WW1 memorial portrait to appear on Donegal beach

first_imgA portrait of a young Irish seaman who died in the First World War will be revealed in the sand on a Donegal beach on 11th November.Port Bán Beach at Dunree in Inishowen is one of 30 beaches in Ireland and the UK taking part in the Pages of the Sea commemoration to mark the centenary of Armistice Day.On Sunday 11th November the face of Seaman John Buckley, a casualty from the First World War, will emerge from the sand over a number of hours at Dunree. Buckley was 21 years old when he died on 25th January 1917. The Cork man was serving as a merchant seaman aboard the SS Laurentic when it sank off Lough Swilly.Seaman John Buckley (22 November 1893 – 25 January 1917)Buckley’s face and the 29 other portraits around Ireland and the UK will represent the millions of men and women who left their shores during the war, many never to return.The project is being led by English film director Danny Boyle.It will be delivered in Northern Ireland and County Donegal by the Nerve Centre and National Trust. Attendees can get involved in stencilling and have the opportunity to hear some of the poems written by the community and view the artwork created by local school children.A free shuttle bus will run every 20 minutes from Dunree Fort to the beach.Port Ban Beach at DunreeThe event is an opportunity for locals to learn more about the SS Laurentic disaster in 1917.Three hundred and fifty-four lives were lost on that day when then vessel struck mines laid by a German U-Boat.The ocean liner had set off from an unscheduled stop at Buncrana when she was holed just off Lough Swilly. It only took 20 minutes for the ship to go down. The wreck of the Laurentic lies 120 feet below the waves of Lough Swilly. Many of the 350 dead are buried in Fahan and Cockhill.Originally operated by the White Star Line – also famous for its ill-fated Titanic – Laurentic had been converted during the war into an armed merchant cruiser. She was carrying soldiers back to Canada, but was also laden with an estimated 43 tonnes of gold ingots at the time of its sinking, worth £300 million. She stopped in Buncrana to drop off some ill seafarers after an outbreak of yellow fever.Local fishermen rescued the survivors, although many that made it to the lifeboats died due to extreme cold weather that evening.John had been born in Youghal, County Cork, to Mary and Patrick Buckley. He is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon.Other portraits in the exhibition in Northern Ireland will be placed on Murlough Beach in County Down, Portstewart Strand and Downhill Beach in County Derry. At the launch of Pages of the Sea, Danny Boyle said: “Beaches are truly public spaces, where nobody rules other than the tide. They seem the perfect place to gather and say a final goodbye and thank you to those whose lives were taken or forever changed by the First World War.He added: “I’m inviting people to watch as the faces of the fallen are etched in the sand, and for communities to come together to remember the sacrifices that were made.”Anyone who is interested in getting involved with events and workshops at Port Bán beach can contact [email protected] memorial portrait to appear on Donegal beach was last modified: November 5th, 2018 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DunreePort Bán BeachSS Laurenticlast_img read more

In numbers: South Africa’s global competitiveness

first_imgMary AlexanderThe World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index ranks South Africa as the 56th most competitive economy out of 144 countries, the highest standing on the African continent (the island of Mauritius comes in at 39) and ahead of its Brics developing economy partners India and Brazil.While the country’s competitive rating has slipped from the 50th position it held in 2011/12, it still punches way above its weight in certain areas, particularly the development of its financial market. For the strength of its business auditing and reporting standards, and the regulation of its securities exchanges, South Africa is ranked first in the world.The full rankings are below.GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS INDEX – OVERALL INDICATORSPILLARSCORERANKGCI 2014–2015 4.456 Basic requirements (40.0%) 4.389 Institutions 4.536 Infrastructure 4.360 Macroeconomic environment 4.589 Health and primary education 4.0132 Efficiency enhancers (50.0%) 4.443 Higher education and training 4.086 Goods market efficiency 4.732 Labour market efficiency 3.8113 Financial market development 5.47 Technological readiness 3.966 Market size 4.925 Innovation and sophistication factors (10.0%) 4.137 Business sophistication 4.531 Innovation 3.643 GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS INDEX – DETAILED INDICATORSPILLAR 1: INSTITUTIONSITEMSCORERANK1.01 Property rights 5.6 201.02 Intellectual property protection 5.3 221.03 Diversion of public funds 2.8 961.04 Public trust in politicians 2.6 901.05 Irregular payments and bribes 4.5 481.06 Judicial independence 5.4 241.07 Favouritism in decisions of government officials 2.6 1041.08 Wastefulness of government spending 2.8 891.09 Burden of government regulation 2.8 1201.10 Efficiency of legal framework in settling disputes 5.2 151.11 Efficiency of legal framework in challenging regs. 4.9 91.12 Transparency of government policymaking 4.5 351.13 Business costs of terrorism 6.0 301.14 Business costs of crime and violence 2.8 1331.15 Organized crime 4.3 991.16 Reliability of police services 3.6 1021.17 Ethical behaviour of firms 4.7 351.18 Strength of auditing and reporting standards 6.7 11.19 Efficacy of corporate boards 6.0 31.20 Protection of minority shareholders’ interests 6.1 21.21 Strength of investor protection, 0–10 (best)* 8.0 10 PILLAR 2: INFRASTRUCTUREITEMSCORERANK2.01 Quality of overall infrastructure 4.5 592.02 Quality of roads 4.9 372.03 Quality of railroad infrastructure 3.4 442.04 Quality of port infrastructure 4.9 462.05 Quality of air transport infrastructure 6.0 112.06 Available airline seat km/week, millions* 1,117.0 282.07 Quality of electricity supply 3.6 992.08 Mobile telephone subscriptions/100 pop.* 147.5 252.09 Fixed telephone lines/100 pop.* 9.2 90 PILLAR 3: MACROECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTITEMSCORERANK3.01 Government budget balance, % GDP* –4.3 973.02 Gross national savings, % GDP* 13.5 1193.03 Inflation, annual % change* 5.8 1023.04 General government debt, % GDP* 45.2 773.05 Country credit rating, 0–100 (best)* 59.1 51 PILLAR 4: HEALTH AND PRIMARY EDUCATIONITEMSCORERANK4.01 Malaria cases/100,000 pop.* 32.5 274.02 Business impact of malaria 5.1 304.03 Tuberculosis cases/100,000 pop.* 1,003.0 1434.04 Business impact of tuberculosis 3.7 1364.05 HIV prevalence, % adult pop.* 17.9 1404.06 Business impact of HIV/AIDS 3.4 1364.07 Infant mortality, deaths/1,000 live births* 33.3 1054.08 Life expectancy, years* 56.1 1294.09 Quality of primary education 2.4 1334.10 Primary education enrolment, net %* 85.0 118 PILLAR 5: HIGHER EDUCATION AND TRAININGITEMSCORERANK5.01 Secondary education enrolment, gross %* 101.9 245.02 Tertiary education enrolment, gross %* 19.2 935.03 Quality of the education system 2.2 1405.04 Quality of math and science education 1.9 1445.05 Quality of management schools 5.2 245.06 Internet access in schools 3.2 1175.07 Availability of research and training services 4.5 445.08 Extent of staff training 4.9 18 PILLAR 6: GOODS MARKET EFFICIENCYITEMSCORERANK6.01 Intensity of local competition 5.5 366.02 Extent of market dominance 4.0 486.03 Effectiveness of anti-monopoly policy 5.1 146.04 Effect of taxation on incentives to invest 4.3 266.05 Total tax rate, % profits* 30.1 416.06 No. procedures to start a business* 5 326.07 No. days to start a business* 19.0 906.08 Agricultural policy costs 3.9 656.09 Prevalence of trade barriers 4.8 236.10 Trade tariffs, % duty* 6.0 766.11 Prevalence of foreign ownership 5.1 426.12 Business impact of rules on FDI 4.0 1046.13 Burden of customs procedures 4.1 626.14 Imports as a percentage of GDP* 40.7 856.15 Degree of customer orientation 4.6 676.16 Buyer sophistication 4.0 31 PILLAR 7: LABOUR MARKET EFFICIENCYITEMSCORERANK7.01 Cooperation in labour-employer relations 2.5 1447.02 Flexibility of wage determination 2.7 1397.03 Hiring and firing practices 2.1 1437.04 Redundancy costs, weeks of salary* 9.3 337.05 Effect of taxation on incentives to work 4.5 157.06 Pay and productivity 2.7 1367.07 Reliance on professional management 5.5 217.08 Country capacity to retain talent 3.7 507.09 Country capacity to attract talent 3.9 397.10 Women in labour force, ratio to men* 0.77 84 PILLAR 8: FINANCIAL MARKET DEVELOPMENTITEMSCORERANK8.01 Availability of financial services 6.1 68.02 Affordability of financial services 5.3 218.03 Financing through local equity market 5.4 38.04 Ease of access to loans 3.5 328.05 Venture capital availability 3.2 378.06 Soundness of banks 6.5 68.07 Regulation of securities exchanges 6.4 18.08 Legal rights index, 0–10 (best)* 7 43 PILLAR 9: TECHNOLOGICAL READINESSITEMSCORERANK9.01 Availability of latest technologies 5.5 399.02 Firm-level technology absorption 5.4 299.03 FDI and technology transfer 4.8 509.04 Individuals using Internet, %* 48.9 699.05 Fixed broadband Internet subscriptions/100 pop.* 3.1 899.06 Int’l Internet bandwidth, kb/s per user* 3.7 1269.07 Mobile broadband subscriptions/100 pop.* 25.2 74 PILLAR 10: MARKET SIZEITEMSCORERANK10.01 Domestic market size index, 1–7 (best)* 4.8 2410.02 Foreign market size index, 1–7 (best)* 5.3 3410.03 GDP (PPP$ billions)* 596.5 2510.04 Exports as a percentage of GDP* 31.3 92 PILLAR 11: BUSINESS SOPHISTICATIONITEMSCORERANK11.01 Local supplier quantity 4.8 4711.02 Local supplier quality 4.9 3811.03 State of cluster development 4.2 4411.04 Nature of competitive advantage 3.7 6211.05 Value chain breadth 3.8 6811.06 Control of international distribution 4.4 3511.07 Production process sophistication 4.5 3811.08 Extent of marketing 5.2 2411.09 Willingness to delegate authority 4.5 27 PILLAR 12: INNOVATIONITEMSCORERANK12.01 Capacity for innovation 4.3 3512.02 Quality of scientific research institutions 4.7 3412.03 Company spending on R&D 3.4 4812.04 University-industry collaboration in R&D 4.5 3112.05 Gov’t procurement of advanced tech products 3.0 11212.06 Availability of scientists and engineers 3.5 10212.07 PCT patents, applications/million pop.* 6.5 45last_img read more

OpenID Status Check: A Guide to Getting and Using Your OpenID

first_imgTags:#Product Reviews#web /MyID is an open source PHP script that lets you host your own provider.OpenID’s page “OpenID for Developers” gives you some more optionsWiki on how you can act as your own providerOpenID Resources sarah perez You’ve heard a lot about OpenID, the decentralized framework for authenticating users across the web. OpenID is convenient for end users, allowing them to login to numerous web sites using one set of credentials – their OpenID. But how is OpenID doing today? Where can you get one? And more importantly, where can you use it? We took the pulse of OpenID to see how it’s currently faring.Where To Get Your OpenIDMainstream Sites:Many people still don’t realize that they don’t even have to go get an OpenID – they already have one. Several mainstream web sites function as OpenID providers. If you have an account at one of the following, then congratulations – you already have an OpenID!AOL – openid.aol.com/screennameBlogger – username.blogger.com Bloglines – d.bloglines.com/usernameFlickr – www.flickr.com/photos/usernameLiveDoor – profile.livedoor.com/usernameLiveJournal – username.livejournal.com Orange (France Telecom) – http://openid.orange.fr/SmugMug – username.smugmug.com Technorati – technorati.com/people/technorati/usernameVox – member.vox.com Yahoo – http://openid.yahoo.comWordPress.com – username.wordpress.com Ziki.comWell-Known Providers:You can also pick up an OpenID from these providers.ClaimID – free OpenID providersClickpass – OpenID provider that makes OpenID easier for developers to install and users to understand  myID.net – free OpenID provider with support for groups and Korean languagemyOpenID – free OpenID provider myVidoop – free OpenID Provider that eliminates passwords with security features, customization, and browser integration.VeriSign’s Personal Identity Provider – free OpenID provder with support for multi-factor authenticationOther Providers:AlwaysKnownAs.com – OpenID provider, plus user-centric contact management system with address book plug-ins wrapped around OpenIDBeemba– Supports Information Cards as well as traditional forms-based authenticationcertifi.ca – Browser-certificate-based OpenID service; free; no passwords, no phishinggpgid.box43.net – OpenID provider using PGP/GPG public key authenticationid7r.com – Id7r turns every email address into an OpenID identifier. No registration is necessary Identitude – An OpenID Provider backed by Facebook Accounts and profile informationIDMobs.com First OpenID provider for mobile phones. Free, light, secureidproxy.net – lets you use your Yahoo! account as an OpenIDMy vAuth ID OpenID IdP supporting speaker verification for strong authentication offered by VxV Solutionsopenid.35.com OpenId.35.com is a FREE,Secure SSL-enabled OpenId Service provider, combined with some social network features that let users connect with each otheropenid.nabber.org – Free proxy that translates your existing e-mail address into an OpenID URL and authentication serviceOpenID.org.cn Free OpenID server and authentication service with multiple credentials such as single password, Google Account etc. OpenProfile Extends OpenID to maintain and serve profile information via hcard and vCard Own-ID – free service that lets you use your own domain name as your OpenIDprooveme.com – Certificate based OpenID; Strong authentication without passwordsProtectNetwork OpenID, Shibboleth and SAML standards compliant identity server by 9Star Research, IncSignOn.com – OpenID Provider with support for Information CardsSmartComStartSSL– Uses only client-side SSL certificates for authentication and SSL/TLS encryption for transport. sxipper – Firefox plugin for OpenIDTypekey – and here’s how to make TypeKey your own OpenID serverVidentity.orgtiny.id7r.com – provides short URL as “alias” of long OpenID URLTrustBearer OpenID– Uses smart cards, security tokens or biometric readers to authenticate usersProviders Outside the U.S/Foreign Language Support:Anonymous OpenID – Free, Anonymous OpenID Provider. No signup required. Also the First (free) Indian OpenID server Daum OpenID– Korean OpenID provider by Daum.net fcid.net – a chinese OpenID provider. IDtail.com – OpenID provider for Korean (by Hedgeplus.net in AhnLab.com; English planned) isOpenID– Russian OpenID providernetliberty.ru is an identity provider that includes OpenID server OpenID.cn Free OpenID server and authentication service in Chinese OpenID.cz Free OpenID server (Czech) openid.blogs.es – First Spanish OpenID server; freeopendaumid.net Lets you use your DAUM account as an OpenID.(korean)openid.com.gr – The first greek openID ProviderOpenID.ee – Ultra-secure OpenID provider using smart cards – requires no registration nor passwords and uses Estonian eID card and GSM SIM cards for strong authenticationOpenID Espa, Spanish free OpenID providerOpenID France – First French OpenID server; freeOpenID in EstoniaOpenID Italia, OpenID Italia, free OpenID provider OpenID.LT – Lithuanian OpenID provider. OpenID.me.uk First United Kingdom OpenID provider with strong authentication. (2008/02/05 – not yet currently live) OpenID.ne.jp – First Japanese OpenID server; freeopenid.net.in Free Indian OpenID Provideropenid.openminds.be – First Belgian OpenID provider; Free, uses Strong authentication (SSL); Vraag je gratis OpenID account vandaag aanOpenID.ph – OpenID Philippines (English and Tagalog) is the first Filipino OpenID server (free)OpenID.PL – first Polish OpenID server; free OpenID Portugal, First Free portugal OpenID provideropenidprovider – A new Open ID Provider Based in the netherlands. openid.xmpp.za.net – The South African XMPP Federation OpenID Server (uses XEP-0070 to authenticate any jabber/xmpp account)MeinGuter.Name Secure German OpenID provider with focus on reputation building mi OpenID – Spanish free OpenID provider with strong authentication and hostname as OpenID (user.miopenid.es)Mi ID.es– First OpenID provider with activity stream from several web services. MijnOpenID.nl First Dutch OpenID server. Is controlled by the OpenID Europe Foundation. Each OpenID user own a part of the FoundationMoiKrug.ru – Free OpenID service with profile in the largest professional social network in RussiamojID.com, First Slovenian secure OpenID provider. myID.net – First Korean OpenID server; get FreemyID.pl – Polish OpenID server; free. The shortest URL. mysecond.name Free OpenID server and authentication service in Chinese , also support internet account management and open icon functions my.xlogon.net Free german OpenID provider, T&C according german laws, multiple Identity, multiple Personas, SSL only. regged.de provides a free OpenID server in German, now has IPv6 supportThaiID.net– The first free OpenID provider for Thai people Wong Cyber Wong Cyber – Indonesian first OpenID server www.hkopenid.com, Hong Kong OpenID , Hong Kong free OpenID provider, targeting on providing extra localized service. www.ohmyid.com – Free OpenID provider for Koreanwww.openid.hk, OpenID Hong Kong, free OpenID providerwww.tunnnus.com, Finnish OpenID provider. (Also homepage forwarding from your OpenID-url) Feeling Geeky? You can make your own OpenID BotBouncer – CAPTCHA service for OpenID—OpenID official siteOpenID Community WikiOpenID Europe – Non-profit organization to help promote and deploy the OpenID framework in Europe OpenID Asia – organization to promote OpenID in Asia OpenID Russia – OpenID provider in Russia OpenID Source (OIDS) = OpenID Source Initiative is a Community in the OID community to grow OpenID OpenID Enabled – resource for OpenID users and developers Directory of OpenID enabled Websites (Consumers)Spread OpenID – helping to spread OpenID to not so tech-savvy users Where You Can Use OpenID (Major Web Sites Only) Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market 37signalsCNN Political MarketCreative Commons WikiDrupalFeed Each OtherFeedHubFicletsLiveJournal.comMa.gnolia – they now require an OpenID to create an account (our coverage)MixxMovable Type WeblogsmyOpenID Site DirectorypbwikiPlaxoPropellerSkitch.comSimpySnipperoospringnoteThe OpenID DirectoryTechnoratitwitterfeedWetpaintwikiHowWikispacesZooomrOther websites:You can find a more complete list of sites supporting OpenID logins at the OpenID Site Directory.ConclusionIt seems that there are currently many more places you can get an OpenID today than there are places to use one. We covered some of our concerns about the adoption rates previously in this post: “The Troubles with OpenID 2.0.” Right now, everyone is still counting on Digg to be the next big player supporting openID, thanks to this January, 2008 blog post, mentioning their plans to support more open standards.Despite its benefits, OpenID still remains too hard to add to your site and logging in is not always a smooth process. That’s where a company like Clickpass has a real edge. Clickpass, which is powered by OpenID, wants to make OpenID easy to use in order to bring the benefits of single-sign-on to everyone. Currently, only a few places support Clickpass – Disqus, Ma.gnolia., Plaxo, TrustedPlaces, and WordPress (via a plugin) – but they promise there are more to come. I certainly hope so because using Clickpass was just as easy as they promised, so I really hope it takes off.last_img read more

2017 National Retail Security Survey Now Available for Data Submission

first_imgThe 2017 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) input form is now available for retailers to provide shrinkage and other loss prevention benchmarking data. Dr. Richard Hollinger, professor emeritus at the University of Florida and consultant to the National Retail Federation (NRF) who sponsors the survey, said, “I strongly encourage all loss prevention executives to participate in this survey so that the results represent the entire retail industry. With retail’s growing consolidation, submitting your company’s data is more important than ever.”Benchmarking is an important exercise for LP organizations to participate in and why the magazine supports and reports on many of the surveys conducted by the various associations, including NRF, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), as well as the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). No matter what association your company is a member, it benefits the entire retail industry to participate in the NRSS and similar studies. That is also why the magazine recently instituted an ongoing benchmarking column to hopefully add to the industry’s knowledge base.“With a constantly evolving retail landscape, loss prevention becomes more complex every day,” said Bob Moraca, NRF vice president of loss prevention. “LP professionals have been working diligently to find advancements in technology aimed at deterring crime in our industry, sometimes even before it happens. But as our techniques get more sophisticated, so too do the criminals. The NRSS has been invaluable in allowing LP executives and others understand the causes of retail crime and its changing methodology, and allowed the industry to respond to changing crime patterns and technological enhancements that deter retail crime.”- Sponsor – The 2016 NRSS, which accumulated data from 2015 retail results, found inventory shrinkage averaged 1.38 percent of retail sales, or $45.2 billion, up by $1.2 billion from 2014. Just under half of those retailers submitting results reported increases in overall inventory shrink with shoplifting accounting for the greatest cause—the second year that external theft surpassed internal theft. Results also showed robberies were increasing significantly for retailers. These types of retail theft statistics are critical for LP organizations to consider when comparing their results with others in the industry.Links to the 2017 survey instrument were sent out the last week of March via email. If you did not receive the email, please contact Hollinger at rhollin (at) ufl (dot) edu or Moraca at moracar (at) nrf (dot) com. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Fugitive Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud

first_imgUS Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez announces that Jose Ojeda Vera, 28, formerly of Tampa, Florida, has pleaded guilty to committing aggravated identity theft and conspiring to commit credit card fraud and identity theft. Vera faces a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison on the conspiracy charge, followed by two years in federal prison for the aggravated identity theft charge. Vera, who was indicted on Aug. 27, 2015, was first arrested on these charges on Oct. 13, 2015, and released on bond. He violated his pretrial release in January 2016 and was a fugitive until his arrest on March 2. According to court documents, Vera and his co-defendant, Yannier Arias, used a total of 45 counterfeit and unauthorized credit cards encoded and embossed with account information that had been obtained by, among other things, “skimming” credit cards at local gas stations. They used this stolen information to purchase merchandise at local merchants.Many of the victims were unaware their information had been stolen until they were notified by law enforcement. On Feb. 24, 2015, Vera and Arias had 18 counterfeit credit cards in their possession, all in the name “Angel Garcia,” along with two fraudulent Florida identification cards in the same name. One ID card had Vera’s photograph on it, and the other depicted Arias. The pair had made more than $6,300 in fraudulent charges two days before. Agents also later recovered two more counterfeit credit cards from Vera’s home, along with receipts for purchases made with those cards. On Sept. 6, 2016, Arias was sentenced to eight years and six months in federal prison. He later unsuccessfully appealed that sentence. This case was investigated by the Financial Crimes Task Force, which includes the US Secret Service, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.   [Source: Tampa Bay Reporter] Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

vPro: What is PC Alarm Clock and why would you need it?

first_imgAfter working with Intel vPro technology for over 3 years – I still get surprised by little features that appear in the product.   Some features might not sound too interesting at first, but upon seeing how these are used my opinion changes.One such features is the “PC Alarm Clock” capability in AMT 5, with software development support in the Intel AMT SDK 5.1.An overview of this features is explained at http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-3483…. why that article is posted in the Server Room area of Open Port I do not know.I was at IDF2009 this week and had a chance to visit the McAfee showcase booth.  What I saw was very impressive.   PC Alarm Clock provides a uniform “wake-up” at a defined time with an indication of what caused the power-on.   Was the system powered on because of a user hitting the power button or did the PC Alarm clock trigger the event?   Before visiting the McAfee booth, my first thought was “hey – that can be done via a system BIOS”.   Well – I got some education.Not all OEM BIOS setups support a timed wake-up.   If they do – having a uniform access to configure\control across OEMs would require disparate tools.   Plus – having a mechanism for an agent to know whether the system was powered due to user local to system or scheduled time is helpful.  Plus – an Intel AMT power-on event to a collection of systems is possible IF those systems are connected and IF you are okay with a unicast message to each system thus having a potential delay from first system to last system that powers on.  Plus – with PC Alarm Clock within Intel AMT – the time is synchronized.  Etc, etcSo here’s the situation.   To avoid disrupting work hours with anti-virus scans or other maintenance routines… what if the system were scheduled to power-on at 3am to perform these tasks.   If powered on via PC Alarm clock, what McAfee agent will do is sense this and know that it’s time to run a scan, and so forth.   At the conclusion of the scan, the McAfee setup will gracefully shutdown the system.   Thus – all assigned systems get a set time to power-on… and at that set time, all systems power-up, check to ensure it was a scheduled power-on, run the scan, and then return to an off start gracefully.Ok – to some that might seem too simple to really matter.   But to me, after working with various management solutions and Intel vPro technology – that’s a better cool approach.   It’s a difference of push vs. pull… and when you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of systems being orchestrated to perform an event… that little feature called “PC Alarm Clock” in the right hands such as McAfee… it’s pretty coolWhat do you think?last_img read more

Not selling WhatsApp or Instagram Mark Zuckerberg

first_imgWashington: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has rejected a US lawmaker’s call to break his company, saying he’s not going to sell WhatsApp or Instagram at any cost. Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri Republican) tweeted that he met Zuckerberg during his visit to Washington, DC on Thursday, and asked him to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. “Just finished meeting with @facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Had a frank conversation. Challenged him to do two things to show FB is serious about bias, privacy & competition. 1) Sell WhatsApp & Instagram 2) Submit to independent, third-party audit on censorship. He said no to both,” tweeted Hawley, one of Facebook’s biggest critics. Also Read – Swiggy now in 500 Indian cities, targets 100 more this year Zuckerberg also met President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. “Nice meeting with Mark Zuckerberg of @Facebook in the Oval Office today,” tweeted Trump. This is Facebook CEO’s first public trip to Washington since he testified before House and Senate committees in April last year over Cambridge Analytica data scandal affecting 87 million users globally. According to media reports, Zuckerberg met several lawmakers this time and discussions included allegations that Facebook curtails conservative speech. Also Read – New HP Pavilion x360 notebook with in-built Alexa in India As the chorus grows to break up Facebook, the social networking platform’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg recently said that it won’t serve any purpose. “You could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don’t address the underlying issues people are concerned about,” she had said earlier. Several US senators have called for breaking up the social network amid repeated data breaches and privacy violations on the platform. Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, has stressed that authorities should take a serious look at breaking up Facebook as the social network platform is a “utility that has gone unregulated”. Another Democratic 2020 candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, has also stressed upon the possibility of breaking up Facebook. Zuckerberg, however, rejected these calls, saying the size of the social media giant was actually a benefit to its users and the security of the democratic process.last_img read more

Army BSF sound red alert along LoC IB in JK

first_imgJammu: Taking serious note of Pakistan using Chinese drones to airdrop weapons in Punjab, the Army and the BSF has sounded an all-out alert along the entire Indo-Pak border and LoC, asking border guarding troops and observation posts to keep a “hawk’s eye” over similar air-intrusions in future.GPS-fitted drones capable of lifting up to 10 kg of weight flew in from Pakistan seven to eight times to airdrop several cache of arms, ammunition and fake currency, which were seized in Punjab’s Tarn Taran district, the ongoing probe by the Punjab police has revealed. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange frameworkThe Army and BSF officials said the troops and observation posts had been asked to maintain the highest possible vigilance along the International Border and Line of Control in Jammu, Samba, Kathua, Rajouri, Poonch and Baramulla, Kupawara districts of the state. “It is a new modus operandi of Pakistan to smuggle arms, ammunition and explosives in India for triggering terror. We have activated our forces to keep a hawk’s eye on the movement of drones along the IB,” BSF officials said. BSF troops guarding over 180 km of IB with Pakistan have strengthened their observation posts and “listening posts” to keep a close watch against any intrusion by drones. The BSF is also patrolling riverine areas along the IB and has deployed water patrol teams in the Chenab river. They have been told to shoot down any drone intruding into the Indian airspace, they said.last_img read more