CounterPoint: Camp Bisco of the South?

first_imgNow, back to the musicHere’s our full festival recap video Is CounterPoint Camp Bisco of the South?Southerners don’t always get a chance to make it to upstate New York, so maybe the grounds in Fairburn, GA represent our version of Camp Bisco?  Indian Lookout Country club in Mariaville, NY is quite a distance from the Southeast, so maybe this is our chance to have a world renown EDM experience in our back yard.  The production was there, the vibe was there, and we had internationally recognized artists setting up camp on the same grounds as their loyal fans.  Time will tell, but we are very curious to see what CounterPoint could be molded into over time.<- Want to know more?  Here’s our headliner review -> QuotesI lost my keys while crowd surfing last night… best experience of my lifePeople were fishing their tents out of the Chattahoochee RiverDid you see Skrillex last night???Bassnectar killed it.Who was your top sets of yesterday?CounterPoint changed my lifeWho is this?!?!Our camp was destroyed by the stormTaking a look at these quotes, we can 100% promise you that each of them was said with a smile on someone’s face.  Even though the weather completely ruined camp sites, some stage equipment, art installations and brought the festival to a screeching halt for half an hour, one thing that was not removed was a group morale that can best be compared to the feeling that one gets when making it to the summit of a mountaintop. The NeedThe Southeast is a virtually untapped, hotbed of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) activityMetros like New York City and Los Angeles are well known for procuring top EDM talent, so perhaps CounterPoint was some what of an audition for regional talent from a variety of genres in the Southeast.  The site is nestled on Georgia country roads, but easily accessible from Atlanta, and featured legendary artists such as Big Boi, who rocked the main stage on Saturday, but also up-and-coming acts like heRobust, Heroes and Villains, and Reptar – who are all quickly starting to gain traction.“ATL Hoe!”The Dirty on “Trap Music”The term, originally coined by T.I. when he released the genre titling album “Trap Musik” – represents heavily sampled, deep bass party music.  Influenced by hip-hop, electro, glitch and dubstep, trap music stimulates audiences by building up a sound landscape, and then providing a wrecking-ball sized drop that sends the crowd into a frenzy.Local ATLien heRobust had the crowd chanting “ATL Hoe!” – representing CounterPoint’s ATLroots.  Without a doubt, Atlanta had the largest representation at the show.One set heard from a distance garnered a “Who is this?!?”  Heroes & Villains – we’re told, and a casual jog ensued to the Back Beat tent which was only about 100 yards away from the Grooveshark Media Lounge.  H&V had just been in the media tent as it turns out, something that goes a long way on our list.center_img By Seth MillerFirst Annual Festival Wows with 3d Art Installations, Production and AtmosphereRead more for Quotes, Music & Our Recap VideoThe primary take away from CounterPoint, regardless of who you are talking to- is that the festival went off without a hitch.  Visitors from Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, South and North Carolina and Georgia packed out the west camp grounds on the first day, causing east camp to open up for a large crowd on Thursday night.  Friday and Saturday night saw the venue come to life, the crowd glowing both figuratively and literally.There was a lot going on at CounterPoint – below are observations that were found after completely throwing the schedule out. the Stonehenge of CounterPointPhoto courtesy of iWallyPhotographyThere was a really nice 3d art installation right in the middle of the venue, between the main stage and the Beat and Back Beat tents that was up until the crazy, half hour storm on Friday.  We had a chance to sit down with Rich Müeller, Owner at Müeller Design Lab, and he was nice enough to provide us with some of his design files for this amazing art installation.L4LM:  Up close, was it really well done?Rich:  Well here’s, the thing, it could have been improved better, the actual cardboard.  With being the temperature change here, the moisture would saturate it in the morning and late at night.L4LM:  So did they take it down after Thursday?Rich:  No it never went down, it took us 30 hours to put it up.L4LM:  It’s still over there?Rich:  The storm demolished it.L4LM:  So it took you all 30 hours to put it up and 30 minutes to completely destroy it.Rich:  “Light showers” that the Weather Channel said was coming through.  “Light shower” – my ass.  But hey, I’ve never worked with cardboard on that scale before, the biggest risk is not taking one.L4LM:  So how would I find you to look at your work?Rich:  MuellerDesignLab.wordpress.comPhoto courtesy of Facecandi Lightning ProductionsRich called his structure a “Geo-Garden”.  Below are some of the design files he was nice enough to provide us with for a little extra something special!last_img read more

Davorin Štetner invested in a great tourist story – Unique Travel set

first_imgPoznata domaća modna inovatorica i poduzetnica Katarina Džale i poduzetnica Rašeljka Maras, osnažile su osnivački tim s predsjednikom Hrvatske mreže poslovnih anđela (CRANE) Davorinom Štetnerom u daljnjem razvoju projekta pod nazivom Unique Travel Set.Davorin Štetner entered the project as a partner providing additional strength and support to an already successful team that designs and creates functional travel clothing. “Although I did not plan this investment, the girls won me over with their product and clear strategy. These are experienced entrepreneurs with several successful projects behind them and that attracted me the most” Stetner explained the reasons for his entry into the Unique Travel Set.Photo: Crane.hrThe Unique Travel Set is a unique product on the global market, consisting of seven garments for women, which by combining with each other provide comfort, elegance and functional styling for most travel occasions of a few days. The set consists of two types of pants, a dress, a T-shirt, a hat, a belt and removable sleeves, and the total weight of the package is 1,3 kilograms, which makes it an ideal item of clothing for travel. By using one set of clothes, it is possible to spend a few days in different combinations of a set that is resistant to creasing and sweating.The set consists of two types of pants, a dress, a T-shirt, a hat, a belt and removable sleeves, and the total weight of the package is 1,3 kilograms, which makes it an ideal clothing item for travel.”This product was created as a result of my many years of working with women as a fashion designer, where I realized that we all have the same problem, and that is how to pack for the trip so that we have everything with us, so that clothes do not crease and sweat . The result is the Unique Travel Set, a product that is a solution for all women who want to travel comfortably and peacefully, without worrying about luggage, weight of suitcases and carrying too heavy a suitcase”, Added Xhale, the creator of the set. The product was developed a year ago in Croatia, where it is made from the highest quality fabric, and has been tested on more than 50 women around the world over the past period. With their comments and feedback, they enabled a significant improvement of the product itself and its function.Unique Travel Set goes on sale early next year, and the product will be managed by the newly established American company Travel Fashion Lab Inc. owned by Katarina Džala, Rašeljka Maras and Davorin Štetner, with the aim of conquering the global travel clothing market.last_img read more

Minister Butković: The construction of the Pelješac Bridge is expected to begin in the fall

first_imgThe total value of the works is estimated at more than 420 million Euros, and the ministry expects that around 360 million Euros will be non-refundable funds. “That decision is up to the European Commission. If this is not the case, the Republic of Croatia will participate in the missing gap”, Said Butković and removed the connection between the construction of the bridge and the elections, and added that the Pelješac Bridge is a priority of this Government, that previous governments worked on it and that there is a consensus of all political parties on its construction.Photo: Vlada.hrAs for the works so far, all contracts with previous contractors have been terminated as well as the supervision contract. What still needed to be clarified this year was the issue of safe passage, a right that neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina has. This was discussed at a meeting held by Minister Butković in June last year with the Minister of Transport from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He submitted documentation to him, which shows that a joint commission was formed in 2007 and that all the technical characteristics that needed to be met by BiH were implemented in this project. “There are no more doubts and the project can go further,” he said. The Minister stressed that the entire project, which consists of three phases, should be completed by 2021, and if there will be no complaints, the start of construction of the bridge should be in autumn 2017. After the 21st session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the press conference was held by the Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković and the Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Lovro Kuščević.After the Government of the Republic of Croatia made a decision on financing the project “Road connection with southern Dalmatia”, Which includes the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, Minister Butković explained the details related to the project. This is a project that includes three phases, and one of those phases is the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, one of the most important infrastructure projects in the Republic of Croatia, said the Minister, and added “Now we have reached a serious stage to start the construction of this large infrastructure project this year, so the Government has made a decision to finance the Peljesac Bridge.“. The total value of all three phases is 420.334.596,00 Euros and these funds, by the decision of the Government, will be provided by the Ministry through 5 budget years. The mentioned phases are: construction of the bridge, construction of access roads and the third phase of the Ston bypass.At the moment, two processes are underway for the Pelješac Bridge; the first process – the tender for the selection of contractors, (two stages of the tender: first stage; legal, financial and technological capabilities of bidders, the second stage; determining the price of the Peljesac Bridge.) and the second process, which involves the application of so-called. major project according to the EC. We remind you that at the end of December last year, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure received a JASPERS certificate, that the project was well prepared and that the application was in order.Construction of the Peljesac Bridge is expected to begin in the fallRegarding the start of works, Minister Butković announced that they expect the start of construction of the Pelješac Bridge in the fall, after the selection of the contractor, and stressed that the tenders are in two stages. “We are now at the end of the first, if there are no complaints, by June we will have a contractor for the Peljesac BridgeHe said. When asked by a journalist about a case in which investors want to invest in maritime property or port infrastructure and cannot get money from banks because they cannot register as owners, Minister Kuščević answered that the position is clear: “Maritime property is a common good and inalienable owned by the Republic of Croatia. There is no talk of it being privatized or sold. Concession approvals, short-term and multi-year, – yes. Because we have to start using our resources, and so the maritime good. But in accordance with the plan and the law. So it’s a concession, not ownership. “last_img read more

Blue Water gains Enhanced offering

first_imgThe agreement covers the international air, sea and road transport of equipment for Enhanced Drilling’s projects over the next two-and-a-half years. The contract currently runs until the end of 2017, with two one-year options to prolong the agreement.”We are located close to each other in several places such as Baku, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Bergen and Aberdeen. This is of great importance for our cooperation,” said Morten Iversen of Blue Water’s office in Stavanger, Norway. www.bws.dkwww.enhanced-drilling.comlast_img read more