Cloud Burst in Hyderabad City

first_imgIn India rainy season is from June to November. Hyderabad had a major cloudburst in the second week of Oct-2020 compared to many other metropolitan cities. The Indian meteorological department (IMD) has issued a red rain alert for the next coming days. Along with this heavy rain, it accompanied the thunderstorms. Not only Hyderabad but many other parts of India were affected due to this rainfall and thunderstorms like Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh for this period August to November. In some places in Telangana, the precipitation recorded around 15 to 35 mm.Along with this downpour and the Coronavirus issue in the state, there was a complete imbalance created. This cloudburst had affected the flawed drainage system in Hyderabad, and water overflowed in many areas. Due to the rains and floods in Hyderabad affects the traffic. Many Corona affected people suffered transport issues to the hospitals in this downpour week. In some places, the clogging was that worst. The people started using boats instead of cars and bikes on the main roads. Lots of cars and bikes were heavily damaged and drowned in the water.In some places, the water level was around 5-8 ft in significant areas. The state government has started relief measures in affected areas. These rains fall stagnated in many low-lying areas, and the rainwater also stagnated in many houses, lead to the evacuation of the people from those areas. The Disaster Response Team (DPT) helped people in the evacuation process. Overnight the historic monument was damaged due to this heavy rain. The Katora houz wall also collapsed due to this rain. The primary thing is that around 50 people died due to this cloudburst in Hyderabad city. The electricity stopped for a few days in the flooded areas. Some people even died due to electricity.  Mainly due to this heavy downpour, many animals on living on the road were dead. Many lakes overflowed on to the Main road and created commuting problems.I hope the Government can solve this with proper planning and Citizen involvement.Rainfall and thunderstorms are a natural disaster and cannot be stopped. The solution to this Cloud burst problem is by improving the drainage system in Hyderabad. The system in Hyderabad is ancient, which built-in Nizams of Hyderabad. The Government should now be proactive and repair all drainage routes in Hyderabad.Solutions from the Government side:The Government of Telangana should take proactiveness before the next disasters and save the lives of the people.1)     Separate System for Rain Water – Develop separate rain harvesting and pipeline parallel to the drainage system to support the next 200 years.2)     Illegal constructions – In Telangana state, many constructions are done over ponds and lakes, during this time the water gets stagnated mainly in this area and makes property loss. This Government should now abolish all this type of constructions to avoid the next issues like this.3)     Weather forecast – The Government should make all the people aware of the weather and start the evacuation process before the disaster comes. In these ways, it could save many people and reduces property loss to a tremendous extinct.4)     Open Manholes – In the state, many maintenance holes are left open. During this time, this will be a warning to the people going out on a rainy day. Due to this open manhole, many people fall into this hole and dies. The Government should be active and close manholes or give proper cautions signs to the people moving from the route.5)     Summer programs – During the summers, they should invite colony associations and identify the problems related to drainage and fix. The Government should take examples from some developed countries which have a sound drainage system.The solution from the Citizens side:Solutions are not only from government responsibility, but the citizens also should be responsible for the situationThe busiest city of India, Mumbai, overcome this same problem with the citizen’s help. The Government of Mumbai banned plastic, as the plastic is hazardous to nature and animals and even leads to clogging of the drainages. The officers imposed hefty fines and even put some people behind bars. All the citizens of Mumbai, Maharashtra, supported the governments and followed all the laws. Now during this heavy rain times, Mumbai was not at all affected as Hyderabad affected last week. This was all because the people are cooperating with the Government.The Government should provide a proper awareness to everyone about this issue and guide everyone on this problem and guide the backward people about its disadvantages. The people should follow their duty and follow the rules and regulations given by the Government.In this way, all these problems can be overcome with a few years if we all come together and give a hand on this problem.JAI HIND.last_img

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