Silca Gives Those Pesky Valve Stem Extenders the Silent Treatment

first_imgSilca’s new Presta valve extenders’ clever use of elastomers and sealants put an end to the annoying rattle inside the rim hole and prevent air leaks. On the outside, an elastomer ring is designed to sit snugly inside the rim’s valve hole and hold it firmly in place. That prevents it from rattling around until your nerves are shot, and it’s a good sight more attractive than electrical tape. You’ll need to measure the distance from valve hole exit to the inner rim bed and figure out the difference between that and you current tubes’ valve length to make sure it all lines up, but your sanity is worth it. On the inside, they worked with a company that specializes in thread sealing to coat the inner threads so they seal tightly against the tube’s valve threads. Then, they added elastomeric gaskets at both ends of the interface to further plug the joint. The result is no air loss. Or at least no more than you’d get with just the regular tube. But wait, there’s more… They’re available in two versions, the FVC (Fixed Valve Core, shown above) and RVC (Removable Valve Core, at top of post). The FVC threads over the stock valve, leaving the head twisted open to accept air. The top of the extension has threads, allowing it to be used with the current crop of thread-on floor and hand pumps. The RVC threads directly into the stock valve and repositions the valve core at its top. They both retail for $34 for package of 2 extensions. FVC comes in 45, 60 and 75mm; RVC comes in 34, 45, 60 and 75mm. The thread sealant is not a thread locking compound, so they say they’re reusable, too. Made in USA, available now. Silca.cclast_img read more

Indiana Oxygen opens new branch in Dayton, Ohio

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Youth warned not to play Charlie, Charlie Challenge

EducationLocalNewsPrimarySecondary Youth warned not to play Charlie, Charlie Challenge by: Dominica Vibes News – June 1, 2015 Sharing is caring! 149 Views   no discussions Share Share Tweet Share The Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs in Dominica, Justina Charles has cautioned the youth against playing the Charlie, Charlie Challenge which has been circulating on social media in recent weeks.Mrs Charles openly condemned the challenge in her address to the youth at the tenth annual National Youth Awards organized by the National Youth Council of Dominica (NYCD) at the Dominica State College’s auditorium in Stockfarm on Saturday 30 May 2015.Mrs Charles cautioned the youth against playing the Challenge as it is said to be affecting the behavior of those who participate. “Students have been sent home from school at a time when they should be busy preparing or writing their exams,” she said.Last week, the ministries of education in St Lucia and Jamaica banned the game from being played at schools as many students have been hospitalized after playing the Challenge.“I want to speak to you young people to use the social media for positive growth and positive movement, not to distract you or to allow you to reverse in your development,” Mrs Charles urged.The Minister said the Challenge “is serious, it is said to be demonic and I want to admonish you to refrain from participating in this as we openly condemn that activity”. read more

Around Sagan, around Bennett, free slalom. Jak Lotto ke tst…

first_imgI’m in the back, he thought Caleb Ewan kilometr ped clem. Rozjd Jasper De Buyst he lost it somewhere, 300 meters before the duty, Ewan was still going to about a tinct position. So he looked for a way to drink.Nae performed an asn slalom between opponents.He turned right, slipped around Petra Sagana and subsequently around the European ampion Giacoma Nizzola. Vzpt tried to overtake for a change from the right Sama Bennetta.And on the dog of the dog sprinter Quick-Step, he beat!The loophole that Swan had left for Ewan at the barracks was so small that perhaps only this subtle Australian sprinter could slip through.A on to zvldl bravurn.31. august 2020 at 17:48, pspvek archivovn: 1. z 2020 v 9:52I thought: I have to adjust my spurt to how far I am from the pizza, and take risks to get ahead, lil asth vtz. I was confronted with the fact that someone would close and block it, which puts the sprinter risk at risk. I got pretty close to the barie, but it worked.He appreciated that Peter Sagan had not tried to close the door completely. This season at zaila quite bad pd. None of us sprinter wants to hurt the other, Ewan assured. In his own darkness in the previous days, he felt sad to say goodbye to the parks, their wounds not allowing them to continue.It was very disappointing to lose two colleagues on the water day. But we got together. This day is a moral injection for us, he said.Tour de France 2020Speciln ploha iDNES.czBennett himself on the contrary about his truce triumph on the Tour opt forced marn.On Saturday, the Irish champion in Nice scolded for the tactical mistake for which he ended up and the quarterback. And this time?I opened the spurt early, perhaps for fear of starting and too late as in the first stage, Bennett described. Only in the headwind, which was blowing, I made the others get off to a perfect start, they could have cut me behind. I didn’t have the best legs today, but they were good enough for the team. Well, I don’t have it. Caleb dealt with the dark headwind a little lp not j.BENNETV TM. Deceuninck-QuickStep on the peloton during the third stage of the Tour de France, followed by Jumbo-Visma, Ineos and Bora-hansgrohe.Confirmation of life as Caleb Ewan, nicknamed the Pocket Rocket, celebrated on the Tour. He picked her up.Head against heart. lut Alaphilippe is the return to the norm in ase covidKorean features of grandparents are evident in its area. 41 years ago, they moved to Australia, where Caleb started cycling at the age of eight. When he won the title of junior world champion in the omnium on brazen, the Australian Orica noticed him. Soon, in 2015, he started playing for her at Vuelt, then at Gira.Orica (later Mitchelton-Scott) did not take him on the Tour, there he built a dark change to the overall classification and the sprinter did not suit them. In the seasons 2018 ho f tmu Matt White he did not take on either the Giro or the Vuelta, because they decided Simon yatesi fight for the title.Ewan therefore gathered in the fall of 2018 and el. To Lotta Soudal, where sprints were always retreated. He got a little out of here Andrho Greipela, nkdejho krle spurt na Tour.Last year, Konan made his debut on the Tour, although leaving it was difficult for him. Manelka first gave birth to their daughter Lilly and had to spend a long week in the hospital. Finally, she hissed at her Caleb: He has to go.With those water spurs of the last row, he missed something about the primacy, only a species or aunt ran out all the time.A v 11. stage of Toulouse to pilo.My first dream was to be a cyclist. I have a second dream touring the Tour. Mm tetm dream win on the Tour stage. In full swing, he was then.As soon as he disengaged the driving phase, he managed to go on the 16th and 21st stages. Yes, the most valuable among sprinters here, on the Champs-Elyses.I didn’t like time3. etapa oima Romana KreuzigeraOur day around was to create the best possible position in the spurt for Giacomo Nizzol, which worked (skonil poslze tet). Tm did a great job, happy about it. I personally didn’t go for the time, but I’m fighting and I’ll fight for a long time.Wout Van Aert, the star of Jumbo, who first defeated Ewan surprisingly during the final mass finish of the 10th stage in Albi, did not miss the difference from the Australian to the spurt on Monday.At the roundabout when entering Sisteron, the Belgian was stopped by a pdem, he managed to keep his balance and not end up on the ground. The front wheel was broken, he had to change his bike and only then continued.They fell right in front of me. It took a lot of acrobatics not to go to the ground too, lil. Natst nemm dn injn. I still didn’t spurt today. It was an easy stage, I would not oppose pure sprinters. Today, we all just wanted to get to customs safely, because this is the day for the overall classification.Libra, that Van Aert Furnace could only try to compete with Sagan in the fight for the green jersey, took the Water Tour for St.31. august 2020 at 23:45, pspvek archivovn: 1. z 2020 v 9:54Tm Jumbo dv revealed: We don’t want a green jersey, we’re just interested in it.But the stages will go, their endings will fit Wout, the sports director of the darkness will see Frans Maassenthat Van Aert could get a free hand to dodge the stage championship.4.stapa TourWatch in detail online.Ovem is not a classic day on the program today, but the hillThe Tour Peloton is 160 kilometers to Orcières-Merlette in the south of the French Alps. It will be an unpredictable stage. With the first mountain range, which with its inclination of 6.7 percent on 7.1 kilometers is not one of the hardest, but the entry to the Tour unusually early, at a time when the people did not tune the top form and moreover in the seasons with very varied preparation.It’s a hill like Ned to win the Tour, but d to lose the Tour. Let’s not forget, he once did Luis Ocaa zniit Eddyho Merckxe.Jak k Nairo Quintana: This is not a step that would decide the Tour. But you have to carefully look for the biggest rivals on it.15. jna 2019 at 21:39, pspvek archivovn: 1. z 2020 v 9:56Jumbo and Ineos will probably be looking for themselves first – and show that they don’t care about the yellow and so soon.But a young man couldn’t turn to you for her Tadej Pogaar, slovinsk ldr UAE Emirates? Na Juliana Alaphilippa ztrc only 17 seconds.When I honor, my legs are good, I’ll try something, promises aunt rider losk Vuelta.last_img read more