Like Animals

first_imgThere is a certain stigma to being a first-generation American kid growing up in a small town, especially when your parents speak broken English and struggle to give you what the other kids have.Sound familiar? It was that way in Sag Harbor when my mom went to school in the late 1920s and 1930s, when the population of Sag Harbor swelled with first-generation Italians whose parents had come to the tiny village to live with cousins and find work.She remembers the other kids saying their ancestors came over on the Mayflower. “I always wondered how so many people fit on such a little boat,” she said. It was their way of saying the newcomers had no taste, no social standing, no class.Lattanzios, Trunzos, Schiavonis, and many others set anchor here and eventually prospered, and those names are prominent today. But we were the lower class back in the day, in a strange country we didn’t understand.My grandparents, Fillipi and Enrico Forcucci, were proud, hardworking people, and my mom was pretty and smart. But she saw firsthand how cruel the other kids could be to the Italians. One boy, charged with cleaning out the family barn before school, was a constant target of ridicule. The local girls made fun of the immigrant girls, many of whom wore dresses their mother or grandmother sewed together from whatever fabric was on sale at Montgomery Ward.That was low class.Papa remembers being called an animal because the Italians could only afford the cheap cuts of meat.My mother’s most vivid memory of those days were the weeks after Papa slaughtered a pig and butchered it, freezing as much as he could for the coming winter. He would use most of it: roasts, chops, sausage. We still have the sausage grinder.He would carefully slice the meat behind the pig’s hind legs and begin the arduous process of curing it, salting it, and aging it. That’s where the embarrassment would come in — it hung on ropes attached to the rafters in the big upstairs bedroom his three daughters shared, because that was the best place for the hams to age.We know it as prosciutto, a delicacy that has become quite popular. To a little girl, it was pig flesh, pervading her every breath, a symbol of the crude, uneducated, filthy immigrants some in the village called animals. It sickened her, literally. More than once she begged Papa to throw it out, which infuriated him and strengthened his resolve.My mother and her sisters would try to keep friends from coming over but they invariably did, and the word spread of the pig slaughter house on Howard Street.Two years ago, my mom, who is now 98, was in an Italian Pork Store on Avenue U in Brooklyn, when her eye caught a familiar sight: prosciutto. It was $27.99 a pound. She experienced a revelation — this peasant food which she never tasted was a sought-after luxury. Papa knew what he was doing the whole time.Here’s my recipe pairing prosciutto with another strong-smelling food Mom hated, Gorgonzola cheese.Brown about three-quarters of a pound of prosciutto slice by slice, turning once, until it is firm and crusty. Remove from pan and chop coarsely.Sauté a chopped garlic clove and a couple of chopped shallots in olive oil until soft and add a pint of half and half and a cup of peas. Cook until tender.Meanwhile, have a pot of linguine going. Place a stainless steel bowl on top of a pot of boiling water.Drop a glob of the Gorgonzola into the bowl and it will begin to melt. Add a helping of linguine, using tongs, and mix. Add a ladle of the liquid. Toss in a pasta bowl and add a heaping tablespoon of the chopped prosciutto and some chopped parsley and pepper. Serve steaming hot with a robust Italian wine, like Barolo, and garlic bread.If you really want to be decadent, pick up a tartufo or sfogliatella for dessert.This is a dish enjoyed in the finest restaurants in the world. Yet a century ago, it was peasant food, and new arrivals to America were embarrassed to be seen eating it because the locals made fun of the smelly concoction. Animals.But weren’t the smart ones the ones who served it before it started costing $27.99 a pound? They knew what was enduring and good, not what was trendy or popular.When you think of it, that’s the definition of class.Rick Murphy is a six-time winner of the New York Press Association Best Column award as well as the winner of first place awards from the National Newspaper Association and the Suburban Newspaper Association of America and a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. Sharelast_img read more

Linde secures a hydrogen plant contract

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Weldability-SIF protects the eyes

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James Fisher: Acquisition of X-Subsea Assets

first_imgJames Fisher has purchased the assets and intellectual property rights of X-Subsea Holding Limited for a total consideration of £14.8m.  Headquartered in Aberdeen, X-Subsea went into administration on 27 April 2015 following the collapse of its Norwegian parent company Reef Subsea AS.X-Subsea, a designer and operator of specialized excavation, trenching and dredging equipment, was the main competitor of James Fisher Mass Flow Excavation, operating from bases in Aberdeen, Dubai, Singapore, and the Gulf of Mexico. Its equipment and tools, many of which are patented, are used in challenging environments to prevent damage to pipelines, cables, structures and the environment.Nick Henry, Chief Executive Officer of James Fisher, said: “The transaction strengthens and consolidates our position in subsea services, and will enable James Fisher to become the global leader in mass flow excavation.”EC Hambro Rabben & Partners acted as corporate adviser to James Fisher and Sons plc.last_img read more

Samson launches synthetic emergency tow-off pendant

first_imgVulcan is a core-dependant, jacketed rope that uses Samson’s patented heat-resistant technology specifically developed for the ETOP application.ETOPs, which provide a means of towing a ship away from the dock in the event of a fire are, according to Craig Kelly, director of international sales for Samson, “… rarely used for their intended purpose. However, crewmembers must continually handle them when coming into terminals and for training exercises. Handling heavy wire ropes is difficult, cumbersome, and can cause a number of physical injuries. Vulcan is 60-70 0ghter when compared with wire rope, which significantly reduces the various mooring-related injuries associated with handling wire rope in this application.” Which will be comforting for HLPFI readers among crews onboard MPVs and other heavy lift ships.Vulcan is made of 100% Technora® and is enhanced with Samson’s patented heat-resistant coating, which is applied to the strength-member core. Samthane coating is also applied to the jacket to provide protection against abrasion, ingress of foreign material, and damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Prior to heat exposure Vulcan’s new rope breaking strength meets or exceeds the industry standards.Required by most if not all ship terminals, the ETOP is positioned along side the vessel and monitored in order to maintain a specific distance from the water. Adjustments are made to the ETOP as the ship’s ballast changes during the loading and offloading of cargo. Wire rope has traditionally been used in this application, though steel-wire ETOPs have proven problematic.Over the last several months, field trials have been conducted on the U.S. West Coast with excellent results. “We really like the Vulcan ETOP,” says Captain Pete Hall of OSG. “Two people can easily move it around the deck and over the longitudinal’s. One person can deploy and if needed one person can retrieve. The line is flexible and light, and the length with eyes on both ends means no more figure eighting on the bits. Plus, there’s plenty of line for a tug to work with.”Vulcan is another synthetic solution from Samson designed to enhance the safety of crewmembers while meeting the needs of demanding commercial marine applications.last_img read more

Blue Water gains Enhanced offering

first_imgThe agreement covers the international air, sea and road transport of equipment for Enhanced Drilling’s projects over the next two-and-a-half years. The contract currently runs until the end of 2017, with two one-year options to prolong the agreement.”We are located close to each other in several places such as Baku, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Bergen and Aberdeen. This is of great importance for our cooperation,” said Morten Iversen of Blue Water’s office in Stavanger, Norway. www.bws.dkwww.enhanced-drilling.comlast_img read more

Minnesota mom sues teenage child over transgender treatment

first_img Published: November 18, 2016 9:26 AM EST Minnesota mom sues teenage child over transgender treatment MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A Minnesota mother is suing her teenage child for transitioning from male to female without her permission.Anmarie Calgaro is also suing the 17-year-old’s doctors and public health and school officials in the lawsuit filed in Minneapolis federal court Wednesday.Calgaro says in the lawsuit that her child has been treated at a Minneapolis health clinic and given medication for transgender issues without her consent. Calgaro says the St. Louis County school district, where the teen is a student, has taken away her parental rights and refused to release records to her.The lawsuit includes a copy of a letter of emancipation the teen obtained from a lawyer, but notes that the letter doesn’t constitute a court order. Calgaro is asking the court to halt all medical services.Both the clinic and the school district declined comment. Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know. SHARElast_img read more

Antigua government to introduce new visa requirements

first_img Tweet 427 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – The Antigua and Barbuda Government will introduce new visa system in the wake of the allegations of a smuggling ring involving Cuban and Syrian nationals.Acting Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark said the Immigration Department will launch the system but gave no date when it would happen.“Persons will have to apply for a visa to come to Antigua and to facilitate this process, the Immigration Department will be launching the e-visa system on our website very shortly. Persons can get online, apply for their visas and the process can move much smoother and faster,” Mark said.He said as of July 20, the department has stopped issuing visa waivers.Earlier this week, the main Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) staged a demonstration outside the Office of Prime Minister Gaston Browne calling for the removal of Attorney General Stedroy “Cutie” Benjamin over his handling of the alleged smuggling ring.Benjamin had offered to step down as immigration minister while an independent probe is being carried out, but the UPP said it wanted him removed entirely claiming that he still had the potential to influence the outcome of any probe.Media reports said that United States Homeland Security personnel are here assisting the local authorities to probe the claims.Fourteen Syrians, who were detained late last month remain in custody and are suspected to be victims of smuggling ring.They have since been declared persona non-grata and are awaiting an appearance before a panel, which will determine whether they should be granted refugee status. NewsRegional Antigua government to introduce new visa requirements by: Caribbean Media Corporation – August 1, 2015last_img read more

​DABA collaborates with Hoopnics Basketball camp to donate to Summer Program

first_imgLocalNewsSports ​DABA collaborates with Hoopnics Basketball camp to donate to Summer Program by: – August 3, 2017 Share Sharing is caring! 74 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img Share Share Press ReleaseRoseau, Dominica, ​August 3 2017-The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA) continues to work with various organizations and individuals to promote and develop the sport in Dominica. In that effort, the ​association has joined forces with Chris Nicol and Hoopnics Basketball Camp in Alberta Canada to provide basketballs to the 7six7 Sports Club’s second annual Summer Youth Basketball Camp, a holistic development program which addresses every aspect of basketball, from the fundamentals to the complex rules of the game.Back in December 2014, Nicol and his team, along with Taj Johnson, president of the After Five Rotary Club of Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada​,​ and Marketing Edge, facilitated a similar camp to provide each camper with the keys to success in the sport, including shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, defense and, most especially, team play.President of the DABA, Jerry Williams, explained that the association places tremendous emphasis on youth development. “DABA will continue to do what we can to encourage and assist. We commend 7six7 Sports Club and especially Dunstan “Maggie” Peters for the efforts in keeping basketball alive in the hearts of the youth. We are pleased to donate a few basketballs to his program and hope this gesture, as small as it may seem helps achieve that goal. We also want to commend the coaches, including Bernard Mills who has assisted Maggie over the years, and Egbert Charles and Derrick Alexander, both licensed FIBA coaches, for also coming onboard,” commented Williams.The presentation was made by General Secretary of the DABA, Martin Dyer.last_img read more

Saat Pesawat Lepas Landas, Mobil Van Melaju di Landasan Pacu dengan…,Bawa Pistol Kaliber 25, Seorang Kakek Diamankan di Bandara Richmond

first_img( Melintasi landasan pacu dengan mobil van adalah satu tantangan besar, apalagi jika ladasan pacu tersebut sangat sibuk untuk aktivitas penerbangan. Tapi bagaimana bila untuk mempercepat waktu, sebuah mini van melintas landasan pacu demi sampai ke tempat acara tepat waktu meski nyaris tertabrak pesawat yang hendak lepas landas?Baca juga: Landas Pacu di Bandara ini ‘Dipotong’ oleh Jalur Kereta!Ini belum lama terjadi dan dilansir dari laman (15/8/2018), bahwa kejadian tersebut terjadi pada 27 Juni 2018 kemarin sekitar pukul 12.50 waktu setempat. Pengemudi van yang tidak disebutkan namanya tersebut saat itu tengah membawa dua orang General Aviation untuk diantar ke acara barbekyu karyawan bandara. “Saya memutuskan menyeberang melalui landasan pacu, karena membuatnya lebih cepat sampai ke tujuan,” ujar si pengemudi.Bahkan dia mengaku sebelum melintas landasan pacu sempat menelepon pihak ATC dan berbicara pada operator yang mengurusi runway 20 dan 14. Dengan yakin karena sembari melihat kanan kiri, dan petugas pun tidak ada yang mengatakan akan ada pesawat lepas ladas.“Sekitar separuh jalan, ternyata di landasan pacu 13, penumpang yang duduk di kursi depan kaget dan melihat keluar jendela pendumpang kanan ada lampu lepas landas menyala. Saya melaju di landasan dan mendengar pesawat terbang diatas kami meninggalkan landasan pacu,” kata pengemudi van itu.Dalam video tersebut, mobil van sudah menyeberang dan pesawat baru mulai lepas landas dengan bagian depan terangkat. Diketahui pesawat yang hampir bertabrakan dengan mobil van tersebut adalah Embraer 145 yang dioperasikan oleh maskapai penerbangan Envoy Air-American Airlines dengan 57 penumpang.Baca juga: Gegara Ada Kawanan Sapi di Landasan, Manager Bandara di Nigeria Diganjar Skorsing“Saya bertanya, apakah ada penumpang lain yang mendengar bahwa runway 14 dikosongkan? Kemudian keduanya menyatakan bahwa telah membersihakn runway 14 untuk kami,” kata pengemudi itu lagi.Meski baru melalui peristiwa yang menegangkan, tetapi para petugas General Aviation tersebut tetap mengikuti pesta dan pengemudi segera melaporkan kejadian itu pada pengawas operasi bandara. Atas kejadian ini belum jelas apakah pengemudi dan operator kontrol daratt akan dihukum atas insiden tersebut.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… Related10 Bandara Ini Punya Landasan Paling Ekstrim13/03/2017In “Bandara”Apa Arti Nomor di Ujung Landas Pacu, Cari Tahu di Sini!03/11/2017In “Bandara”Terobos Area Terlarang, Pria Lansia Kemudikan Van ke Apron dan Runway Bandara Narita03/06/2020In “Bandara”last_img read more