“Nothing to Laugh About” holdover for Saturday

first_imgLast weekend, “Nothing to Laugh About” opened to sold out audiences at the National Cultural Centre. The show received high praises from patrons on Facebook, as if the uproars of laughter were not enough.Theatre fans would recall the frenzied rush for tickets last weekend when many persons were unable to get their hands on any.Holdovers are not typically associated with this production but because of the high demand for the show from patrons who were unable to acquire tickets for any of the four nights, the franchise has decided to hold one final show.As such, the show is set Saturday, June 9, at the National Cultural Centre. Tickets are available at the National Cultural Centre, Payless Variety and Sir Mars and cost $1000, $1500 and $2000.“Nothing to Laugh About” is a satirical compilation of skits which focus on the humorous aspect of societal issues such as infidelity, homosexuality, politics, corruption, marriage, etc.This year has been rich with controversial events that have all contributed to the inspiration in penning the pieces for the show.last_img read more