Jordan seems unaware of how much he reveals about himself, Government.

first_imgDear Editor,I recently looked at a Department of Public Information (DPI) clip of the Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, addressing Parliament. In it, he berated Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo for accepting the greater pay of his pension for President of Guyana rather than the lesser salary of Opposition Leader.He is also angry that two other Former PPP/C Presidents are receiving the same pension. That they have not increased the salary of the current President to avoid increased pensions for the former Presidents. That they (former President) got enough. Is it that for him, Government is a competition to get, and who gets more? The absence of intent to serve for Guyana’s development seems clear.The Minister seems unaware of how much he reveals about himself and the nature of his Government. His remarks show the low quality in high office. Apart from showing themselves as driven by how much they can get, the coalition Government is driven by the base feeling of hatred for Jagdeo and the PPP/C, rather than any love and service for the country.Mr Jordan seems not to mind that Jagdeo earned his President’s pension. That he rebuilt Guyana from pre-92 PNC destructive dictatorship. He is serving as Leader of the Opposition and deserves to be encouraged and paid for his service to the country. So why did Jagdeo have to choose one of the two? Is the coalition Government trying to punish him and his Government for rebuilding Guyana from the ruins of PNC dictatorship? Or trying to prevent him from serving his country’s development as Leader of the Opposition?Either way, it shows how far removed the coalition leaders are from love and service to the country and the welfare of fellow Guyanese. Actions and behaviour post-92 have shown the current power holders to be anti-Guyana development. Seems their mission is “Keep Guyana down by keeping the PPP/C out and fill our pockets”. Not a method for building a country.It helps us understand: the vulgar increases they granted themselves as the first order of business in 2015. The corruption feeding frenzy indulged in over the last three-plus years. The growing military takeover since then. It helps to explain why they find it so difficult to act in compliance with the Constitution regarding the no-confidence vote.Sincerely,Art Fosterlast_img read more