Hong Feida whether the soft is a weapon of Shanghai Dragon

recently I was doing a weight class Taobao guest website, website a month has published 5 articles, so far still included the home page and the snapshot update is not very timely, but the relevant domain outside the chain or love of Shanghai has over 1000, which is really the soft power.

I do is more intense, in addition to maintaining the sustained growth of the chain, we must also be fixed time every day to update the quantitative relationship, in fact for Shanghai Longfeng my understanding is very superficial, I always believe that high quality is the chain of keywords ranking the most important factor. Don’t know how many webmaster friends and my understanding is consistent. read more

Shanghai Dragon Tai Chi road to subvert the traditional and create the future

is the first to talk about Links (outside the chain, how to do within the chain forum a lot). Do not say a Links is not important, the past few years I have been think so, but this evening Chen then let me surprise: Links try to do less, do the best!!! When I heard these words I can be, why is this? Teacher? Since then that must have his reason, listening to the teacher’s analysis of the original is such a thing: the weight of Links is very low, mainly because of the relationship between mutual link, and this link is actually a kind of cheating. The search engine can find out the relationship between the quality of the two sites and their analysis, and once only to link and exchange exchange links, so that these two sites are not to, that is to say, the white, is a waste of time. The recommended way is to buy links, do one-way links on the other side of the page, the other site as long as you love Shanghai, Google included normal, industry related degree can not be considered. It should be through the cattle, the forum case! There are some high quality one-way links: as a template for others to use it, leave your links, by writing high quality articles, add your link in the article to let others reproduced…… It is said that the weight of the 100 single link can fix a PR7 station, ha ha. The purchase of the chain, the most attention to the sale of the chain website home page, the home page chain total number of not more than 30, more than 30 above the website weight transfer effect is poor; buy the chain how to use it properly, pay attention to the following: 1, use your website main keywords as anchor text segmentation index; using your site 2, then do the anchor text; 3, the long tail word do anchor text 4, no word do anchor text index. Note that the purchase of the chain in order to increase the weight of your site, improve your web site keywords ranking. But this is not to say that since you don’t have to do the chain, you are still according to the Shanghai dragon. read more

Love Shanghai SEO the latest two core algorithm

user search hotspot we how should the specific operation of

as everyone knows, Shanghai issued a white paper on the quality of love "in this year, the white paper for Shanghai dragon Er is like a beacon, guide our website optimization direction, 2014 is the love Shanghai algorithm changed most frequently a year, many Shanghai dragon Er feel network station optimization feeling increasingly fierce, actually any the industry will be from germination to development to the peak, Shanghai dragon is no exception, love Shanghai continue to improve its algorithm can only say that the search engine also constantly improve their search algorithms, constantly improve their user experience, as the Shanghai dragon Er we should at present how to effectively optimize the website? Well, let’s talk short continued into the question, and today I do a detailed analysis of the impact of love, Shanghai search engine optimization of the latest two core algorithm. read more

Huang Jiashun the new promotion website directory submission and the construction of the chain

from the beginning of February 18th to build the first of his independent blog, I was more of a sense of responsibility, that is must treat their own website, from the scientific point of view to optimize their personal blog promotion. So today I will introduce new promotion first step of web directory submission, and the chain construction.

love submit entrance

: Submit search entrance

has submitted entrance: 贵族宝贝tellbot.youdao贵族宝贝/report

submit entrance

YAHOO submitted entrance: 贵族宝贝search.help.cn.yahoo贵族宝贝/h4_4.html read more

A5 marketing the distribution site of the internal links and weights, you should pay attention to th

, a key in the

then the problem, there are many pages of website is more important, but has been unable to show in the search engine, in fact here is: "key pages lack high weight can result in time effective to show", such as some of the highest conversion rate, the profit rate of the high and new key products the number of search, a lot of products, there are some specific festivals or promotional activities for making web pages etc.. So, why these pages can not get high weight because these pages >? read more

Four ways to make new Shanghai sandbox easily out of love

many people spend a lot of energy to complete the construction of a website, and then hopefully your website can in the shortest possible time inside is love Shanghai included, so in the first day of the line on the website put your site submitted to the search engine, but after waiting for several weeks without love in Shanghai included, sometimes several months are not included, in fact this is the love of the Shanghai assessment of our new focus is on! Love Shanghai so why do some sites inside the sandbox, to can be included in a few days? Let’s jump out of love Shanghai sandbox method analysis read more

Teach you five steps to overcome the long tail keywords

is more than my long-term website optimization experience summed up the general long tail keywords industry is so overcome, another point to mention is, in the webmaster to create long tail keywords >

Most of the

arrange again analysis of the long tail keywords, then decided by "column page" to do these words, or "pages" to do, it should be noted that the column page weight is relatively high, suitable for long tail keywords do slightly more difficult, and the content page is more suitable to do a small degree of competition and comparison to get the long tail keywords ranking. read more

Discussion on CDN content distribution network for the optimization of the site

The development of

but any technical advantage is there must be a deposit. The inevitable CDN technology also exists some optimization problems. In the optimization process we may encounter the following three major problems.

2: there will be many sites use the same IP address;

CDN technology can increase the bandwidth of our website in a correct and reasonable utilization, reduce data redundancy to improve the site loading speed effect. It can not only improve the user friendly experience, a good loading speed for the site’s ranking index also plays a vital role. read more

2013 nternet content is king of the chain return spamming era has come to an end

, the first to talk about the PR value of a commonplace talk of an old scholar

front, here we will suppose a separate page without a chain of PR as a web page of the original PR, the original PR is very small, as is how much I have not tested, interested friends can test. I think the different page is different, after all, and the domain name age, web content also has a great relationship. The Internet is a network that links a page link. There is almost no separate existence ", the chain of every web page are counted as a vote on this page. And each page can transfer the size of the PR and the PR itself, and not simply say so, add, subtract, multiply and divide method, the calculation tool is the so-called transfer of the PR entry is great. When a page has a link to the outside, the several links. read more

Shanghai dragon ER love the development direction of Shanghai face after 2011

recently made a new site, just completed second days of love Shanghai included the home page, was very excited, think good luck in his head, but after a week of good times don’t last long, the sites are not what happened, I insist every day is the original own site according to reason to love Shanghai should be very love, want to come to find what reason, I’ll get a new domain name to establish the site to test, but also just do immediately included the home page, we can see that on the new site for the first time love Shanghai grab is very love, but after the test of time we don’t know how long the audit period, also can only be honest do stand must not let down. read more