Running – Why is it important more than ever

first_imgCOVID – 19, no doubt, has totally thrown many of us, out of gear. Initially, it was due to lockdown and now due to increasing cases for every passing day. Owing to lockdown restrictions, lot many societies and apartments have closed down the clubhouse/gyms. One cannot venture out of the premises either. In that situation, the one workout which comes or goes under the radar is running. Even during the lockdown, cops are generally easy on runners/joggers. Running is one of the most inexpensive sport. All that one need is a willingness to run and hop into sneakers and you are set to go. On the other hand, hitting a gym or mounting a cycle or for that matter, any other sport would mean subscription charges or investment into heavy gear.Generally, an average running shoe would last for about 800 to 1000 km mileage. Hence, once you invest in a good running shoe, you can forget about it for about a year or so, assuming you do about 30-50 km mileage a week. In terms of output, an average runner burns about 70 – 80 calories a kilometre, depending upon speed, age, weight and gait. Running early morning also means intake of a good amount of fresh air, which is good to keep your lungs healthy and also boost your immunity thereby keeping you safe from COVID-19.Think about it. You may like to start with one kilometre. After all, the journey to 1000 miles starts with a single step.last_img

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