material, John White, CNMT, Chair of the North Texas Radiation Response Group, updated the Eagles U.S Medical Directors Consortium on what would/could happen if a nuclear device was detonated in a large metropolitan center. Areas of prime focus will include: “¢ Need for water and other substance needs — for months; “¢ Shelter for hundreds of thousands of people; “¢ Special trash and sanitation concerns; “¢ Need to place children in alternative education facilities if their schools are contaminated; “¢ Psychological and law enforcement issues, particiularly when the population is displaced and hungry; Rioting will be a concern; “¢ Children separated from their parents; and “¢ Employees who “abandon” their jobs or profession to care for their quarantined children or due to stress and grief. He advised the Eagles and their EMS agencies and providers to get the Planning Guidance for Response to Nuclear Detonation, available free online. White told the Eagles that, “We know the bad guys want to get hold of nuclear material and devices.” The three concern that were discussed were: “¢ Nuclear power plant explosion “¢ Nuclear device “¢ Dirty bomb — with all material release rapidly He also recommended that EMS systems and communications centers download the free HOTSPOT – plume physics program: He urged those in attendance to keep hard/paper copies of these reference materials on hand and in supervisor vehicles because warned on electromagnetic pulses that will occur in the event of a nuclear release will incapacitate computers, vehicle electronic systems and other key devices we have become dependent on for emergency incident management. He noted that there will be significant demands on systems, particularly when affected agencies and residents will be unable to enter nuclear-affected areas for years. Take-away messages included: 1. Prepare/train your EMS personnel; 2. Meet with your local/regional meterologists; 3. Locate your Radiation resource personnel (A Health Physicist — Radiation Safety Officer; Nuclear Medicine Physicians and Technologists); and 4. Have pre-prepared messages ready for release prior to an incident occurs.last_img read more

Kansas’ Bill Self responds to notice of allegations, says ‘enforcement staff has created a false narrative’

first_imgOther school officials and head football coach Les Miles also released their own statements.  The University of Kansas received an official notice of allegations from the NCAA on Monday which includes a number of allegations toward the men’s basketball program, the school announced.The university firmly “rejects the assertion” of Adidas and Adidas employees participating in a pay-for-play scheme with the university and expressed their full support for Bill Self, who has a head coach responsibility charge in the allegations. The allegations come in the wake of the pay-for-play scandal that rocked the NCAA basketball world two years ago which saw Louisville coach Rick Pitino lose his job and Kansas center Silvio de Sousa suspended for two years — it has since been reduced to one.In June, the NCAA issued a statement saying six schools would be notified of major allegations.Once notified of violations, a school has 90 days to respond and Kansas has said its “response will fully and comprehensively present its positions regarding the notice.” Self, who has spent 16 seasons at the helm of Kansas released a statement following the notice.“By the NCAA’s own admission through its public statements early this summer, it’s no secret that there is tremendous pressure on the NCAA to respond to the federal court proceedings involving college basketball. …”In its haste and attempt to regain control, the enforcement staff has created a false narrative regarding me and our basketball program. The narrative is based on innuendo, half-truths, misimpressions and mischaracterizations. In reality, we all know there is only one version of the truth. The truth is based on verifiable facts, and I am confident the facts we will demonstrate in our case will expose the inaccuracies of the enforcement staff’s narrative.”I have always taken pride in my commitment to rules compliance and led programs that operate with integrity and within the rules, and I am proud of the success that we have achieved at each program along the way. Every student-athlete who has ever played for me and their families know we follow the rules.”These allegations are serious and damaging to the University and to myself, and I hate that KU has to go through this process. With our staff’s full cooperation, these allegations will be addressed within NCAA procedures and with urgency and resolve. I will strenuously defend myself and the program, but I will respect the process and will not speak to the details of the case.”In total, Kansas was charged with five Level 1 violations, including a lack of institutional control. Related News Bruce Pearl’s new Auburn contract has some eye-popping numbers Kansas basketball expected to be notified of multiple major violations from NCAA, report says Rick Pitino reaches settlement with Louisville: ‘I move on to a new chapter in my life’last_img read more