CounterPoint: Camp Bisco of the South?

first_imgNow, back to the musicHere’s our full festival recap video Is CounterPoint Camp Bisco of the South?Southerners don’t always get a chance to make it to upstate New York, so maybe the grounds in Fairburn, GA represent our version of Camp Bisco?  Indian Lookout Country club in Mariaville, NY is quite a distance from the Southeast, so maybe this is our chance to have a world renown EDM experience in our back yard.  The production was there, the vibe was there, and we had internationally recognized artists setting up camp on the same grounds as their loyal fans.  Time will tell, but we are very curious to see what CounterPoint could be molded into over time.<- Want to know more?  Here’s our headliner review -> QuotesI lost my keys while crowd surfing last night… best experience of my lifePeople were fishing their tents out of the Chattahoochee RiverDid you see Skrillex last night???Bassnectar killed it.Who was your top sets of yesterday?CounterPoint changed my lifeWho is this?!?!Our camp was destroyed by the stormTaking a look at these quotes, we can 100% promise you that each of them was said with a smile on someone’s face.  Even though the weather completely ruined camp sites, some stage equipment, art installations and brought the festival to a screeching halt for half an hour, one thing that was not removed was a group morale that can best be compared to the feeling that one gets when making it to the summit of a mountaintop. The NeedThe Southeast is a virtually untapped, hotbed of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) activityMetros like New York City and Los Angeles are well known for procuring top EDM talent, so perhaps CounterPoint was some what of an audition for regional talent from a variety of genres in the Southeast.  The site is nestled on Georgia country roads, but easily accessible from Atlanta, and featured legendary artists such as Big Boi, who rocked the main stage on Saturday, but also up-and-coming acts like heRobust, Heroes and Villains, and Reptar – who are all quickly starting to gain traction.“ATL Hoe!”The Dirty on “Trap Music”The term, originally coined by T.I. when he released the genre titling album “Trap Musik” – represents heavily sampled, deep bass party music.  Influenced by hip-hop, electro, glitch and dubstep, trap music stimulates audiences by building up a sound landscape, and then providing a wrecking-ball sized drop that sends the crowd into a frenzy.Local ATLien heRobust had the crowd chanting “ATL Hoe!” – representing CounterPoint’s ATLroots.  Without a doubt, Atlanta had the largest representation at the show.One set heard from a distance garnered a “Who is this?!?”  Heroes & Villains – we’re told, and a casual jog ensued to the Back Beat tent which was only about 100 yards away from the Grooveshark Media Lounge.  H&V had just been in the media tent as it turns out, something that goes a long way on our list.center_img By Seth MillerFirst Annual Festival Wows with 3d Art Installations, Production and AtmosphereRead more for Quotes, Music & Our Recap VideoThe primary take away from CounterPoint, regardless of who you are talking to- is that the festival went off without a hitch.  Visitors from Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, South and North Carolina and Georgia packed out the west camp grounds on the first day, causing east camp to open up for a large crowd on Thursday night.  Friday and Saturday night saw the venue come to life, the crowd glowing both figuratively and literally.There was a lot going on at CounterPoint – below are observations that were found after completely throwing the schedule out. the Stonehenge of CounterPointPhoto courtesy of iWallyPhotographyThere was a really nice 3d art installation right in the middle of the venue, between the main stage and the Beat and Back Beat tents that was up until the crazy, half hour storm on Friday.  We had a chance to sit down with Rich Müeller, Owner at Müeller Design Lab, and he was nice enough to provide us with some of his design files for this amazing art installation.L4LM:  Up close, was it really well done?Rich:  Well here’s, the thing, it could have been improved better, the actual cardboard.  With being the temperature change here, the moisture would saturate it in the morning and late at night.L4LM:  So did they take it down after Thursday?Rich:  No it never went down, it took us 30 hours to put it up.L4LM:  It’s still over there?Rich:  The storm demolished it.L4LM:  So it took you all 30 hours to put it up and 30 minutes to completely destroy it.Rich:  “Light showers” that the Weather Channel said was coming through.  “Light shower” – my ass.  But hey, I’ve never worked with cardboard on that scale before, the biggest risk is not taking one.L4LM:  So how would I find you to look at your work?Rich:  MuellerDesignLab.wordpress.comPhoto courtesy of Facecandi Lightning ProductionsRich called his structure a “Geo-Garden”.  Below are some of the design files he was nice enough to provide us with for a little extra something special!last_img read more

Producer Giorgio Moroder Discusses Working With Daft Punk and EDM

first_imgIn a candid interview from The Creators Project (an ongoing global arts and technology initiative created by Intel and Vice in order to support visionary artists, musicians, and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression), Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, pioneer of electronic dance music production, discusses everything from Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories and working with them on it, his early work with Donna Summer which revolutionized EDM, “4 on the floor” beats, 120 bpm’s and their correlation to the heart, the wild parties in Ibiza, and why dance music is the new “pop of the world”.He also talks about the first time he heard “One More Time” and how impressed he was, as well as how the duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are absolute perfectionists, which gives us a good idea of why it takes Daft Punk so long to come out with an album.As Moroder explains, “It’s time to have something new in the dance world….this is like a step forward. They had to do something which is different….still dance, still electronic, but give that human touch back.”For those of you that may not be familiar with Giorgio Moroder, he has worked with artists such as Donna Summer, David Bowie, Blondie, Freddie Mercury (Queen), Japan, Pat Benatar, and many more.  He is also responsible for the soundtracks to such movies as Scarface, Midnight Express, Battlestar Galactica, American Gigolo, Superman II, and The NeverEnding Story.  And his beats have been sampled by Rick Ross, DJ Shadow, RZA, Mobb Deep, OutKast, Lil’ Wayne, and Madonna.  Yeah, basically he is the man. Check out his original song “From Here to Eternity” below and see where Daft Punk got their early influences from, as well as Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” for that disco fix that you know you want.Check out the interview with Giorgio Moroder here:Giorgio Moroder “From Here to Eternity”:“Love to Love You Baby”:last_img read more

It’s Official: Spotify Is Getting The Led Out

first_imgSpotify, a premiere internet music streaming service, has just finalized a deal with rock and roll giants, Led Zeppelin, allowing the website to provide paying members with digital, on demand access to the full Zeppelin catalog.The legendary @LedZeppelin is here! Stream the albums as they’re released this week, #OnlyOnSpotify #StreamZeppelin— Spotify (@Spotify) December 11, 2013Led Zeppelin has been incredibly reluctant to share the rights to their music. In one particularly amusing example, comedian/guitarist Jack Black actually begged the members of Zeppelin to use “Immigrant Song” in the movie School of Rock. The following clip was included with the School of Rock DVD as bonus footage:Furthermore, Zeppelin’s music is not accessible on Google Play nor Apple Radio, and will not be featured on the upcoming YouTube subscription service, nor Beats Music, both of which will debut in 2014.Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said he “can’t wait to get the Led out.” The website will be releasing two albums per day this week, starting with Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II.Additionally, Spotify announced that they will be releasing free content for mobile users, and expanding their business to 20 new international markets.As far as music streaming goes, this is a big get for Spotify. Zeppelin has been notoriously conservative with their music, so having the band’s full catalog gives Spotify a huge edge over the competition. Plus, you can never really get enough Zeppelin in your diet.-David Melamed (@DMelamz)last_img read more

Peter Shapiro Talks Grateful Dead Reunion, New Ventures on CNBC

first_imgBrooklyn Bowl founder and live music impresario, Peter Shapiro, appeared on the CNBC program Squawk Box recently to discuss the announcement of the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well shows at Soldier Field in Chicago July 4th weekend, which have those seeking tickets reverting back to the old “Mail Order” system that was used by the Dead and Phish in the 80’s and 90’s (you know, way back in the 20th century).Other topics brought up in the conversation were Shapiro’s role in franchising the Brooklyn Bowl name, the discussion of whether or not money in the music business is on the wane or the rise, and new ventures that Shapiro has on the horizon. Check out the video below:last_img read more

Update: Gov’t Mule & John Scofield Offer Free ‘Sco-Mule’ Album Stream

first_imgIn anticipation of the upcoming Sco-Mule release and subsequent Gov’t Mule with John Scofield tour (details here), the collaboration are releasing a free download of the track “Devil Likes It Slow” via the Gov’t Mule official website. Sco-Mule will hit the shelves on January 27th, with a major tour kicking off just weeks later. The full tour schedule can be seen below:2/18/15 Seattle, WA @ The Moore Theatre (with John Scofield)2/19/15 Eugene, OR @ McDonald Theatre (with John Scofield) 2/20/15 Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater (with John Scofield) 2/24/15 Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre (with John Scofield)2/26/15 Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre (with John Scofield)2/27/15 Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre (with John Scofield)2/28/15 Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room at Old National Center (with John Scofield)3/1/15 Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion (with John Scofield)3/3/15 Durham, NC @ Durham Performing Arts Center (with John Scofield)3/5/15 Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium (with John Scofield)3/6/15 Charlottesville, VA @ Paramount Theater (with John Scofield)3/11/15 Portland, ME @ State Theatre (with John Scofield)Update: Stream the whole albumlast_img read more

Suge Knight Arrested For Hit-And-Run Murder

first_imgAfter many conflicting reports, it has been confirmed that hip hop mogul Suge Knight has been arrested for a hit-and-run homicide in Compton, CA. As the story goes, Knight was visiting the set of the upcoming biopic Straight Outta Compton, when he was involved in a verbal altercation with an unidentified victim. Later, outside a nearby restaurant, Knight struck the victim with his car twice, leaving him for dead. The car was found abandoned, and Knight was brought into custody hours later.The main reports are coming from TMZ, who are surprisingly accurate with these sorts of situations. They broke the news that Knight was shot six times at Chris Brown’s party back in August.Details are continuing to surface, but none of them are looking good for Suge Knight, who is now being held on a $2 million bail. The earlier altercation and multiple car strikes certainly seem to implicate Knight, though the story is continuing to develop, and it will be months before Knight is brought to trial.We’ll be sure to update once new information becomes available.last_img read more

No One Recognizes U2 Busking In An NYC Subway Station

first_imgAs previously reported, U2 hit an NYC subway stop earlier this week to busk in disguise, playing for unsuspecting commuters. Now, a Jimmy Fallon segment documents the whole gag, which took place at the 42nd Street – Grand Central stop. Initially, the group goes completely unrecognized by passersby, until Fallon’s disguise comes off as he announces the band to an excited crowd.Watch: Jimmy Fallon Responds To Bono Cancellation With Spot-On Performance of U2’s ‘Desire’ With The RootsBono was forced to cancel U2’s Fallon gig last fall after a bike accident in Central Park left him severely injured. It is still unknown whether he will ever play guitar again.Fallon also decided to poke fun at Bono’s accident with a hilarious bike skit:last_img read more

Top 5 Reasons To Attend Disc Jam Music Festival

first_imgFestival season is finally upon us! With so many music festivals out there today, here’s why Disc Jam Music Festival should be on your radar.**Disc Jam takes place June 11-14 in Stephentown, NY. Get tickets and more info here.**1) The LineupA wide array of genres including jambands, jamtronica, funk, psytrance and electronic dominate this lineup with top-notch acts like Lettuce, Electron (members of Disco Biscuits, Lotus & Brothers Past), Dopapod, two sets of Twiddle, Kung Fu, Soule Monde, Pink Talking Fish and so many more! Click here for the full lineup.2) The LocationFor us Northeasterners, it doesn’t get much more convenient than this! Stephentown, NY is located on the Massachusetts border, about three hours north of NYC or south of Burlington, VT. It’s 2.5 hours from Boston, New Haven or Providence, and just 30 minutes from Albany. Plus, the beautiful brand new location at Gardners Farm will be able to comfortably accommodate far more attendees for what they’re expecting to be a blow out year!3) Disc Golf TournamentA 9-hole disc golf course right on site provides for a massive tournament every year, yielding some cool prizes and tons of fun!4) Interactive WorkshopsDisc Jam offers yoga classes, various hula hoop and flow art workshops, tea, wellness, and holistic areas, all run by professionals. Rage, reset, repeat.5) The PriceFor a reasonable $135, you get four full days of music and camping consisting of 60 awesome musical acts. The memories? Priceless.Disc Jam is right around the corner — get your tickets today here!last_img read more

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…Except at a Rolling Stones Concert

first_imgWhat could possibly be better than seeing The Rolling Stones in concert? Finding out that Gary Clark Jr. just so happens to be the opening act. A legend in the making, the blues virtuoso was a late addition to the bill at San Diego’s Petco Park. He welcomed the sell-out crowd of 42,000+ with a 45-minute set of guitar sorcery accompanied by his seductive vocal range. Later he would add a scorching yet tasteful touch to the Sticky Fingers burner, “Bitch” (watch fan-shot footage here). The Stones don’t let just anyone on their stage.Grace Potter To Open For The Rolling Stones At Select StopsLaunching their U.S. Tour, the production was more stripped down than those in the past. A runway into the crowd and fireworks during the “Satisfaction” encore were the biggest indulgences. The Stones are inevitably a spectacle, but the music now takes greater precedence. After a pair of warm-up songs, the locomotive began to churn on “All Down the Line.” Anyone who doubts the prowess of this 53-year-old band clearly hasn’t seen them recently. These men epitomize the “age is only a number” cliche. A 2015 Stones performance connects a chord all the way back to their roots. This is raw rock ‘n roll power washing over a mass of humanity. The emotional impact upon their legions of fans is immeasurable.Bearing witness to Mick Jagger in the flesh, one might wonder if they are in the presence of an alien life form. He’s almost too sublime to be human. Tapped in to a boundless source of agility, his energy output extends beyond logical comprehension. He and the band both gain momentum as the 140-minute set unfolds. His sexual magnetism is off the charts; manifested through hypnotic dance moves, defiant swagger, vocal acrobatics and an array of alluring attire. Suddenly he reminds you that he’s a blues harmonica assassin on “Midnight Rambler” and a guitar is anything but a prop. His English charm serves him well when connecting with the audience through warm, amusing banter.Rolling Stones Share Unreleased, Extended Version Of ‘Bitch’The other three veterans can’t shine as bright; no one can; but each has enough character to form their own solar system. The years have been the kindest to Charlie Watts. Locking down the groove on his minimalist drum kit, he’s notoriously stoic. Thus it’s all the more special when he breaks into a huge grin as he did watching Ronnie Wood solo on “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’.” You don’t realize until seeing the band live what a stud Wood is. His succulent, sinuous tone sliced through the cool evening air with disarming authority. His childlike enthusiasm is evidence that he’s having more fun than anyone. Then there’s the old pirate Keith Richards who comes across as tired and bewildered, but still full of piss and vinegar. He doesn’t provide any “wow” moments on guitar, but you can count on his grungy, chunky tone providing a snarling rhythmic counterpoint. His lead vocals on “Before They Make Me Run” were an unexpected treat.Tenor saxophonist Karl Denson is the new kid on the block, stepping into the big shoes of the late Bobby Keys. It is apparent this music requires him to summon an alternate scope of his abilities. His glow resonated across the stadium during the signature “Brown Sugar” solo. Tim Ries had a healthy share of opportunities to contribute on alto and baritone sax. He even added French horn to the gorgeous “Can’t Always Get What You Want” encore. Sanctified by the Cal State Long Beach Choir, this fan favorite was cathartic to the core.While the big four get most of the attention, every musician on stage is integral to the whole. Bassist Darryl Jones is no wallflower, keeping things funky while challenging his bandmates. He laid it down thick on “Miss You.” Longtime keyboardist Chuck Leavell exudes an angelic aura and infuses every crevice with melodic nuance. The harmonies of backup singers Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler add layers of soul throughout. The highlight of the show had to be “Gimme Shelter.” Fischer strutted to the front of the stage and brought the house down. Voice stretching to the heavens, she unleashed the haunting chorus along with a torrential downpour of emotion. No matter how many years go by, these songs and the band that sings them only grow more potent with time.Words and images by Tyler Bluelast_img read more

Hot Buttered Rum Extends Fall Tour, Announces Series Of EP Releases

first_imgFive-piece folk/Americana group Hot Buttered Rum has just made some exciting announcements. The band has revealed plans to release three five-song EPs over the coming months, and each release will have a different theme.The first EP will be downtempo acoustic music, produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth. The second will be all bluegrass, in the tradition of the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley, produced by Sally Van Meter. The final release will have more of a late night feel, with production by Kyle Hollingsworth of String Cheese Incident.You can help the band out by visiting their PledgeMusic page and donating towards the production and release of these exciting new albums. Additionally, the band will be out on tour throughout the remainder of 2015! They just added some dates in early November, and are scheduled to embark on a big NYE run with Head for the Hills.The full tour schedule is below, and you can visit the band’s website for details!Aug 14 @ Comatopia | Calpine, CA15 @ Wild Rivers Music Fest | Brookings, OR16 @ Long Meadow Ranch Winery | Saint Helena, CA21 – 22 @ Sawtooth ValleyGathering | Stanley, ID23-28 @ Pickin’ On the Middlefork Adventure | Stanley, ID29 @ River City Roots Fest | Missoula, MTSept19 @ Old Grove Fest | Guerneville, VA23 @ 1st Ward Chop Shop | Chicago, IL 24 @ Boats & Bluegrass | Winona, MN25 @ Wooly’s | Des Moines, IA26 @ Overland Park Fest | Overland Park, KS26 @ Knuckleheads Saloon | Kansas City, MO27 @ Redstone Room | Davenport, IA 30 @ LL Grange | Willits, CA31 @ Hopmonk Tavern | Sebastopol, CANov4 @ SLO Brew | San Luis Obispo, CA5 @ SOHO Restaurant | Santa Barbara, CA6-7 @ Winston’s | San Diego, CA19 @ The Historic Ashland Armory | Ashland, OR w/ Poor Man’s Whiskey20 @ Revolution Hall | Portland, OR w/ Poor Man’s Whiskey21 @ Nectar Lounge | Seattle, WA w/ Poor Man’s Whiskey22 @ Hi-Fi Music Hall | Eugene, OR  w/ Poor Man’s WhiskeyDec30 @ Pink Garter Theatre | Jackson Hole, WY31 @ The State Room | Salt Lake City, UT w/ Head For The HillsJan1 @ The State Room | Salt Lake City, UT w/ Head For The Hills2 @ Sheridan Opera House | Telluride, CO w/ Head For The Hills3 @ Sheridan Opera House | Telluride, CO w/ Head For The Hillslast_img read more