Usain Bolt: Still the fastest

first_imgSpeed of a falcon’s dive is 322 kilometre per hour. Average speed of Usain Bolt sprinting across the race track is around 25 kilometre per hour. Much like the falcon, the Jamaican athlete does not miss his target. Bolt has taken athletics to a new level. He has won the world championship for eight consecutive years. He has never come second in the Olympics. The jovial Jamaican has also become a household name due to his people skills.Here are some facts about Usain Bolt, the guy who sprinted towards indisputability in no time:Bolt was 14 when he got his first medal at an 80 metre hurdle at his Alma Mater William Knibb Memorial High. He bagged a bronzeAt 15, Bolt won the 2002 Junior Kingston Championship. He is the youngest man ever to do thisBolt is the first athlete to achieve a ‘double double’ as he won both 100 metre and 200 metre races in 2008 and 2012 Olympics, consecutively. He has also achieved a ‘double triple’ by obtaining the 4×100 metre gold medal in both the eventsHis 100 metre world record of 9.58 seconds in Berlin Olympics, 2009, remains unbeatenBolt is the only athlete to have run a 200 metre sprint under 20 seconds, 19.19 to be exactBolt’s celebratory gesture “To Di World” became a huge hit among the youths and continues to be imitatedHis nicknames also reiterate his sporting achievements. “Lightning Bolt” and “Bolt from the blue” are two of his most famous nicknamesApart from sprint, Bolt also has interest in various sports. In order to make his leg muscles work better, Bolt would practise fast bowling when he was younger. He had also revealed his intentions of playing for Manchester UnitedBrand-savvy Bolt has his own restaurant in Kingston named Tracks & Records. He also launched Bolt, a gaming app on Apple iOS platform. He also has his own headphone range named SoulBolt has received the Laurens World Sportsman award twice. advertisementlast_img

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