Rise and fall of 2 old station from high weight to right down

maybe someone will ask me, what is the Chinese decided to make quotations, a 2 year old station from prosperity to decline from the high weight is down right? Here I’ll carefully to, what are my choices?

the quotation was originally just a new station, not what weight, not to mention the site traffic, almost zero. But after three months of optimization, the site began to improve slowly, with the flow, this is mainly to do Links exchange chain, and some high weight website, to believe that "the world is big, Nothing is too strange." this sentence, even if your PR is 0 or you can switch to PR3 chain the key is to find methods and application skills. So, not that I did about 30 pr2-3 a week a chain, the website ranking really improved, a month after the nobility baby update PR, PR of the quotations rose from 0 to 3, the weight is not to worry about traffic. So I spent half the time, the website weight rose to 3, the flow of IP reached 5000, at this time the mood is really make people happy and worry ah. Let me feel the joy of the flow is a significant breakthrough, which made me feel sad is whether flow is stable and rising. In the constant thought, I finally made a significant decision in a unique history, resulting in 2 old station from high weight be right down, to the rise and fall of death from prosperity. Sad, angry. read more

How to analyze a website from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (2)

as long as you learned this through the global analysis of the website so you can make a step, have a good website.

optimization page code, the answer is very simple, is divided into two aspects:

look at the site of logo is on site links, this is a very primary problem, but also the weight of concentrated, vision concentrated, nature is very important.

H series is H1, H2, tag; H3, H4, H5, h6

here to note is a series of H tags cannot skip, which is H1 tags, then arguably is H2, and there is no H2 tag, H3 tag appears directly, this is a cheating, remember. read more

Keywords network marketing optimization long tail tail law law

small website in addition to some market can be considered the most basic, but also in writing to the correct awareness of the long tail effect, and very clear like the long tail word.

, "reprinted ban ‘, please indicate the original address > or

This section describes our review of

well, on the content of tail law today I Wuhan Shanghai Dragon said so much, the specific number of love in the early Shanghai word blog has written, there is no thanks, if you love the look, can go to the local search to search, it’s easy to find. read more

The theme for the forum to do keyword ranking experience sharing


two, link to do cleverly hidden, to the anchor text to add keywords added to the contents inside, and to form a complete sentence and sentence, such as the words I want to do is the word "corporate film background music," I married posts in 99 is the community development "now the wedding cost is too high, motionless to tens of thousands of tens of thousands, I do not earn thousands of dollars a month corporate video background music! Do a wedding a year income is not enough!", in stationmaster net posts content is: "now earns more and more well done! My corporate videos do background music for more than half a year did not earn a few hundred dollars." in the real estate forum post content is: "now the prices so high, I do business promotional background music for a month Three years to earn money, God knows how long in order to earn enough money to buy a house! ", you see, every few words I have cleverly put keywords nested to sentence to the inside, let people do not think it is in advertising, if you are stiff words easily insert a sentence inside, let people see that advertising is not good at your post, I just strange! Is particularly critical, with good links you shall set the font color font color keyword set and content, and the content of the blend of fonts, see add hyperlink traces. This link is a plus for three or five years will not be a moderator deletes. read more

The real challenge of love Shanghai changes to Shanghai dragon er

for a web site, content is the most basic, but also bring value to the user point, and now the Internet information has been filled with a lot of pile up in excess of requirement, no actual value, only to help users solve some questions of the contents of the search engine that is valuable, the implementation of the spark plan is in order to give the original content site better ranking (now the authoritative news source site effect).

The change of

third: graphic label you attention?

first A5 the above views from @贵族宝贝230365贵族宝贝/ welcome to communicate with you, reprint copyright read more

Taobao Shanghai Longfeng influence merchandise shop search ranking important factors

will be faster under the framework of the goods is set to the recommended window

The seller will be placed in the

as shown in Figure 1, the seller can open " in the center of the seller "and" sell the baby ";" page view window recommended baby shop window recommend products or operation.

window Whether the goods is recommended

window recommended baby


Figure 2

(3) window use tips

commodity search weight factors, in addition to the 5 most basic correlation talked about before, there are many details of the factors, such as whether or not to join the window recommend, whether to participate in the consumer protection, whether to add the Taobao label. Although these factors are complicated, also affect the merchandise shop search ranking important factors. read more

Analysis on how to optimize the single page website


as everyone knows, have a good ranking site, nothing more than the content and the chain, as the saying goes: " the content is king, the chain for the emperor, " this is the search principle unchanged, if a website does not have content update and the chain weight are good, so you want to get a good single page the ranking, in addition to the use of black hat means, I think it should not be an easy thing, unless your domain name is the old domain name, the domain name weight accumulation, but also make your website ranking very good. So for a single page optimization, I summarized the following five aspects, the hope can help to do a single page website friends, we learn from each other, also please pat. read more

Analysis the optimization method and the Shanghai dragon to say goodbye

we know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is actually a most difficult work, because of this and other a physical method of work is not the same, this is a kind of work and dealing with a search engine, but the search engine algorithm has continued in change, especially in recent years, intelligent technology progress, more and more intelligent search engine level more and more high, so in this context, to enhance Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, will become very difficult, and many before all sorts of test methods, also with the search engine algorithm progress began to become a stumbling block to Shanghai dragon optimization. read more

Five reasons of most small and medium-sized site development give up halfway.

every website comes with a webmaster to expect success. But inevitably, there is a successful website site failed. This website is usually some give up halfway in some small sites. When our site operation failed when we should not give up halfway, sigh, but should not start the construction site of the other think little of. We need to do is to sit down and think about why our site operation will give up halfway. The author is to solve this problem to share their views on five points.

positioning read more