India vs England, 3rd ODI: As it happened

first_imgEngland registered their first victory of the tour, edging past India by five runs in the third and final ODI at the Eden Gardens on Sunday. (Scorecard | Ball-by-ball updates)Chasing 322 to win, India almost rode on Kedar Jadhav’s brilliant 90 off just75 balls along with Hardik Pandya’s career-best score of 56 off 43balls, which saw a match-winning 104-run sixth wicket stand off just 83balls.Here are the highlights: INDIA INNINGS:The ODI series trophy is handed to Virat Kohli and the Indians assemble forthe customary photoshoot. A thrilling series ends but these two sideswill compete in the shortest format soon. The first T20I of the 3-matchseries will be held in Kanpur on January 26. AP Photo Virat Kohli: Kedar Jadhav is brilliant find for us. We’ve backed him over the last year, he hasn’t had many games, but he is coming into his own, he gives Yuvi and Dhoni the chance ot bat higher and he reads the game well, its priceless and Hardik is coming into his own as allrounder as well. The moment I saw the pitch I thought it was the perfect scenario for the Champions Trophy. The batsman had to show character and getting as close as five runs gives us a lot of confidence. The key for us will be the lengths we bowl. We’ve been playing at home for a while. Even here we weren’t sure. That’s one area we would look to address, what are the areas we need to hit to get batsmen out.advertisement21.57 IST: Kedar Jadhav wins the Man-of-the-series awardJadhav: I was planing to play all the six balls. I knew that if I play the six balls the bowler would be under pressure. I was not in a great position to hit the ball and that is why I got out. I think being with Dhoni in the team has helped me to keep things calm. 21.55 IST: Ben Stokes wins the Man-of-the-Match award for unbeaten 57 and 3 wicketsStokes: It was a difficult time the last time I came down here. It was difficult to start with the bat, the ball was doing its bit. Woakes played a very good hand towards the end as well. You get dew in India at this time of the night. It’s been fantastic to be a part of the series. 21.50 IST: FIRST DEFEAT FOR KOHLI AS CAPTAIN. This is Virat Kohli’s first defeat as captain at home – in his 20th international match (12 Tests, 8 ODIs).Another thrilling game and this time England found themselves on theright side of the result to notch up their first International win ontheir tour of India. Chasing a challenging 322 to win, India’s openersfailed once again and Kohli too couldn’t convert a start after beingdropped once. Yuvraj and Dhoni too failed to kick on after starts,leaving India in a dicey situation. However, Jadhav rose to the occasion and with Pandya, stitched a fantastic century stand to bring the hostsback in the game.Pandya’s dismissal changed the game as England sneaked back into thegame with regular wickets. With 16 needed off 6 balls, Jadhav clubbed asix and a four off the first two balls to thrill the crowd but Woakesheld his nerve brilliantly to close out the game. Ball was the pick ofthe bowlers while Stokes also did well to pick crucial wickets. Woakeswas expensive but eventually bowled the vital final over well to see his side through.Unlike the previous two matches, this pitch did have a bit in it,especially for the pacers. England did well to post a challenging totalthat was propelled by a Stokes special as he carted a fifty while Woakes too strokes a valuable cameo. This was after England had messed up asolid platform provided by the top four with Roy and Bairstow scoringfifties. Eventually, every run mattered as it got down to the wire.49.6: NO, HE CANNOT! Full and wide outside off, Bhuvi cannot put bat on balland England players have a sense of relief on their faces. Woakes pumpshis fists in delight and that’s a consolation victory for the tourists. ENGLAND WIN BY 5 RUNS.49.5: OUT! JADHAV HOLES OUT! There’s a massive silence at the Eden right now.You can hear a pin drop now. Slower and fuller outside off, Jadhav goesfor the loft over cover but doesn’t get the distance on the stroke.Finds Billings near the ropes to perfection. Terrific innings comes toan end but he will be gutted at not finishing off things. 6 needed from 1. Can Bhuvneshwar Kumar do a Miandad?advertisement49.4: What a comeback from Woakes! Lovely yorker outside off, Jadhav cannotget bat on this. Two dots in a row and now the pressure is right back on the hosts. Superb bowling! 6 needed from 2 now.49.3: Good length on off, Jadhav makes room and slaps it towards short cover.Dot ball. Momentum swings! Oh, cricket you beauty! 6 from 3 now.49.2: FOUR! AND AGAIN! Jadhav you monstrous champ!! What an innings underpressure again! Fuller ball outside off, once again stays calm and hejust lofts it over the covers to find the fence. 6 needed from 4 now.49.1: SIX! CARVED AWAY! What a start to the over for India! Full and outsideoff, Jadhav stays deep in the crease and clobbers it high over deepcover for a biggie. Superb shot and that has eased the pressure forsure. 10 needed from 5 now.Chris Woakes to bowl the last over.21.25 IST: OUT! Stokes removes Ashwin for 1. IND 297/8 in 47.5, need 25 in 13 balls21.23 IST: FOUR! Fuller on off, Jadhav lifts it straight over thebowler’s head. Beautiful stroke and the ball races to the fence for aboundary. Superb over for India as 16 runs came off it and so the wicket hasn’t dented the momentum. IND 295/7 in 47 overs21.20 IST: OUT! JADEJA DEPARTS! Probably a shot too many from him in the over. Back of a length ball and he goes for the pull over mid-wicket. FindsBairstow at deep mid-wicket to perfection. It can be argued that hecould have worked it around after getting two boundaries in the over.England continue to chip away at the wickets. 21.16 IST: FOUR! CLEAN STRIKE! Woakes misses the yorker and dishes out a full toss. Jadeja lifts it easily over mid off to find a welcome boundary forIndia. 35 needed from 21 now.21.10 IST: OUT! BOWLED! Just the break England would have wanted. This is ahorror stroke from Pandya though. Length ball on middle, he looks toplay a wild hoick across the line but misses it completely to see hisstumps disturbed. The 104-run stand is broken and England are now backin this. 45 needed from 27. IND 277/6 in 45.3 overs, need 45 off 27 balls21.06 IST: 100-run stand comes up between Jadhav and Pandya! Mature cricket from both the batsmen. Now, they need to bat till the end. IND 275/5 in 45 overs, chasing 322 Reuters Photo21.03 IST: SIX! Short ball is just not working for England andNasser Hussain is very irritated on air. Another bumper and Pandyaswivels to pull it just over fine leg for a biggie. And that’s maiden fifty for Pandya! Very useful inningsthis from the all-rounder. 20.58 IST: FOUR! Jadhav is toying with the bowling. Another short ball on middleand leg, he camps back and gets across to pull it down to the fine legfence for a boundary. This short ball ploy is certainly not working tothis man. IND 264/5 in 44 overs, chasing 32220.55 IST: FOUR! Another lucky boundary for Pandya! Back of a length on off, helooks to hack it over mid-wicket but gets a thick edge that goes veryfine to the third man fence for a boundary. What a day he is havingthough! First three wickets with the ball and now with the bat, he ischugging along albeit with some luck too. IND 257/5 in 43 overs, chasing 322advertisement20.53 IST: FOUR! BLASTED AWAY! Dug in short on middle, Jadhav stays on the backfoot and pulls it ferociously to the deep backward square leg fence for a boundary. The chase is livening up now.20.51 IST: FOUR! Hammered! Fuller ball outside off, Pandya makes room and smacks it past mid off to find the fence. Not sure if that was the length to bowl with mid off up in the ring. Perhaps a double bluff from Stokes. IND 246/5 in 42 overs, chasing 32220.48 IST: FOUR! TOP SHOT! Jadhav is on the charge! Length ball outside off,clobbers it down the ground. Clears mid on easily and it goes to thefence for a boundary. Much-needed one for the hosts. That’s maiden ODI fifty for Jadhav! 20.41 IST: SIX! Slower length balloutside off, Pandya swings wildly at it but gets a thickish edge on it.My friend Udhyan in the scoring side felt it went to the keeper but heforgot that Buttler cannot be stationed in the stands at third man. Bigmaximum. Pandya didn’t intend to hit it there but will take the result. IND 229/5 in 40 overs, chasing 32220.38 IST: FOUR! Two in two for Jadhav! Attempted yorker turns into a low full toss, he just gets across a bit and deflects it neatly to the fine leg fence for another boundary. Productive over for the Indians this. IND 218/5 in 39 overs, chasing 322  Reuters Photo 20.37 IST: FOUR! CONNECTS THIS TIME! Some relief for the Indians this time. Back of a length outside off, Jadhav stays deep in the crease and flat bats itcomfortably over mid off. Almost went all the way for a biggie.20.23 IST: FOUR! Deft touch! Sprayed down the leg side and Pandya capitalizes onthe offering. Glances it very deftly down to the fine leg fence for aboundary. IND 202/5 in 36 overs, chasing 322  20.10 IST: FOUR! SUPER SHOT! Short of a length on middle, Jadhav rocks back andcontrols the pull superbly to the fine leg fence for a boundary. Usedthe pace of the bowler very effectively.  IND 189/5 in 34 overs, chasing 322  20.02 IST: OUT! Ball removes MS Dhoni for 25. Back of a length outside off, Dhoni goes for the boomingdrive on the up but only manages a thick edge through to Buttler whotakes another sharp catch. Almost similar to the Kohli dismissal thisand India have now lost half their side. 149 needed from 110 balls. IND 173/5 in 31.4 overs, chasing 322  BCCI Photo19.54 IST: FOUR! SMART BATTING! The third man was placed very fine for his late cut and what does Jadhav do? Play it very square! Back of a length balloutside off, Jadhav opens the face to steer it towards the third manfence for a boundary. Ball is livid at not seeing third man at thenormal position.  IND 166/4 in 30 overs, chasing 32219.53 IST: FOUR! SWATTED AWAY! Banged in short on middle, sat up to be hit at thatpace and Dhoni obliged with a meaty pull over mid-wicket. Looked aboundary from the moment he made contact.19.50 IST: FOUR! That’s a Jadhav special! Flatter outside off, he stays back andcuts it very, very late. Beats short third man comfortably to getanother boundary. Productive over for India. IND 153/4 in 29 overs, chasing 32219.49 IST: FOUR! TOP EDGE FALLS SAFE! Flatter on middle, premeditated sweep fromJadhav but skews it just over short fine leg. Races away to the fence.Jadhav knows he got lucky there.19.44 IST: SIX! SMACKED AWAY! Short from Plunkett and Dhoni goes for the swivelpull. Gets it high on the bat and the ball sails way over fine leg for a maximum. It looked like he was late on the shot initially but this manhas terrific power and it was on display.19.38 IST: OUT! YUVRAJ DEPARTS! Found the man in the deep to perfection. Fuller onmiddle and leg, he just goes across and whips it over mid-wicket. Struck it really well but got the placement wrong as the distance wasn’t there on the shot. Billings near the ropes hardly had to budge and he takesthe catch with ease. India in a bit of trouble now. 189 needed from 147. IND 133/4 in 25.3 overs, chasing 32219.28 IST: SIX! WHACK! Yuvraj continues to motor along merrily. Flatter on a length on middle, he stays back and shovels the pull wayover deep mid-wicket for a biggie. He is once again in supreme touch atthe moment. IND 126/3 in 23 overs, chasing 322 19.22 IST: FOUR! That made a cracking sound off the blade. Yuvraj plays pull shots when he is on song is such a delight. Stokes tried the back of length ball around off, Yuvraj stands tall and muscles the pull over mid-wicket. Clean strike and you don’t need to run for those.19.20 IST: FOUR! TOP SHOT! Yuvraj at his very best. Fuller ball outside off, leans forward and thumps the drive through the covers. Timed so well as the ball races away to the fence. IND 107/3 in 21 overs, chasing 322 19.16 IST: OUT! Big wicket! Stokes removes Kohli for 55. Somehow Kohli didn’t look fluent after that dropped chance and he has to go. Back of a length ball wider outside off, he chases it and gets an edge that is pouched well by Buttler behind the stumps. The ball was really traveling after the edge and it was a sharp catch. So, the dropped catch doesn’t cost England much. India have been jolted. 220 needed from 182 now. IND 102/3 in 19.4 overs, chasing 322. Dhoni walks out to bat.Grand reception for the big man @msdhoni. Eden gardens erupts! #TeamIndia #INDvENG @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) January 22, 201719.04 IST: Yet another fifty for Virat Kohli. He slams his 39th ODI half century. IND 96/2 in 18 overs, chasing 322 Another day, another venue, another 50 for captain @imVkohli #TeamIndia #INDvENG @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) January 22, 2017 19.00 IST: FOUR! MAULED! Shortish on off, Yuvraj swivels and pulls it powerfully over deep mid-wicket.18.54 IST: FOUR! SPANKED! Short around off, Yuvraj stands tall and pulls it powerfully over wide mid on. Came off the toe end but still cleared the infield comfortably to find the fence. IND 79/2 in 16 overs, chasing 322 18.44 IST: FOUR! MORE LUCK FOR KOHLI! This is brilliant stuff from Kohli. Length ball around off, finds the inside edge that just past leg stump as it races away to the fine leg fence. IND 67/2 in 13 overs, chasing 322  18.43 IST: DROPPED! Jake Ball puts down Virat Kohli on 35 at fine leg. Has he dropped the match? Too early to say but just cannot put down Kohli in a run chase especially. Short ball around off, Virat goes for the pull but the ball climbs on him. Gets a top edge to fine leg where Ball puts down a simple chance after having got to the ball. Brace added. The crowd roar in delight.18.41 IST: Here’s how the fans at Eden Gardens cheered for Virat Kohli when he came out to bat.  No prizes for guessing who has walked out to bat at the Eden Gardens #TeamIndia #INDvENG @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) January 22, 201718.31 IST: OUCH! That has stung for sure and Yuvraj Singh is in some pain. Back of a length angled into him, bounces extra off the deck to rap him on the chest. He drops his bat instantly in reaction to the pain.18.28 IST: FOUR! Kohli brings up India’s fifty with a boundary off Woakes. This man can do wrong it seems. Back of a length just outside off, only a hint of width and that is enough for Kohli. Stands tall and laces the cut behind point for a boundary. Ominous signs for England these. They need to get him early.18.15 IST: OUT! Ball gets rid of KL Rahul for 11. Rahul’s hyperactive knock comes to an end. He never looked settled and has to go. Short ball around off, he shuffles across and swivels for a mighty pull but gets a big top edge on it. The ball goes high in the air and Bairstow goes a few yards to his left to take the skier. India’s openers have failed one more time. IND 37/2 in 6 overs, chasing 322. Yuvraj walks in next.18.14 IST: UNSTOPPABLE KOHLI! 1000 runs for Virat Kohli as ODI captain. He is the quickest to get there, ahead of AB de Villiers.18.13 IST: FOUR! Up and over! Short of a length outside off, Kohli stands tall and flat bats it over cover-point. Cleared the infield comfortably to find the fence.18.09 IST: FOUR! VIRAT KOHLI SPECIAL! What a shot! Full and outside off, Kohli gets the stride forward and creams the drive through the covers. Nobody moved at all as that whistled to the ropes. Classy shot! IND 32/1 in 2 overs, chasing 32217.59 IST: FOUR! And again! Woakes is too straight once more and Kohli picks him away through mid-wicket this time with a wristy flick. Lovely timing and it races away to the fence once more. IND 22/1 in 2 overs, chasing 32217.57 IST: FOUR! Straying on the pads and Kohli whips it away through backward square leg with aplomb to find the fence. Cannot afford to give such gifts to a batsman of his class.17.54 IST: OUT! Bowled! Willey castles Rahane for 1. Lovely inswinging yorker around off, finally Willey gets his line and reaps the reward instantly. Rahane plays all around the delivery and is late to get his bat down. The ball crashes into the stumps and that’s the early wicket England wanted. Rahane fails on his comeback and India’s opening woes continue. IND 13/1 in 1.4 overs, chasing 322. Virat Kohli is the new man in.17.50 IST: FOUR! Whipped away! Fuller on middle and leg, Rahul shuffles across and flicks it aerially over mid-wicket. Clears the infield easily to find the fence. IND 11/0 in 1 over, chasing 32217.48 IST: SIX! LAUNCHED! Shortish around off, Rahul makes room and lofts it high over extra cover. There was a lot of height on the stroke but importantly had the distance as well. Terrific stroke!17.45 IST: We are back with India’s chase. Ajinkya Rahane and KL Rahul to open the batting for India. Chris Woakes to take the new ball. If India win, this will be their highest chase at Eden Gardens. The highest now is 317/3 which India chased against Sri Lanka in 2009. ENGLAND INNINGS:17.23 IST: Hardik Pandya: I am very happy. Started with a couple of boundaries but happy to come back. It was doing a bit initially and am happy to have focussed on that. We bowled well at the start and there is a bit of help with the new ball but they scored boundaries as well. The new ball will do a bit but there will come a time when the ball stops swinging and then we can capitalize. I thought I got the injury (shoulder) came at the wrong time but I did my training at the NCA and came back pretty strong after that. We asked the curator as well during the last practice session and he said the dew will come down in the evening and it should be a good contest between bat and ball.17.13 IST! THAT’S IT! Wicket to end proceedings! Full toss outside off, Plunkett steps out and mistimes the lofted stroke towards long off. They go for the second but Pandey’s throw from the deep is quite good. Dhoni whips off the bails in a flash and it’s referred upstairs. Replays confirms that Plunkett is well short. ENGLAND FINISH ON 321/8. A good performance from England after being put into bat. England’s top four all got starts with Roy and Bairstow getting fifties but once again no England player managed to make a really big knock. There was a lull towards back end but Stokes produced a cracking fifty and was supported by a fine cameo from Woakes.Jadeja and Pandya were the pick of the bowlers for India on a pitch that looked a touch two-paced. There was some movement with the new ball and also later on the innings with the odd ball gripping as well. It was still a good batting pitch to bat on and the England batsmen reveled on it. The target is definitely challenging but India will be confident after the win in Pune.17.10 IST: WICKET! Slower ball down the leg side, Woakes misses the flick and it is a wide. Stokes wants a but his partner is too late to react. Woakes sacrifices his wicket eventually as he is way short at the bowler’s end. Dhoni’s throw hits the stumps perfectly. Very handy knock from Woakes nevertheless.17.00 IST: FIFTY! Ben Stokes slams eighth half-century off 34 balls. England 293/6 in 47.5 overs16.49 IST: NOT OUT! Speared wide outside off, Stokes makes room to dig it out as the ball goes towards Dhoni. Stifled appeal for a catch and the umpires want to refer it upstairs. Soft signal is not out. Replays confirm that there was a bottom edge but it fell short of Dhoni. So, the on-field call stays.16.35 IST: WICKET! The short ball does Ali again. Banged in midway down the track and it’s well-directed. Ali goes for the pull and gets a top edge that flies high to backward point where Jadeja settles under the chance with ease. The England innings is losing steam in the death overs. England 246/6 in 43 overs16.29 IST: WICKET! Pandya strikes again. He is showing this knack of breaking partnerships and it’s certainly valuable in shorter formats. Length ball and wider outside off, Bairstow makes room and slices it towards backward point where Jadeja takes a fine diving catch. Yet another England batsman wasting a start and failing to bat deep. These are vital strikes for India. England 237/5 in 41.3 overs16.22 IST: SIX! Top shot from Ben Stokes. Flighted ball around off, he just charges down the track and lofts it straight down the ground. Hit it so straight and so gets it well past the long on fielder for a flat maximum.16.16 IST: FIFTY! Jonny Bairstow slams third half-century off 58 balls. England 218/4 in 38.3 overs16.13 IST: WICKET! Pandya has his man. Full outside off, Jos Buttler drives it uppishly straight to KL Rahul at short extra cover. Another failure for Buttler. Pandya gets his rewards for bowling a superb tight spell. England 212/4 in 38 overs16.00 IST: FOUR! Buttler brings up England’s 200 with a boundary off Jadeja. Tossed up outside off, Buttler looks to drive it but gets it off the outside edge. Past Kohli at first slip, also beats Bumrah at short third man to reach the fence. ENG 202/3 in 35 overs15.52 IST: OUT! Pandya removes Morgan for 43. That’s disappointing from the English skipper! Length delivery on the pads, Morgan looks to flick it on its way but fails to keep it down on the ground. It goes straight to Bumrah at short fine leg. Pandya gets his first of the match! ENG 194/3 in 33.4 overs 15.47 IST: SIX! Short and sliding down leg, Morgan stays back, clears his front leg and jabs Ashwin over mid-wicket for a biggie! What a confident shot! England on the march! ENG 193/2 in 33 overs15.43 IST: SIX! Morgan takes Jadeja downtown! Tossed up outside off, lofted over the bowler’s head for a maximum. ENG 185/2 in 32 overs 15.42 IST: FOUR! Good use of the feet!  Bairstow gets to the pitch of the ball, lofts it over extra cover for a boundary.15.32 IST: SIX! CLOBBERED! Makes the Free Hit count. Dug in short and Morgan responds with a mighty pull over deep backward square leg for a mammoth biggie. This is turning out to be a very eventful over. ENG 159/2 in 29 overs15.30 IST: NO BALL! It’s happening here! LUCKY BAIRSTOW! Shortish outside off, Bairstow goes for the upper cut but doesn’t get the distance on the shot. Finds Ashwin at third man to perfection. They go upstairs to check for the no ball and Bumrah has overstepped clearly. Reprieve for Bairstow. Bumrah only has himself to blame.15.16: FOUR! MORGAN GETS LUCKY! He was giving the charge and Bumrah responded with a slower ball on middle. Eoin goes through with the heave and gets a thick inside that just goes past leg stump. Dhoni dives to his right but the ball sneaks through him to the fence.14.56 IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja strikes again. This time he clean bowls Jason Roy, who departs for 65 off 56 balls. Almost a replica of the dismissal in the previous ODI this. Flatter on middle, no room or length for the cut but Roy tries to create some by backing away. He misses and trust Jadeja to be accurate with his line as the ball crashes into the sticks. Once again Roy fails to kick on after getting a start England 110/2 in 19.4 oversAP Photo14.48 IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja breaks the partnership. Sam Billings would be disappointed with himself. Tried the reverse sweep to a loopy ball well outside off and got it off the toe end. Lobs it high to backward point where Jasprit Bumrah takes a good catch with a timely leap. The partnership has been broken but this is a fine platform for the visitors. That’s 150th wicket for Jadeja. England 98/1 in 17.2 overs14.39 IST: FIFTY! Jason Roy slams his eighth half-century in ODIs. It took him just 41 balls to reach the landmark that was laced with eight fours and a six.England move to 53-0 off 11 overs. Tricky conditions early on & plenty of swing around #INDvENGLive: England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 22, 201714.13 IST: FOUR! Full outside off, this time Billings connects his drive and it races to the cover fence like a tracer bullet. England 43/0 in 10 oversBCCI Photo13.55 IST: Meanwhile in Melbourne, Pakistan are 68/1 in 10 overs, require another 286 runs to beat Australia (353/6) (Scorecard)13.49 IST: After starting with a maiden over, Hardik Pandya gets hit for 13 runs, including three fours, in his second over. England 19/0 in 4 [email protected] It’s also a landmark day for @benstokes38 – he plays his 5??0??th ODI for England today. Go big, Ben! ??? #INDvENG England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 22, 201713.40 IST: Hardik Pandya bowls a maiden over. England 1/0 in 2 oversAnd, it is time for the action to unfold here at the Eden Gardens #TeamIndia #INDvENG @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) January 22, 201713.31 IST: Jason Roy and Sam Billings are out in the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts proceedings.13.20 IST: PITCH REPORT! Sunil Gavaskar says the surface has slight sprinkling of grass which will help the bowlers, especially under the lights. Adds that it is a good batting surface nevertheless and opines that dew could be a factor later on.Congratulations to @Eoin16 who plays his 1??5??0?? ODI for England today ??? #INDvENG England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 22, 201713.10 IST: SQUADSEngland: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Moeen Ali, Eoin Morgan, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jake Ball, David WilleyIndia: Ajinkya Rahane, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah13.05 IST: TOSS! Virat Kohli has won the toss and India will bowl first. India bring in Ajinkya Rahane for injured Shikhar Dhawan. England make a couple of changes as Sam Billings and Jonny Bairstow come in for injured Joe Root and Alex Hales.Follow today’s #INDvENG action???? ??º @StarSportsIndia 1:30 pm IST BCCI (@BCCI) January 22, 2017Last time India played an ODI at the Eden Gardens, Rohit Sharma slammed a monstrous 264 vs Sri Lanka. However, it’s been over two years now and things have changed. England will take a sigh of relief that Rohit is not playing at his happy hunting ground but the return to form of Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni will no less be a threat.Ironing out deficiencies and building on a formidable squad will be top of the agenda when India take on England in their last ODI ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy. The three-match rubber has already been pocketed by Virat Kohli’s Men in Blue after victories at Pune and Cuttack.England have played three ODIs at the Eden Gardens and have tasted defeat in all of them.If in the first tie, it was Kohli’s turn to lead from the front in a 351-run chase along with Jadhav stepping up; the second offing was all about deja vu as seasoned campaigners Yuvraj (150) and Dhoni (134) jogged back time with a sublime 256-run stand for the fourth wicket.The duo, important cogs in India’s 2011 World Cup winning wheel, dragged India out of a hole with vintage batting displays after joining hands with the team tottering at 25/3 batting first.The bone of contention is the opening slot where both Shikhar Dhawan and K.L. Rahul have failed to get runs. (Dhawan suffers thumb injury)While Dhawan has a nagging finger injury that might keep him out of the third ODI, Rahul will have to better his showing if he wants to keep his place for the Champions Trophy.Ajinkya Rahane could get a chance to stake a claim in the side. Besides Dhawan’s injury issue, the southpaw, in all fairness, has been enduring a lean patch with scores of 1 and 11 in the last two ODIs.Now that’s a clever way to get @JasonRoy20’s autograph! England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 21, 2017For the tourists, it hasn’t been all downhill with their batsmen showing enough resolve to take the challenge to India. Besides Morgan, opener Jason Roy, the highly rated Joe Root and all-rounder Ben Stokes have played well.The visitors would like to end the ODI series on a high with just pride to play for, and get into T20 mode with their tails up. (Jonny Bairstow replaces injured Alex Hales)The pitch at the Eden is expected to be a high-scoring one bereft of any grass. With the arena being much bigger compared to Pune and Cuttack, the competition could be tougher and with Kohli stating after the last game that there would not be any drop in intensity, it could be a fiercely contested tie despite there being little to play for in terms of the series.last_img

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