Presentation of the project of sustainable management and responsible distribution of the number of visitors to Skradinski buk

first_imgBreathtaking natural beauties, the roar of water overflowing over seven magnificent travertine waterfalls and the rich cultural and historical heritage, which evokes the spirit of past times, are the values ​​with which generations grow up along Krk. But without awareness of the preservation of our natural heritage and the sustainable development of tourism, we can destroy our natural resources in the long run.With this motive and goal, in order to preserve the millennial heritage, the Public Institution “Krka National Park” this year started making new business decisions within the project of responsible management and safety of visitors in order to relieve the most famous and most visited site, Skradinski Buk. “National and nature parks are one of our strongest brands, as evidenced by the fact that they were visited by over 3,5 million visitors last year. July and August are the months with the greatest pressure, so it is important that the most visited parks take measures to relieve the most attractive locations, which is now the first thing the Krka National Park has done. The Ministry supports projects of effective visitor management at the national level, both financially and professionally. Since about ten days ago, visitors have the opportunity to buy a ticket to the parks and online. This is another mechanism for better visitor management. With the support of the Ministry, our parks have applied for EU co-financing of 20 visitor infrastructure improvement projects worth around HRK 770 million, which are now undergoing the approval phase. Better visitor infrastructure will facilitate access to parks but also facilitate their effective protection. Therefore, these projects are currently one of our priorities. ” – pointed out Dr. sc. Mario Šiljeg, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, emphasized that all these activities will contribute to raising the level of quality of visitor management and further development of the areas where the parks are located.Krka National Park is an important economic entity that, in addition to protecting natural beauties and rich cultural and historical heritage, actively participates in strengthening the local community and positioning Šibenik-Knin County as a brand. The Krka National Park brand is recognized worldwide as an unavoidable destination for visitors to the Republic of Croatia and is also its first protected area to implement active measures to limit the number of visitors in order to preserve the recognizable heritage of the wider area along the Krka. “Šibenik-Knin County fully supports all activities of the National Park “Krka”, and related to the limited visit to Skradinski Buk, because the sustainable development of this area is an absolute priority. It is in these activities that we see the challenge of the tourist development of the wider area of ​​the Krka National Park, as well as the entire Šibenik-Knin County. I am pleased to point out the exceptional cooperation with the Krka National Park and once again congratulate you on the successfully applied project “Unknown Krka”, the implementation of which will certainly encourage the development of the rural part of our county.”, Said Goran Pauk, prefect of Šibenik-Knin County.In order to protect the fundamental phenomenon of the Park, increase the safety of visitors and reduce crowds, and to provide each visitor with a complete experience in protected nature, several phases of the project were realized. The main road to Skradinski Buk and the branch office of the Public Institution “NP Krka” in Skradin have been arranged, in which there are now eight points of sale instead of the previous three, and the movement in it is one-way due to efficient service provision. Furthermore, from this summer, visitors will be able to access the boat in Skradin only with a purchased ticket for the Krka National Park, which will reduce the queue for boarding the ship and leave visitors more time to tour the sights in the city of Skradin. “In the year in which we mark the 32nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Krka National Park and the city after which the fundamental phenomenon of the Park is named, we are part of a truly important moment in its institutional history. Founded with the aim of protecting the values ​​created by the symbiosis of nature and man, NP “Krka” for 32 years justifies the role of guardian of our heritage, the heritage we inherited and which we are obliged to leave to those who come after us. And it is through this project, the project of protection of the fundamental phenomenon of the Park, that we are fulfilling the order of civilization that was placed before this institution thirty-two years ago. Providing visitors with more quality time for sightseeing in the city of Skradin makes a strong contribution to the economy of the city, which sees tourism as its most significant potential and strategic direction.”, Emphasized mr. sc. Antonijo Brajković, Mayor of the City of Skradin.This summer, the number of visitors to Skradinski Buk will be limited. Visitors to Lozovac and Skradin will have access to displays showing the available number of tickets for Skradinski buk. Those visitors who will not be able to enter Skradinski buk at a certain moment will be offered alternative directions, ie programs for visiting sites on the middle and upper course of the Krka. “Visitors will be able to spend time waiting to enter Skradinski buk visiting educational hiking trails and lookouts on the middle course of the Krka, will be able to enjoy the sacred heritage that Krka nurtures, discover monuments that testify to the turbulent past of this area, discover undiscovered parts of Krka in one of the many rural households that offer a rich selection of traditionally prepared and organically grown local products. This year’s novelty is also on line reservation and sale of tickets for NP “Krka” via web shop Parks of Croatia so that visitors can plan their arrival in the Park on time and with quality”, Concluded mr. sc. Krešimir Šakić, director of the Public Institution “Krka National Park”.As of this year, the movement of visitors along Skradinski Buk has been one-way. Upon arrival at the site, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the direction of the tour on a map of the area, and there are signposts that will make it easier for visitors to move. Tour direction (Walk this way) is especially prominent and there are signs prohibiting movement for visitors who would head in the opposite direction.Finally, with additional promotional activities, visitors will be invited to plan their arrival time and book tickets for the Krka National Park. One of the promotional tools for this purpose is a short video which you can watch below attached.last_img read more

Grieve blasts European Commission

first_imgThe attorney general, one of the most europhile members of the government, has publicly attacked the European Commission as a ‘repeat offender’ in going beyond its legal powers.His comments, in a speech in Brussels, will fuel the growing row over the commission’s plan to create a ‘European area of justice’, and the extent to which the UK can exercise the opt-out negotiated under the 2007 Lisbon treaty.After taking pains to assert his pro-European credentials, Dominic Grieve said that over-stepping legal boundaries set by treaties ‘undermines the very legitimacy of EU action’. In particular, he said, the EU must not ignore the special arrangements for justice and home that pertain to ‘some member states’ under EU treaties. ‘It is unacceptable and very damaging to the legitimacy of the EU for legal bases to be aggressively exploited by the commission in order to side-step the opt-outs which have been negotiated by sovereign member states.’ One example of the commission over-stepping its authority was in its handling of plans to create a European public prosecutor.Grieve said that 14 national parliamentary chambers had sent a reasoned opinion to the European Commission that the proposal breached the principle of subsidiarity. However the commission had gone ahead anyway.‘To my mind, this can only strengthen the case for finding a way to give national parliaments a bigger and more significant role in the EU. I am afraid it also illustrates to me the extent to which some in the present commission now seem dangerously out of touch with the people of Europe they are supposed to serve.’Grieve also described the commission as a ‘repeat offender’ in taking action without authorisation by governments through the Council of the EU. He cited the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Switzerland at a time when it was still under consideration by the council. ‘I have to say that I find this case very troubling both as a lawyer and as a government minister.’Defending recent UK challenges to EU measures, he said: ‘The UK plays by the rules and we expect others to do so too.’Comments by a member of the UK government may not cut much ice with the EU’s justice commissioner, Viviane Reding, who recently singled out David Cameron for criticising ‘bureaucrats in Brussels’ for implementing measures which had been agreed by the British government.However, Grieve’s comments follow a call last month by Hubert Legal, counsel to the Council of the EU for more ‘humility’ and respect for national legal systems.last_img read more