Devastating impact on jobs if native timber industry ends

first_imgDevastating impact on jobs if native timber industry ends The Mayor of Wellington Shire and chair of the Native Timber Taskforce, Councillor Garry Stephens, has announced that data obtained from a specialist economic impact consultant jointly engaged by the Wellington and East Gippsland Shire councils indicates that around 1110 jobs would be lost if native forest logging ceased immediately in both shires.This number includes direct and indirect jobs, ranging from forestry contractors to transport company workers, through to employees at shops where timber workers spend their money.In Wellington Shire alone this could have a devastating impact on the local economy, as forestry is a major employer. In particular, the towns of Heyfield and Yarram would bear the brunt of this impact and it presents a significant challenge for local government to make the best of a difficult situation.Wellington Shire Council has requested that the Victorian Government share the data and scientific basis on which the native timber phase-out decision was made and awaits a considered response from the government. Communities have a right to know and understand the basis for the decisions which affect their lives.We expect better of the government out of respect for local communities.Wellington Shire Council supports Timber Towns Victoria and the CMFEU in wanting to retain the jobs of timber workers.The East Gippsland Shire also wants to ensure that any industry restructure places communities at the centre of decision-making, that resources are adequate, and that no one is left behind.Timber workers have unique forestry skills, expertise, knowledge, and equipment that is often used in a first response to fire events. If timber jobs are lost, it is hoped that their skills and machinery are able to be retained and used under such circumstances and that contractors are afforded other meaningful work within the forest industry sector.Wellington Shire Council has also sought greater detail from Victorian Government officials about the transition from the harvesting of native hardwood forests to hardwood plantations. Council is not convinced that there is sufficient supply of hardwood or softwood to enable a smooth transition, especially with the recent impacts of massive bushfires.The Native Timber Taskforce strongly recommends that the Victorian Government: Provides the data and scientific evidence that underpinned the native timber phase-out decision. Plants more hardwood plantations with suitable species, to ensure long-term wood supply needs are met and jobs are maintained.Ensures an appropriate level of resourcing exists to support communities affected by this decision to the extent that no one is left behind. Works with communities to identify and implement job creation schemes in new and existing industries to minimise the impacts of the decision on affected communities. Does not support the import of hardwood from non-certified overseas sources that generally have lower compliance standards. /Public Release. This material comes from the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature, edited for clarity, style and length. View in full here. Why?Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. We don’t put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information of public interest. Media ownership in Australia is one of the most concentrated in the world (Learn more). Since the trend of consolidation is and has historically been upward, fewer and fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media in our country. According to independent assessment, about 98% of the media sector is held by three conglomerates. This tendency is not only totally unacceptable, but also to a degree frightening). Learn more hereWe endeavour to provide the community with real-time access to true unfiltered news firsthand from primary sources. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties. We can only achieve this goal together. Our website is open to any citizen journalists and organizations who want to contribute, publish high-quality insights or send media releases to improve public access to impartial information. You and we have the right to know, learn, read, hear what and how we deem appropriate.Your support is greatly appreciated. All donations are kept completely private and confidential.Thank you in advance!Tags:bushfires, council, East Gippsland, Economy, Employees, Government, Heyfield, Impact, industry, local council, resources, species, Transport, Victoria, Wellington, Wellington Shire Council, Yarramlast_img read more

Businesses recognized for their sustainability efforts

first_imgSanta Monicans are known as a green people with high consumptions of fruits/veggies, commitments to recycling and a focus on sustainability. Locals expect their businesses to have similar values and the Chamber of Commerce will recognize green companies at their annual award on April 20.The 22nd Annual Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards (SQA) will be recognizing businesses that are also focused on the environment with an eye on sustainable economic development, excellence in social responsibility and excellence in stewardship of the environment.“Santa Monica businesses continue to drive the Sustainable City Plan goals by taking the extra steps to ensure a robust economy, a commitment to human resources and a healthy natural environment,” said Susy Borlido, Co-Executive Director of Sustainable Works, in a recent press release.Since 1995 the SQAs have recognized 143 businesses with over 175 awards, proving they are the longest running sustainable business award program.Every year the event brings together the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, City of Santa Monica and Sustainable Works with the event featuring a keynote speaker.This year John Picard will be making an appearance. Chamber of Commerce, Director of Events and Marketing, Gigi de Pourtales said Picard is particularly relevant at the moment because of his focus on promoting innovation as an essential element of sustainable solution in every sector of the economy.According to the chamber, Picard established the foundation of what would eventually become the US Green Building Council under President Bill Clinton and he has worked with a diverse group of companies including Microsoft, BP, Sony, The Gap, eBay and MGM.Officials said the SQA continues to promote the efforts of local businesses as they embrace sustainable ways. There are specific awards given to businesses with exceptional achievements in one of the three areas, Sustainable Economic Development, Social Responsibility, and Stewardship of the Natural Environment.This year American Cancer Society Discovery Shop won Excellence in Economic Development Award. Excellence in Social Responsibility Award went to Le Meridien Delfina Hotel. Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment went to Back on the Beach Café, Beautycounter, Red Bull North America, Uplifters Kitchen, and Water Garden.The grand prize awards, given to businesses for excelling in all three categories, will be awarded to Apogee Electronics Corporation, LivingHomes, Santa Monica Place – Macerich, and The Albright.“The four grand prize winners have paved the way to more sustainability in their specific industry,” said De Pourtales. “The Albright as a long-standing family owned restaurant continues to model green practices on the Santa Monica Pier.”The Albright is owned by Yunnie and Greg Morena, and has previously won Excellence awards. The Albright was the first business on the Pier to achieve Green Certification status.With every child that comes into The Albright they receive a kids’ menu and crayons. There were so many crayons being used, the Morena’s decided it was best to team up with the Crayon Initiative.“Crayons are not bio-degradable so we give them the used crayons and they are then repurposed and given to the Children’s Hospital,” said Yunnie.The Albright is also partnering with Further, the company collects the depleted oil, refines it into biofuel and then converts it into glycerin soap. They don’t stop there. They get their fish from the Monterey Bay Sustainable Program, and recently they began developing their own oysters.“Oysters are the most sustainable seafood in the ocean because they are natural filters,” said Greg.The Albright owners said they feel honored to be recognized, and they will continue to work hard to making the Pier and the City green.In order for a business to be selected there are qualification they must fulfill. The business must be in operation for at least two years, while located within the City of Santa Monica or a Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce member. The business must employ at least two full time equivalent employees. They must also be in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.Winners will not only receive an award trophy, they will also receive special recognition and media attention to highlight their success as a model business.The SQA will take place on April 20 at 11 a.m. at Le Meridien Delfina Hotel in the Penthouse Ballroom. Tickets can be purchased online at . Pre-paid tickets are $50 for Chamber members and $60 for [email protected] :City of Santa Monica and Sustainable Worksdaily pressLe Meridien Delfina HotelSanta MonicaSanta Monica Chamber of Commercesanta monica daily pressSanta Monica Sustainable Quality Awardsthe albrightshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentMarina Andalonview all postsOceanfront Starbucks back before Landmarks CommissionMulti-vehicle accident snarls Ocean AveYou Might Also LikeFeaturedNewsBobadilla rejects Santa Monica City Manager positionMatthew Hall11 hours agoNewsCouncil picks new City ManagerBrennon Dixson22 hours agoFeaturedNewsProtesting parents and Snapchat remain in disagreement over child protection policiesClara Harter22 hours agoFeaturedNewsDowntown grocery to become mixed use developmenteditor22 hours agoNewsBruised but unbowed, meme stock investors are back for moreAssociated Press22 hours agoNewsWedding boom is on in the US as vendors scramble to keep upAssociated Press22 hours ago HomeNewsBusinesses recognized for their sustainability efforts Apr. 19, 2017 at 7:45 amNewsBusinesses recognized for their sustainability effortsMarina Andalon4 years agoCity of Santa Monica and Sustainable Worksdaily pressLe Meridien Delfina HotelSanta MonicaSanta Monica Chamber of Commercesanta monica daily pressSanta Monica Sustainable Quality Awardsthe albright  last_img read more

Cohere Technologies targets Massive MIMO reboot

first_img 5GCohere Technologiesmassive MIMO AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 01 APR 2019 Diana is Mobile World Live’s US Editor, reporting on infrastructure and spectrum rollouts, regulatory issues, and other carrier news from the US market. Diana came to GSMA from her former role as Editor of Wireless Week and CED Magazine, digital-only… Read more The CEO of Cohere Technologies highlighted demand for swift 5G deployments as a fresh opportunity to push the benefits of Massive MIMO, which has been held back by technical challenges associated with the technology.Though companies around the globe have been experimenting with the technology, Ray Dolan told Mobile World Live the full potential of Massive MIMO has been limited by the slowness and rapid expiration of channel predictions used to direct signal beams to users.A key technology for 5G, Massive MIMO uses multiple software-controlled transmit and receive streams to offer much higher network capacity.But Dolan explained that with standard control methods, which rely on time and frequency measurements, it is “almost impossible” to create predictions fast enough to keep up with changes in the channel environment because those predictions are valid for such a short period of time.He flagged the short shelf life of time and frequency predictions as a driving force behind operators’ shift to an edge architecture, since they need to be processed and acted on so quickly. This move, he said, is “reversing a decade of work that the radio guys did” to migrate functions to the cloud.“If you have to put all of the smarts at the edge, you don’t have any visibility on what’s happening between base stations.”Another wayCohere Technologies is pushing an alternative which Dolan said offers more predictable channel modelling using a radar technology-inspired approach to measurement.Rather than relying on time and frequency measurements, he explained the company’s Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space (OTFS) modulation scheme uses delay and Dopplar measurements to offer longer-lasting predictions.He added the staying power of these predictions can give operators more flexibility in their architecture, allowing them to keep processing in the cloud and thus coordinate across base stations more efficiently.Because the solution is so different from the status quo (that is, orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing modulation, or OFDM) and claims to offer predictions which last 1,000-times longer than today’s standard (milliseconds vs microseconds), Dolan said he expects there to be debate and “mudslinging” around whether Cohere Technologies’ system can achieve what it claims.However, he added the company aims to push through the noise and ultimately get its set-up incorporated into industry standards. Subscribe to our daily newsletter Back Author Diana Goovaerts Nokia scores Philippines 5G deal with Dito Home Cohere Technologies targets Massive MIMO rebootcenter_img Mobile Mix: Buzzing for Barcelona Tags Previous ArticleBT executive issues rural rallying cryNext ArticleInternational Alignment: China removed three key mandatory obligations in its Technology Import Regulation Telkomsel turns on 5G in major cities Related Asia last_img read more

Inside the Evolution Silo — Darwinism as a Cult

first_img Recommended Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Evolution Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesis Does all this sound familiar at all? The defense of Darwinian theory has definite cultish aspects. Our mathematician colleague Granville Sewell observes that if you listen to ID’s critics, you get a wildly simple-minded and ignorant distortion. He quotes an ACLU statement that ID “simply says that some things that seem very complex could not have happened based on natural causes. So where it sees complexity, it declares that it must have been created by a supernatural entity.” But that is an absurd, hopeless caricature. Dr. Sewell lists what he calls the “Top Six Evidences for Intelligent Design.” How many among the staunch defenders of Darwinism are even aware of the major areas of evidence for design that ID proponents offer? My experience is that very few could even name those areas. How many could tell you, for example, what Stephen Meyer says in Darwin’s Doubt or what Michael Denton says in his new book, The Miracle of the Cell? Vanishingly few. The editors of a prominent journal, the Journal of Theoretical Biology, published a peer-reviewed pro-ID paper recently only to, it seems, be reminded by the community that they had broken the community rule: no serous interaction with design arguments. They promptly published a disclaimer, rejecting their own article, and offered up instead another article seeking to rebut the first. You can understand why they panicked: they don’t want to have their own careers ruined for letting in a little light. A Curious Apologetics The Community Rule Perhaps the most cult-like aspect of Darwinism is the way it threatens and punishes those in the community who would consider speaking up about their doubts or would leave altogether. As Yale computer scientist David Gelernter has said, in the context of his own coming out as a Darwin skeptic, “You take your life in your hands to challenge it intellectually. They will destroy you if you challenge it.” The Free Science website tells the stories of scientists who nearly were destroyed for challenging Darwin from within the silo.  Why is that? Darwin defenders practice a curious kind of apologetics where they steer clear of familiarity with the competing scientific view. Debate is avoided. They campaign to prevent high school students from hearing that evolution may have scientific weaknesses. Atheist biologist Jerry Coyne, an emeritus professor at the University of Chicago, writes a voluminous blog, Why Evolution Is True, where you would expect some engagement with the competition. But your expectation would be disappointed. In their community, the favored narrative is protected by the mother of all news silos. How many evolutionary scientists have even met a proponent of intelligent design? If they do meet them, they avoid them. When ID scientists and scholars participated in the important Royal Society conference “New trends in evolutionary biology: biological, philosophical and social science perspectives,” they were shunned. “Top Six Evidences” Darwinists can’t understand why anyone would wish to be outside the silo. Atheist biologist Richard Dawkins has said he would “rather not consider” the possibility that the outsiders are “wicked,” but neither does he rule it out. Share Free Speech News Media Inside the Evolution Silo — Darwinism as a CultDavid KlinghofferOctober 29, 2020, 6:38 AM TagsACLUatheistsbiological originscultDarwin’s DoubtDarwinismDavid Gelernterfree speechGranville Sewellintelligent designJerry CoyneJournal of Theoretical BiologyMichael Dentonnarrativenews silopeer-reviewed literaturepodcasterRichard DawkinsRoyal SocietyScott AdamsStephen MeyerThe Miracle of the CellUniversity of ChicagoWhy Evolution Is True,Trending That Darwinism functions much as a cult doesn’t by itself rule out the possibility of its being a true picture of biological origins. To judge that question you would to have weigh the competing arguments. But that is what most evolution defenders have steadfastly refused to do. Billions of Missing Links: Mysteries Evolution Can’t Explain Photo credit: Intricate Explorer via Unsplash.I know that sounds harsh but think about it. I was listening to podcaster Scott Adams who discusses the phenomenon of a “news silo” where members of the public are sheltered from news that violates their preferred political or other narrative. A major news story can break outside of the silo but, because it goes against the narrative, those in the silo will never hear about it. The media they watch won’t let them. “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guide I understand that in a sense we all live in a silo, following our preferred sources of information. But Adams points out that some communities, built around rigid narratives, are far more isolated than others. They function in a cult-like manner. All competing information is excluded. Debate is avoided. Contact with outsiders is discouraged. Anyone who leaves the cult and goes over to the other side is demonized. To admit doubts even in private is to invite censure. The other side is demonized and distorted. Thus a consensus in favor of the ruling narrative is maintained. Sure, those in the cult are well aware of the existence of people outside, but rarely if ever converse with them. Why anyone would wish to live outside, unless they are stupid, deluded, or wicked, is a subject of distressed bewilderment. A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to Alllast_img read more

Gophers open in Nebraska

first_imgGophers open in NebraskaFive of coach David Geatz’s seven players will play their first matches as Gophers. Mike MullenSeptember 23, 2004Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintThe average year-round temperature in Santa Barbara, Calif., is 64 degrees, the city gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year and its record-low temperature is 20 degrees.“It’s nice all the time there,” men’s tennis player Nick Edlefsen said.And yet, Edlefsen, a native of Eden Prairie, Minn., left all that after one year to come home and play tennis for Minnesota. His reasons were simple and had nothing to do with climate.“(Minnesota) is a better fit for me,” Edlefsen said. “I knew what I wanted: a competitive team, a coach who cared. Guys who care about tennis, maybe even more than school – or partying.”Edlefsen is one of three players on the team who, as of Wednesday’s practice, had not lost an intrateam challenge match.The other two players as yet undefeated are Pete Torgrimson of Duluth, Minn., and D.J. Geatz.At this weekend’s Nebraska Invitational – a flighted round-robin tournament – coach David Geatz plans to rotate those three at the top.For D.J. Geatz, this will be an opportunity to face his old team. He played at Nebraska as a freshman last year.“I still have some good friends there,” D.J. Geatz said. “This will be a good chance for me to show my old coach how I’m playing – and that my leg is fully recovered.”Coach David Geatz isn’t worried about his son facing his old team.“He’s a gamer,” David Geatz said. “He’ll be ready – he’s always ready.”Both Edlefsen and D.J. Geatz welcome the chance to play in the top flight, with Edlefson saying, “I think I deserve it – at least a chance.”D.J. Geatz, meanwhile, said he wouldn’t mind skipping around in the lineup. “(Playing No. 1) will be a good chance for me,” he said. “But hopefully I play some at 2 or 3 and get a couple easier matches – those are always good.”For David Geatz, this will be a good chance to get to know his team. Five of the seven players making the trip to Nebraska have not played for Minnesota before.In fact he sometimes refers to freshman Adrien Debreyne as “our French guy.”“I don’t know what to expect,” David Geatz said. “This is not really a chance for me to coach. I just want to watch them play and learn about their games.”Women head to Las VegasAfter a strong showing at the Gopher Invitational tournament – three champions and two runners-up in five brackets – Minnesota’s women’s tennis team has a bit of swagger to it.And coach Tyler Thomson said he wants it to stay around.“I spoke about that before practice (Wednesday),” Thomson said. “At our tournament, we kind of walked around a certain way and felt like the top dogs. And it’s important for us to have that attitude and have that swagger.”The Gophers now take that swagger to the Southwest, competing in this weekend’s UNLV Invitational. Among those teams slated for the tournament are Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Louisiana State.One of Thomson’s main goals has been preparing his freshmen for the level of competition of this tournament. His method has the team ignoring its opponents.“We know there’s a chance our freshmen could be intimidated,” Thomson said. “They might play girls they’ve seen in juniors, or maybe just seeing ‘LSU’ on someone’s shirt. So we’ve been telling them, ‘No names, no faces.’ “Playing in the top flight for Minnesota will be Nischela Reddy. Thomson said Reddy, who last year beat a player ranked in the top 50 in Oregon’s Dominika Dieskova, shouldn’t be nervous about facing tougher opponents.“I feel very comfortable having her play some of these girls,” Thomson said. “I relish these opportunities for her. If (Reddy) can win some of these matches, she’s going to get noticed on the national scene.”last_img read more

Boxer Adrien Broner, 30, claims it was ‘honest mistake’ after being exposed DMing 16-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie

first_img 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels ADRIEN BRONER insisted he made an “honest mistake” after he was exposed for messaging 16-year-old rapped Bhad Bhabie.The American, famous for her “Cash me out side, how ’bout dah” catchphrase, shared a screenshot of the 30-year-old’s message.Adrien Broner has slammed Instagram for not showing the 16-year-old’s ageCredit: Getty Images – GettyDanielle Bregoli became a worldwide meme after she appeared on Dr PhilCredit: Getty – ContributorBroner, who has held world championships in four weight classes, messaged her: “Text me crazy girl.”Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, exposed the 30-year-old to her 17.2million followers on Instagram.She posted a screenshot of the direct message and attached a video of the Akon hit “Locked Up.”Fans jumped to her defence by calling out Broner and even tagging the FBI and Atlanta Police in the post.But Broner, nicknamed “The Problem”, has insisted he was not aware of her age when he got in touch with her. Speaking to the Shade Room, he said the incident was an “honest mistake.”He added: “Nobody wants to date a kid.“But I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on their profile.“I thought she was grown the way she out here moving.”It comes a month after he was ordered to pay over £600,000 to a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by him in a nightclub.And he hit the headlines in March when he threatened to shoot gay men “in the f****** face” if they touched him during a vile homophobic rant.Broner last fought in a unanimous decision defeat to Manny Pacquiao in January, a bout he pocketed £1.92m for.Vile boxing badboy Adrien Broner threatens gay men and ‘will shoot them ‘in the ‘f****** face’ if they touch him in sicking homophobic rant REAL vs FAKE GOLD Source: Boxing – Best caption wins🏆 Credit @4×4 Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Amazing movies best funny animals Omg this is awesome 🙂last_img read more

Cutting mosquito numbers in the garden helps control disease

first_imgMid-summer is shirt-sleeve weather, an enjoyable time of year to be out and about with family and friends. But it also is the heart of mosquito season, so beware the escalating health risks caused by their bites.The No. 1 prevention practice is eliminating any standing water that could serve as a mosquito-breeding site.This May 3, 2016 photo shows a fountain in a yard near Langley, Wash., which harbored mosquito larvae until it was emptied, cleaned and then powered up where it became a popular site for bird life. The number one mosquito control practice is eliminating any standing water that serves as a breeding site. (Dean Fosdick via AP )“Still water is a great environment” for the insects, said Scott Zide, founder of Mosquito Squad, a mosquito and tick control service with 200 locations around the nation. “One-hundred-plus mosquitoes can be hatched from a single bottle cap full of water.”Things like tire swings, buckets, fire pits, rain barrels, plant saucers, empty pots, clogged downspouts, ornamental fountains, birdbaths, wheelbarrows, animal dishes and kids’ toys, including wading pools and upside-down Frisbees, can collect enough water for mosquitoes to breed.“These are the kinds of things you have to turn over,” Zide said.Some mosquitoes drop eggs that cling like glue to the sides of water-filled containers, he said. “These you have to sanitize, making sure they’re cleaned and scraped off and with no water left behind.”The life cycle of a mosquito is broken into four parts: egg, larva, pupa and adult. All need water to survive, with temperature and species determining how long each stage lasts. Female mosquitoes generally live less than two weeks.Most mosquito bites only cause itching or skin irritation, but a few of the 200-plus mosquito species in North America carry viruses acquired from birds and animals that can cause debilitating diseases in humans, even death. Among them: malaria, dengue, equine encephalitis, heartworms, West Nile and Zika viruses.“Only a handful of mosquito types feed on humans,” said Laura Harrington, an entomology professor at Cornell University. “Some are generalists, and some mosquitoes are very specific in their blood-host preferences.“Mosquitoes vary in the time of day that they feed as well,” she said. Carriers of Zika, she said, “tend to feed during daylight hours, in contrast to many West Nile vectors (carriers) that feed at dusk, dawn or night.”Some additional tips about reducing mosquito numbers in the yard:— Covers and screens. Place tight lids on containers used for water storage so mosquitoes can’t get inside to lay eggs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Use mesh with holes smaller than an adult mosquito to cover containers without lids.— Irrigation. “Water right over the plant. Don’t overspray. That can produce standing water,” said Ryan Larsen, a civil engineer with NDS Inc., a water management company in Woodland Hills, California. “Install an efficient irrigation system to reduce that.”— Ponds and water fixtures. Install a pump to keep the water moving. “Small pumps work great in small ponds, but they’re not effective as ponds get larger,” Larsen said. “Get fish that will eat mosquito larvae.”— Remove tarps or stretch them tight.— Team Up. Work with your neighbors, especially in neighborhoods with little space between lots, to police areas that could affect each other’s property.Online:For more about mosquito prevention and protection on your property, see this Centers for Disease Control fact sheet: can contact Dean Fosdick at [email protected]last_img read more

Joseph, Rickaby pace Team 1999-2003 to top prize at Bomber Alumni Basketball Tournament

first_imgMike Vance, Matthew Fuhr, Jeremy Phelan, Brody Blair and Leo Grypma paced Team 1999-2003.Team 2006-08, consisting of Florian Joseph, Chase and Clay Rickaby, Ben Irving, Joel DeVito and Ryan Moore, advanced to the final by stopping Team 2013-18 72-63 and Team 2010-11 64-52.Team 1999-2003 opened by outlasting Team 2004-05 73-57 before edging the West Kootenay Men’s Basketball League All-Stars 62-58.All proceeds from the Bomber Alumni Basketball Tournament benefit the Blair D’Andrea Alumni Scholarship Society.The scholarship fund supports development of local grassroots basketball and student-athletes with post-secondary pursuits.D’Andrea, who was instrumental in the development of high school basketball while teaching at L.V. Rogers in Nelson, Salmo Secondary and Mount Sentinel High School in South Slocan, died suddenly in 2013. Florian Joseph and Chase Rickaby were too hot to handle in sparking Team 2006-08 to a 72-63 victory over Team 1999-2003 in the final of the 2016 Bomber Alumni Basketball Tournament Boxing Day at the Trafalgar Middle School Gymnasium.The dynamic duo of former Bomber point guards led the victors to the early lead then snuffed out any rallies by Team 1999-2003 with shots from downtown.Joel DeVito and Ben Irving also chipped in on the scoresheet for Team 2006-08.last_img read more

MATCH TRACKER – Connacht Club Football Semi Final. Corofin V Castlebar Mitchell’s

first_img3 Mins: Kieran Molloy opens the scoring for Corofin. Corofin 0-1 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-0 Welcome to our Connacht Football Semi-final Match Tracker, Corofin V Castlebar Mitchell’s, McHale Park, Castlebar. Throw-in 2pm. 5 Mins: Ian Burke adds a second point…goal was on for a split second! Corofin 0-2 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-08 Mins: Neil Douglas opens Castlebar’s account from a free. Corofin 0-2 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-112 Mins: Gary Sice from a free points for Corofin. Corofin 0-3 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-115 Mins: Lovely point from Ian Burke. Corofin 0-4 Castlebar Mitchel’s 0-118 Mins: Jason Leonard from a free edges Corofin further ahead. Corofin 0-5 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-126 Mins: Neil Douglas get his 2nd free and Castlebar’s 2nd point. Corofin 0-5 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-228 Mins: Patrick Durcan points from play. Corofin 0-5 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-329 Mins: Jason Leonard replies from play. Corofin 0-6 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-3There will be two minutes of added time at the end of the 1st half30 +2 Mins: Free in for Mitchell’s,,,,pointed by Neil Douglas. Corofin 0-6 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-4HALF TIMESecond Half under way31 Mins: Free for Corofin: Gary Sice points. Corofin 0-7 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-4Ronan Steede is replaced by Ciaran Brady for the ‘third time’ Blood sub.36 Mins: Cian Costello with a point for Castlebar. Corofin 0-7 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-5Both side creating chances now, but unable to take them!42 Mins: Brilliant save by Rory Byrne in the Castlebar goal from Liam Silke43 Mins: Castlebar go down the field, win a free and Neil Douglas narrows the gap to the minimum. Corofin 0-7 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-648 Mions: A 45 from Neil Douglas levels the match. Corofin 0-7 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-751 Mins: Jason Leonard puts Corofin back in the lead. Corofin 0-8 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-752 Mins: Level again~! Neil Douglas…..Corofin 0-8 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-8There will be extra time if this finishes level!54 Mins: Castlebar go in front for the first time in the game: Free from Neil Douglas points. Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-9 Corofin 0-856 Mins: Dauthi Burke levels it again….might have had a chance of a goal. Corofin 0-9 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-957 Mins: Castlebar back in front, Castlebar Mitchell’s 0- 10 Corofin 0-958 Mins: Ian Burke for Corofin…Castlebar Mitchell’s 0- 10 Corofin 0-10There will 4 minutes of added time!60 +2 Mins: Ronon Steede with a super point for Corofin. Corofin 0-11 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-1060 +3 David Stenson levels it again! Corofin 0-11 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-11PHEW! We are going to Extra TimeThere will be two periods of 10 minutesHang on to your hats…we’re up and running again!1 Min: ET Ian Burke points after patient build up. Corofin 0-12 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-113 Mins: Another wonderful point from Ian Burke…Corofin 0-13 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-11Alan Burke comes on for Conor CunninghamRonan Steede come off again for the 4th time with a nose bleed!Greg Higgins comes on7 Mins: ET Free in for Castlebar…Neil Douglas points. Corofin 0-13 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-1210 Mins ET: Free in for Corofin….Jason Leonard obliges. Corofin 0-14 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-12Half time in extra timeSecond period of extra onRonan Steede is back on…AGAIN!11 Mins ET: Michael Farragher stretches the lead to 3. Corofin 0-15 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-1213 Mins ET: Neil Douglas chips over a close in free. Corofin 0-15 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-1315 Mins: Michael Lundy get his first point of the game. Three in it again. Corofin 0-16 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-1317 Mins ET: Another free in for Castlebar. Neil Douglas gets it…just! Corofin 0-16 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-1419 Mins ET: Neil Douglas has a chance from a free…..he misses it.We are into added time……….free for Corofin20 +1 Mins ET: Gary Sice wraps it up for Corofin. Corofin 0-17 Castlebar Mitchell’s 0-14IT’S ALL OVER….Corofin will play St Brigid’s in the Connacht Final.Ian Burke is the AIB/TG-4 and the Galway Bay FM Man of the MatchWell done to Corofin.   Thanks for your company – Gerry Murphyprint WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Hilarious reaction to Americans tasting South African foods

first_imgTwo videos have got people talking: Americans trying South African foods, and a response from South Africa, with South Africans sampling American treats. The result? Laughter from both sides at the strange menus of other cultures. Americans got a chance to taste uniquely South African foods such as rusks and biltong. (Image: Screengrab via YouTube) • South African chardonnay judged best in world • When on an African safari, lock your doors • Rooibos refreshes the agri-tourism industry • Cape Town street life makes it the ‘Big Seven’ • Gallery: South Africa’s rich and colourful heritage Priya PitamberIn its video series of Americans tasting foods from various countries, news and entertainment website Buzzfeed featured South African items in one of its clips, released in early March.In the clip, a few teams taste typically South African foods such as rusks, biltong, fish paste, and koeksisters, made from sweet dough and fried and dipped in syrup.Of the biltong, one taster said: “It’s like cool bacon.” Another admitted it was difficult to chew. “It’s like you set out to make jerky but after a day, you get impatient and say ‘it’s good enough,’” another mused.Tasting fish paste, one of the participants asked: “When do they eat this? When children have been naughty?”Another, examining a koeksister, brought up the 1989 Disney movie, The Little Mermaid: “Off the bat, these remind me of Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula’s little eel friends.”Eating rusks, a taster nailed it, saying: “You have to have tea to eat this.” South Africans, of course, love to dunk their rusks in their coffee, softening them.There are many varieties of rusk, with different regions laying claim to their signature recipe. The tasters got to try probably the most well-known brand, Ouma Rusks, which are sold at supermarkets across the country. Speaking about the logo – a picture of an old woman – a taster pointed out that she “was a prettier version of the woman who ate Hansel and Gretel”. Another suggested it would be a good idea to crumble the rusk over ice cream.Watch:Other videos in the Buzzfeed series include Americans trying German food, Israeli food, British chocolates, and Indian snacks.The Citizen Connect, a mobile focused digital news publication, reacted by asking if anyone actually hated biltong. “It’s the food of our people,” the site said, suggesting that something like bunny chow – a hollowed out bread loaf filled with curry hailing from Durban – should have been included in the tasting menu.Buzzfeed users also wondered why other famous South African foods were not included. Philippa Docherty commented: “What, no Peppermint Crisp?” Pete Cronin wondered why malva pudding was absent and Morné le Roux asked why there was no vetkoek. Vetkoek is a type of bread dough that is deep fried and stuffed with anything that takes the eater’s fancy – including mince or cheese, jam or honey.Others commentators were just pleased at the exposure. “Yay for South African food making an appearance!” said Chloë Rose Laubscher Jäger.Monday morning giggle: watch Americans trying SA food. Comments are priceless. via @youtube — Gillian Rightford (@grightford) March 9, 2015The video was so popular, the South African morning news show, Expresso, decided to film a response, with South Africans tasting American foods. On the menu were items like pop-tarts, root beer and string cheese.A little girl said pop-tarts looked like “full-grown Oreos”; another taster said: “I will get double kisses from my babies if I get them this for breakfast.” The consensus for root beer was that it tasted like medication. The same little girl was adamant: “I do not want to taste that again in my life!”Watch:Again, the comments were thought-provoking. “It was an interesting video to watch,” said Covalent Bros. “I watched the Americans eat South African food version and was at times surprised at their reactions… However, you can’t really expect a different country and culture to like your culture’s food.”Another user, SunnySideOfTheStreet, said: “First the Americans try dry rusks, and now the South Africans try dry pop-tarts… They’re supposed to be toasted! And they go well with a cup of tea or coffee.”Remember when Americans tried to eat SA snacks? This is Saffas trying American snacks. Pretty funny — Sarah Gurney (@SKGurney) March 18, 2015last_img read more