ecoNova Scotias Successes Celebrated in Final Report

first_imgThe environment and the economy continue to benefit from the ecoNova Scotia program, according to the final report tabled today, April 13, by Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau. “ecoNova Scotia projects helped communities throughout the province reduce greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions,” said Mr. Belliveau. “These projects created good jobs, helped the economy grow and supported our emerging clean technology sector.” Mr. Belliveau also announced $250,000 in funding to the Offshore Energy Environmental Research Foundation and $250,000 for the Offshore Energy Technical Research Foundation. These funds will support in-stream tidal technology research. “Tidal power has great potential to be a clean energy source for Nova Scotia in the future,” said Energy Minister Charlie Parker. “This funding will contribute to advancing research into this promising form of energy.” According to data received from project proponents, 140 projects supported by ecoNova Scotia are expected to achieve 241,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions, and lower air pollution emissions by 1.2 million kilograms annually by 2020. “SolarTron benefited from funding from ecoNova Scotia, which helped us build the custom die for our reflective petals,” said Ed Herniak, founder and CEO of SolarTron Energy Systems Inc. of Amherst. “We enjoy being part of the clean technology sector in Nova Scotia – it is a very forward-thinking province.” It is estimated that ecoNova Scotia will create 428 jobs, and generate more than $15 million in wages in 2011-12. When the program concluded March 31, the $2.5 million remaining from projects that came in under budget or were withdrawn was transferred to Efficiency Nova Scotia. ecoNova Scotia for Clean Air and Climate Change was created in 2007 to distribute $42.5 million in federal funding to address climate change and air pollution. It was co-managed by the departments of Environment and Energy. The report can be found online at

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