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Q: Old studies of Zika and yellow fever viruses in African monkey populations found that the viruses would disappear for years and then return. which guaranteed it a higher-profile release This mattered both for fans of Kevin Kwans best-selling book series which inspired the film and for Asian audiences the world over who have waited decades to see themselves represented onscreen in all their diversity Hollywood has grown increasingly dependent on Asian financiers and global audiences to turn a profit Crazy Rich Asians has the potential to revive the romantic comedya genre that has foundered at the box office recentlyfor a massive general audience By representing Asian people so vividly the film could set a precedent for many more stories like this one to be told Its coming at the right moment After years of work in the game of Hollywood Crazy Rich Asians is poised to win Photograph by JUCO for TIME For Wu the films success is about so much more than just its ability to establish her as a marquee star Wu first broke out on a sitcom and she has killer comedic timingbut shes also deadly serious and fiercely outspoken about issues of representation and equality For decades Asian Americans working in the film and television industry have carried the impossible burden of fixing a system that has tended to punish stereotype and ignore them "They think well say yes to anything and well just be grateful" Wu tells me as we walk around the Silver Lake Reservoir in Los Angeles a few weeks before the films release Wu is nonetheless grateful With her experience on Fresh Off the Boat the first network comedy to feature Asian-American leads since Margaret Chos show All-American Girl in 1994 the Taiwanese-American actor has now had the unique experience of being featured in two milestone projects about Asian Americans This matters to her Both she and the films director Jon M Chu she says are Asian-American pioneers "We are not supporting roles" Wu says "We are stars on our own journeys" Her casting in this film as Rachel signals that shes the most bankable Asian-American movie star in a generation But Wu has spent years discussing the state of Asian representation both in interviews and with fans and a sense of pressure has made her terrified of what will happen when the film is finally out Behind the smiling Instagram posts and glossy photo shoots ahead of the movies release Wu tells me she has been having panic attacks and crying every night Shes not typically an anxious person but shes sensitive which is part of what makes her such a great funny actor and outspoken advocate of womens issues and greater diversity in her field It also means that shes vulnerable to criticism about everything from her hair to her pronunciation of Mandarin to her love life "Im really scared of being such a public figure and opening myself up to scrutiny" Wu says "Im very panicked that Im not going to be able to handle it and Im just going to have hurt feelings for a really long time" For so long Asian-American women have been told to be grateful for whatever they get and that being objectified is better than being ignored But Wus clear ideas about the type of work she wants to do along with her race and gender have made her a target on and off sets "I couldnt do a shoot because I had a sick family member and I was punished for it" she says "Even saying Im worthy of being a leading ladypeople dont like it when a woman asserts her worth" But her experience on Crazy Rich Asians being supported by people with the same commitment to representation thats guided her career was more positive "At the end of the day the thing that drives people and moves people is truth and story and humanity" she says "If you make sure all your work has depth even if its something fun and light like a rom-com thats how you make good work" Michelle Yeoh (center) worked with Jon M Chu (left) to add dimension to her character: “Where she was coming from—that was the most important thing for me” Sanja Bucko—Warner Bros In Kwans book Rachel is Chinese-American raised by an immigrant single mom with decidedly American values Her boyfriend Nick Young is the scion of a Singaporean family that is described as "richer than God" When Rachel goes to the Southeast Asian country to meet Nicks relatives for the first time shes exposed to a world of privilege unlike anything shes ever seen While the stories may seem outlandish the details are from Kwans own life He drew on his upbringing as a member of one of Singapores wealthy families his experience as an immigrant kid in suburban Houston and his observations of his friends and relatives during visits to Asia as they became even richer At the time Kwan sold the rights to Crazy Rich Asians he was already tasked with writing its sequel China Rich Girlfriend But as one of the films executive producers from the start he organized a research tour of Asia for other producers answered questions from screenwriters Adele Lim and Peter Chiarelli and helped pick the director Kwan and the other producers set a high bar That included independently developing the screenplay for two years sending casting directors to search for Asian actors in several countries outside of the US and seeking an eye-watering amount of high fashion to rival that in The Devil Wears Prada The viewer encounters this glamorous world through Rachels eyes making the film function as much as lifestyle porn as it does as a romantic comedy It was critical to get the details right One scene features a Paul Newman Rolex Daytona which holds the record for the most expensive watch ever sold Several pieces from Hong Kongbased bespoke jeweler Carnet also make an appearance "These women wouldnt wear Cartier" Kwan says of the matriarchs in his story "Cartier is too common for them" Having directed along with two Step Up movies and the blockbuster GI Joe: Retaliation a pair of documentaries about Justin Bieber Chu knew a lot about expectations from fans and how even small details could be the subject of fierce scrutiny "We had a mah-jongg specialist come in and design a game for us and teach us" Chu says in order to nail a climactic tte-à-tte between Rachel and Nicks mother Eleanor played by the venerable actor Michelle Yeoh For day-to-day details such as what food should be served and which language should be used many of the cast and crew members but especially Kwan were treated as on-set experts "It just opened a channel of communication on a set where its usually Just do what the director says’" Chu says "Its going to exist forever on filmyou better do it right" Evoking the sights and sounds of an outdoor market and the gleam of ultra-exclusive Mouawad jewelry was important but even more crucial was the films ability to represent the profound tensions within the Asian experienceespecially the differences in identifying with mainland Asia vs the diaspora Rachel is part of a group that isnt the dominant culture; when she goes to Singapore shes surrounded by people who look more like her but the way she grew up makes her an outsider Moreover despite the movies title Asian isnt a monolithic identitysomething thats easier to understand from the vantage point of a cosmopolitan place like Singapore which serves as a nexus for many Asian experiences But Hollywood has tended to treat it as one category "Obviously Korean is different than Chinese which is different from the Vietnamese culture but the way the [American] culture has treated us is a point that we can probably find some common ground on" Wu says Shes frustrated by people who dont seem to understand the differences especially in the limited number of period and independent films featuring Asian actors "They think that having an Asian in their movie is the same thing as having an Asian American and its just not" she says While the film is charming you with its romantic-comedy affectations its slyly doing another kind of work as a commentary on class: Rachels back-ground is working-class while her college roommate Goh Peik Lin a Singapore native is hilariously rendered as nouveau richeand then the Youngs are so old-money they dont even talk about it There are Asians from several countries with different accents and different valuesfunny housewives total jerks devious socialites air-headed actors and sassy friends Oh and hot guys with great abs too Few major studio productions explicitly aim to educate their audience and non-Asian viewers going to this film may just want to see a glitzy rom-com But many might walk out with a deeper understanding of the class gradations even just within Singaporean society and the collectivist vs individualist tensions found in many Asian families And theres no obvious stereotyping For decades female Asian actors have been asked to portray stereotypes like the vindictive dragon lady the submissive China doll the nerdy overachiever or the inert sex worker Crazy Rich Asians avoids all of these instead showing the nuances of Asian womens experiences across generations Even Eleanor who butts heads with Rachel isnt a typical potential monster-in-lawshe just comes from a different world and thinks only of whats best for her son and the families that depend on him "In the old traditional sense the elders came first They were always put ahead of us" Yeoh explains "Thats how we showed filial piety and love" The film Yeoh says represents "a great opportunity to show our heritage and our traditions from the Asian side" Scene stealer Awkwafina—who also appeared in Ocean’s 8—helps Wu survive in Singapore Sanja Bucko—Warner Bros Given its ambitions its unsurprising that Crazy Rich Asians has been held to high standards It was criticized before a single scene was shotspecifically for the casting of British-Malaysian actor Henry Golding as Nick and Japanese-British-Argentine actor Sonoya Mizuno as Araminta Lee But the litigation of whether mixed-race actors are "Asian enough" has overshadowed the number of cast and crew members who are Straits Chinese such as Lim Yeoh associate producer Janice Chua actor Tan Kheng Hua and Ronny Chieng who was born in Malaysia grew up in Singapore and cinched the multi-national life of his character Edison Cheng by attending law school in Australia "We strived very hard to match the perfect accent to every actor and I think we did a pretty amazing job but sometimes we had to make concessions" Kwan says "Like this actor was amazing but hes not going to sound like he went to Hong Kongs top boarding school his whole life" Everyone involved in this film says they hope it will pave the way for a Hollywood that allows many more stories about Asian Americans with different perspectives body types and ethnic backgrounds And theyre counting on that change to happen quickly For Crazy Rich Asians the pressure to succeed at the box office is high But there are several factors already working in the films favor Kwans novels are hugely popular globally with plenty of non-Asian readers having sold more than 1 million copies in more than 20 languages During readings for his first book tour in 2013 Kwan says it was housewives in Texas and New York City socialites who made up his audience It happened globally too: "There wasnt a single Asian person" he says recalling a packed reading in Zurich with 300 people "It was a sea of white faces that came out To see that level of interest just speaks to the universality of the story " The film is being released in mid-August traditionally a time when studios dump action films and mediocre comedies But Crazy Rich Asians is different Tracking estimates already peg the first-week sales at about $26 million Warner Bros screened the film for taste-makers months in advance to help build buzz That strategy is working: Kwans first book is on the New York Times best-seller list again The mood in which the movie opens also matters Recently Asian culture has exploded in popularity among Western audiences: K-pop supergroup BTS reached No 1 on the Billboard charts in June sales of Korean beauty products have tripled since 2015 and Japanese clothing company Uniqlo signed tennis star Roger Federer as its brand representative Fresh Off the Boat has reached syndication status meaning many more viewers will have the chance to see it After years of saying otherwise Hollywood has finally realized that telling more inclusive stories is just good business In the past three years a number of filmsincluding Straight Outta Compton ($202 million) Creed ($174 million) Get Out ($255 million) Girls Trip ($140 million) and especially Black Panther ($13 billion) have shown that movie projects in a variety of genres with black and female leads as well as directors of color can be hits Plus Chu already has something in common with Nancy Meyers the queen of romantic comedies: both directors have generated over $1 billion in ticket sales worldwide Still there will be other definitions of success beyond the numbers Chu dreams of this movie being repeatedly played on a television channel like TBS and he has heard directly from fans about how it has changed the way they see themselvesincluding men who tell him theyre "proud to be an Asian dude" and those who never wouldve watched a romantic comedy before "I didnt know we would get that kind of reaction" he says Wu hopes for a future with "narrative plenitude" through a wide variety of creative projects so that one story doesnt have to represent all Asians or all Asian Americansa world in which the ability to tell stories that represent billions of people wont hinge on one movies reception "When you can be mediocre and still not feel like you have to prove something" she says "Thats when you know youve hit success" Contact us at [email protected] on Friday announced Kindle Unlimited a new all-you-can read e-book service allows customers to read as many titles as they want for $999 per month Kindle Unlimited has a library of over 600000 books including well-known titles like Harry Potter and Life of Pi If youre a voracious reader the Unlimited program could be a good way to save money while feeding your reading habit Let’s break down the math to see whether you plow through enough books regularly to justify the cost At $999 per month Kindle Unlimited costs about $120 per year E-books on Amazon can vary wildly in price from $099 to hundreds of dollars During 2013 e-books on the Digital Book World best-sellers list mostly sold for between $7 and $8 on average (the price in the most recent recorded week in 2014 was $752) If we say that the typical e-book best-seller costs $750 a customer would need to read more than 16 books per year to derive a greater value from Kindle Unlimited than buying the books individually This doesnt necessarily mean avid readers should dive head-first into Kindle Unlimited Customers lose access to Unlimited’s library of books if they end their subscription whereas readers can typically hold on to purchased books forever Also books from major publishers such as Penguin Random House HarperCollins Simon & Schuster and Hachette so far dont appear to be part of the service Think of Kindle Unlimited more like Netflix which has a spotty selection of movies for its streaming library (especially during its early days) rather than Spotify which typically gets new album releases the same day they go on sale in physical stores Either way Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited so you can test your binge-reading capabilities before committing to pay for the service Write to Victor Luckerson at [email protected] Its the first modern story with an all-Asian cast and an Asian-American lead in 25 years; the last. the kindergarten teacher was not at the meeting Tuesday night by her own choice,36 crore. 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